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Ubuntu 21.04 is out, here is why you shouldn’t upgrade yet

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Checkout Ubuntu 21.04’s beta version

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Upgrading to Android 11 will break your favourite apps

Google engineers are sometimes like your mother cleaning your room unsolicited. You swear you left your magazines (let’s just call them National Geographic mags but we both know they aren’t) under your pillow. The spot was perfect, quick access for when you need to use them. Now comes the tricky part. You cannot ask your […]

Video: Econet Atom 3G Review, Is it better than a 12 year old goat?

This is a review of the KaiOS powered Econet Atom 3G and in this review we take a look at the KaiOS platform and what it has to offer. We also compare it to an iconic feature phone from 2008. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or […]

Local Startup Hosting Cellphone Repair Lessons

At a time when jobs are extremely hard to come by, Zimbos are doing whatever they can to upskill themselves and become a part of the economy regardless of whether or not that participation is formal or informal. We recently, went to Batanai gardens to attend a mobile phone repair class hosted by Ixar Cellphone […]

Zim Development Studio Edges Towards Half A Million Downloads On The PlayStore; Here’s How They Did It

Age-X Development – a local software company recently announced that they had reached 400 000 installs since inception back in 2016. The special milestone is amazing because once again it shows how the internet can be a powerful tool to reach thousands of people on the globe from your office. We reached out to Van […]

Apple’s iOS 13.3 Allows Parents To Limit Who Their Kids Can Text & Call

Apple’s newly released iOS 13.3 has built-in parental controls giving parents the ability to limit who their children can call, text and facetime (video call). Parents can also manage their children’s contact list. Parents can also apply a different set of limitations on calls and messaging during the child’s permitted screen time and their downtime […]

Chrome Browser Now Has Dark Mode… Sort Of

Back in May, we shared a hack that Google Chrome users on Android could use to access a version of dark mode, but that hack made for a pretty compromised experience as it was forcefully changing the way websites appear. Google Chrome’s latest update now supports a darker theme which comes with less issues than […]

Google’s New Experimental Apps Will Make You Less Addicted To Your Phone

Google recently released a number of new apps under the “wellness experiments” banner and the 3 apps are supposed to improve our relationship with our phones. They’re supposed to make our phones less addictive. I installed 2 of the apps and they’re pretty interesting. Post box helps you minimize distractions, by holding your notifications until […]

Users Of Older iPhone Models Need To Update Their Phones To Avoid This GPS Bug

Apple recently sent out an official warning to users running iPhone 5, iPad 4 and devices released earlier. People running these devices need to update to the latest version or risk some buggy GPS, time and date keeping functionality. Because of the bugs ability to affect date keeping, it becomes more severe in that it […]

Firefox Is The Most Secure Browser- Germany Cyber Security Agency

Germany’s security agency, Germany’s Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has discovered that Mozilla’s Firefox browser is the most secure browser. However, the survey only compared Firefox with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge whilst ignoring other popular browsers like Safari,Opera Mini and UC browser. BSI came up with that conclusion after assessing each […]

Opera’s Gaming Browser Uses Less RAM and CPU Power Than The Normal Opera

Opera recently announced the GX browser and it’s targeted at gamers and comes with features such as a performance control centre, themes as well as twitch integration. The truth is I’m not a PC gamer so I’m not best placed to review such a product. Because this is the case I’ll just be taking a […]

Microsoft Leak Reveals A Neat Start Menu To Be Rolled Out

Microsoft is known to regularly test out new and updated features with a select few users via its Insider Program. However, the tech giant has made an oopsie yesterday by revealing to the public a sneak peek at a redesigned Start Menu. I don’t know if you were a fan of the older Start Menu […]

AMD overtakes Intel for the first time in two decades

It’s no secret that AMD has struggled to keep up the pace with Intel, who have dominated the processor marketplace for both desktop, laptop and server markets for the last two decades. In 2017, AMD set out to change that; with the launch of AMD’s “Zen” architecture and out came the Ryzen 1000 CPU series […]

Microsoft Warns Windows 10 Users Of A Bug That Affects VPN Services

Rolling out updates can be a messy business, and at the moment Microsoft knows this more than anyone else. Recent Windows 10 updates have had a bunch of issues, and now Microsoft is warning Windows 10 users of yet another bug in Windows 10. According to the company, the bug is in the Remote Access […]

[Updated] New Smartphone OS Promises To Offer Premium Speeds On Devices That Cost Less Than $100

