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Samsung Galaxy S10 Sales Might Not Reach Expectations. What’s Happening With The Smartphone Industry?

Unsurprisingly there’s a report circulating in South Korea claiming that first day registrations for the Galaxy S10 are lower than expected and lower than the figures posted by Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Note 9 last year. The Galaxy S10 managed to get 140 000 registrations whilst the S9 and Note 9 had 180 000 and 200 […]

Take A Picture Of A Spreadsheet & Have It Convert Into A Fully Editable Excel File!

Microsoft Excel has come out with what is arguably one of their coolest updates on the mobile app. By allowing users to take pictures of Spreadsheets which become fully editable Excel files, this vital update will allow companies & government’s which were logging this data manually to transition without someone have to put in hours […]

You Can Now Buy HTC’s Exodus Blockchain Phone With Fiat Money Too, Instead Of Cryptocurrency Only

HTC has announced that you can now purchase its blockchain-powered Exodus 1 smartphone using your hard earned cash. Until now, the HTC Exodus 1 could only be bought using cryptocurrency but now it can be bought with U.S. dollars and other fiat currencies. The HTC Exodus 1 made its debut last year as “the world’s […]

Nike’s Self-Lacing Shoe Is Failing To Self-Lace For Android Users

Image Credit: Kopitiam Bot After a high-profile build up, the all-new Nike Adapt BB self-lacing basketball sneaker has finally hit the market. However, Android users of the self-lacing smart sneaker are experiencing technical difficulties given a bad Android update a short time after the shoe released. The new Android patch has been largely problematic for many users who claim […]

Here’s What You Need To Know About The Rwandan Smartphone Factory

A few days ago there was an announcement that a Rwandan company will begin developing a smartphone and for most this was a welcome announcement. An African company making phones for African’s. Sounds like a pretty cool thing right? On the surface, it does and judging from what we know so far this wil definitely […]

Google Will Make It Harder For Sites To Block Chrome’s Incognito Mode

Google is looking to fix an age-old loophole that allows websites to check to see if a user is in Incognito mode when visiting the site with the Chrome browser. When using Incognito mode, browsing history is not recorded, and websites cannot use cookies to track internet activity. Since so much of the internet uses tracking […]

New Google Chrome’s Extension Tells You If Your Password Has Been Hacked Before. You Need It!

Google released a new extension for Chrome that will alert you if one of your username or password combinations is known to have already been breached, according to the company’s blog post. Image Credit: Google blog How it works Whenever you enter your login details on a site, the extension, called Password Checkup, will compare the […]

FBC Bank Dismiss Fake News That It Has Been Hacked

There seem to have been a message making the rounds which is saying hat FBC Bank has been hacked. Now FBC has released a statement dismissing the fake news by saying that its system hasn’t been compromised: Our attention has been drawn to fake social media messages purporting that FBC Bank’s system has been hacked. […]

5 Best Android Apps for Kids

Apps are a great learning platform for kids. If you don’t have enough time to teach your kids letters, alphabets or even, numbers and math calculations, apps can do pretty much for you. Apart from being a teacher, these apps help to sharpen memory of kids through games, puzzles or quiz. 1. Educational Games for […]

The Most Digitally Advanced Country In The World “Looking For Ways To Develop” Digital Services In Zimbabwe

Have you ever heard of Estonia? Probably not, but I’m pretty sure you have heard of Skype and Taxify. These two companies hail from Estonia, a country which is regarded as the most advanced digital society in the world. Incidentally, Estonia’s President, Eesti Vabariigi met President Mnangagwa at the AU Summit where they talked about […]

Do You Know Which Phone President Mnangagwa Uses?

Regardless of your political status, or whether you are a phone nerd or not, it is interesting to know what handset President Mnangagwa uses. We all know President Mnangagwa’s somewhat liking for social media, but what type of device is he using to post his messages? Before we reveal what handset he uses, let’s work […]

Rent-A-Locker: ZIMall Pops Up With A New Service That Lets You Rent Lockers To Store Your Luggage

Have you ever wanted to leave your bag (or whatever you will be carrying) somewhere in town for a while and return later on to collect it? If you are like me there is a startup that can help us get on with our other business whilst our bags are kept safe somewhere. The guys […]

How To Access Your Zimsec O’Level Results Online

As we have just told you an hour ago, that you can check O’level results online. Apparently, the portal has been functioning since November last year but Zimsec probably never thought that it was worthwhile to tell people about it until yesterday. Anyway, let’s talk about how one can access their results on this online […]

The Notch Is Finally Dead! Are Manufacturers Making Smartphone Design Great Again In 2019?

2018 was a pretty uninspiring year in terms of smartphones. Now that features are pretty much equal in phones, OEMs (manufacturers) are competing in design but even in that regard, there’s not much they can do with the mobile phones form-factor that will greatly set them apart from their competitors. This is NOTch acceptable Crappy […]

Rwanda Opens Its First Public Coding School. Here Is Something Worth Copying For Our Government

Rwanda is not backing down from its promise of wanting to be a knowledge-based economy. What better way to show this commitment than opening a public coding school? Indeed, Rwanda now has opened its first publicly funded coding school. I would want to even go as far as to declare that it may be Africa’s […]

weLIST Is A Convenient Way For You To Find Fuel During This Crisis

There’s no better time for me to be bumping into a fuel finding app than right now. After being stuck in a queue for more than 3 hours only NOT to get fuel yesterday, I’m very open to tech that might aid in people’s quest to get fuel. Fortunately, I bumped into an app called […]

Enjoy The Web In Shona Using Google Translate

Although a lot of people might not know this Google has had Shona support for years. Support for the Shona language was added to the translate tool just under three years ago back in February of 2016. Back then the tool was the butt of many jokes as its Shona translation was just horrible and […]

Don’t Worry The Windows 10 October Update Is Now Safe But …

Although I have Windows 10 on my main laptop I haven’t used (production use) it in a while-could be going on two years now. I do like to keep the operating system up to date though like any other security conscious computer user. Mainly because I am very curious about developments in the WSL realm. […]

Zimbabwe Is In The Process Of Creating A Criminal Digital Fingerprint Database

The government has reportedly acquired an electronic machine that can be used to digitise fingerprints for use in digitising fingerprints found at crime scenes. The machine will be used to create a criminal digital fingerprint database along the lines of the FBI’s IAFIS (The Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System ) that most of us have […]

Watch The Made By Google 2018 Event Live Here

Today, Google will be releasing some new hardware and software at their Made By Google 2018 event. Despite the numerous leaks that are floating around the internet of their next flagship phones, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, you still might be curious to see what they ended up making. Well, let’s see whether the […]

Grab The Awesome Xiaomi Mi A2 And Get The Real Android Experience: Limited Ecocash Offer Available

These days it seems all Android phone makers are in a competition to find out who can make the most useless UI (User Interface) and load the most crapware out of the box. Various cloud services including Google themselves are dishing out money to OEMs to make sure their services come preloaded which would hopefully […]

Google Removes Irritating Conversation View From Gmail’s Mobile App

You may think you don’t know ‘conversation view’ but trust me, you do. If you use Gmail, you’ve probably opened up a recently received email and before you know it you’re going through a thread of emails with the hopes of finding the mail you just got. That, ladies and gentleman is conversation view for […]

Google Accused Of Slowing Down YouTube In Mozilla Firefox And Edge Browsers

A Technical programmer at Mozilla has accused Google of slowing down YouTube on other browsers. Chris Peterson –the guy pointing a finger at Google- says since Google owns both YouTube and Chrome, they are implementing some exclusive tools that rob Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge users of the best experience: YouTube page load is 5-times […]

Local Developers Make Self-Valuation App To Help You Meet Your Goals

One of our biggest weaknesses is following through with targets we set for ourselves. We are constantly setting lofty goals, and at times even plotting the path to victory. For whatever reason however sometimes we just don’t take the necessary steps to reach these goals. Evaluate My Future (EMF) is a self-valuation and motivational app […]

Get The Venerable Avada Theme For Only $35

For a limited time you can buy the Avada Multipurpose theme on Evanto for only $35 instead of the usual $61 price. The difficult past Not so long ago if you wanted to launch a Blog you had to either be contend with the dictators at Blogger who took perverse pleasure in the limited access […]

Measure Distance And Area With The New Feature On Google Earth

For those less familiar with Google Earth, it’s a program that uses various geographical data to create a 3D representation of the globe. By zooming in, users can see birds-eye satellite images of well, almost anywhere. This programme has received a new feature which allows users to measure the distance between two points on Earth […]

Innovation In Smartphones Is Dead! Let’s Talk About The Oppo Find X

The 2008 VMA’s will be forever etched in history because of Kanye West’s moment of madness. The Hip-Hop star interrupted Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech for her Video of the Year award and said: ‘Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you and Imma’ let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos […]

It Costs $200million, Weighs 340 tons: America’s New Supercomputer Snatches Crown From China

As of right now, the most powerful supercomputer on the planet calls the United States its home. And powerful, it is. The US Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) last week unveiled a supercomputer, called Summit capable of handling 200,000 trillion calculations per second (200 petaflops). Laying claim to the title of the […]

Google Chrome Users Beware Of ‘Free Movies’ Hoax That Could End Up Costing You

Here in Africa, we’re not really mindful of piracy (unfortunately) and if you love downloading movies at no cost you may want to watch out for the latest hoax that has been victimizing Google Chrome users around the world. So what do you need to avoid… Surprising the bug is in the Google Chrome Web […]

One App For All Your Bank USSD Codes: You’ll Never Have To Remember A USSD Code Again

If you use mobile banking or USSD codes, in general, then you’ll know how hard it is to remember all those. There are so many of them and the situation is made worse if you are a subscriber on more than one network or you bank with more than one bank. If you are constantly […]