You may have never heard of CloudMosa before but they are working on a pretty fascinating project? They are calling it Puffin OS and they claim that their smartphone OS will make budget devices that cost less than $100 which compete with flagship and premium device. A statement on Puffin OSs website hails the operating […]

Fake Device Registration Could Lead To 7 Year Jail Sentences In Pakistan

Globally there’s been a pretty intense fight against counterfeit devices making their way into the hands of consumers and it seems Pakistan is taking this battle more seriously than most as the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has started arresting shopkeepers and users involved in fake registrations. Culprits found guilty will be sentenced to a maximum […]

Here’s How You Can Donate To A Charitable Cause By Opening New Tabs In Your Browser

We spend a considerable amount of time browsing the internet. Why not make an impact whilst you are it. That’s exactly what Tab for a Cause is trying to do by raising money for charities through a simple chrome extension. Tab for a Cause transforms your “new tab” page. Each time you open a tab, […]

Old Laptop Infected With The World’s Most Dangerous Malware Is Selling For $1.2 million

What happens when the vastly different worlds of art and computer malware collide? The answer is an artwork called The Persistence of Chaos that’s going for US$1.2 million. The Persistence of Chaos is a work by Chinese digital artist Guo O Dong that is literally a 2008 Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Blue Netbook, infected with six […]

4 Best SHAREit Alternatives For File Sharing

SHAREit app can be considered one of the best file-sharing or transferring app for Android or iOS devices and computer as well. The app, no doubt, offers fine speed to transfer stuff. However, many people found some faults of failing to send and annoying things like ads and bugs whilst working with the app. For […]

Google To Bring Incognito Mode To Maps

Virtually all Android smartphone and tablet user are no stranger to Google Maps. In fact, it’s an app we have often turned to every time when we are about to get lost whilst looking for a friend’s place. To use Google Maps, the app requires your permissions with your own Google Account. Well, if you […]

4 Reason Why You Should Keep Your Apps Updated

Without the apps, smartphones would probably be not so integral in our lives. Developers are working day and night to improve the apps so the users can have an amazing experience. In order to get the latest version of the app, you need to update it. But, the question is: why are the updates so […]

Your Phone Has A Virus? Try These 5 Antivirus Apps To Clean It

Some people do not believe anti-virus apps are necessary, but I have heard many people complaining or suspecting that their phone or memory card has been hit with a virus. But having a decent anti-virus app won’t do you any harm and will likely spare you having to pay someone to get your device cleaned. […]

WhatsApp API Without Official WhatsApp API

For many years we have been waiting for the WhatsApp API. We thought it had come but it’s still available to a handful of organisations or maybe less. We are still just left stuck with WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business on steroids One of the many complaints about WhatsApp Business has been that it really doesn’t […]

8 Hidden And Important Google Chrome Settings You May Want To Change

Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser on the planet. I mean the browser has captured more than 61% of the market share which is something quite phenomenal. While the browser works like a charm in default, there are certain hidden settings and features that can make your experience even better. Let’s take […]

List Of ‘Safe’ And ‘Dangerous’ Phones According To The Radiation They Emit

Today, it’s possible to see someone survive without some basic needs of life, but not without smartphones. Smartphones have become ‘THE’ most significant part of our everyday lives. These devices have brought everything in the palm of our hands. However, nothing is perfect and the convinience of using them comes with more than the hundreds […]

Tune Is A Chrome Extension That Allows You To Filter Out Nasty Comments

Google’s sister company, Jigsaw has come up with a browser plug in/extension for the Chrome browser. While some of Google’s (Alphabet, to be specific) more wacky experiments involve spreading the internet via balloon, this latest project just tries to rid the world of jerks online. The Chrome extension is called Tune, and it uses Artificial […]

5 Free VPN Software For Your Laptop/Desktop

The word VPN itself takes many Zimbabweans back to late January 2019 when the government was playing with the internet switch. For days many people failed to use social media as it was blocked whereas other parts of the internet were working. For those who desperately needed to keep in touch with their loved ones during […]

What’s Going On With Steward Bank’s App?

Steward Bank has been the one bank to fully embrace and innovate on the digital front. In less than half a year they’ve launched Kashagi, *263# Banking and most recently Sosholoza. These are all great digital products which makes it surprising that the Steward Bank application has not been working as users expect. Ever since […]

Paynet Goes Down Due To Forex Issues

Another day another service goes down due to foreign currency issues. Yesterday it was Econet’s Self-service platform today it is Paynet. If you visit their website right now you will be greeted by an error message saying the service is down due to forex issues. SERVICE IS UNAVAILABLE The Paynet platform is temporarily inaccessible due […]