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Africom Introduces New Device To Help Identify Heart Problems

Africom is launching a new health-focused ECG(Electrocardiography) Dongle, which identifies problems with the heart, such as heart disease, heart failure, and cardiomyopathy etc. The device allows one to check their heart rate from the comfort of their homes.  The ECG dongle is being launched on 3rd of March in Bindura. February also happens to be Heart […]

We might all want tattoos soon, new tattoo ink can monitor health

CC Image courtesy of Nitro Tattoos on Flickr Researchers at MIT and Harvard have developed a new tattoo ink that is capable of monitoring health. The ink changes colour to tell if someone is dehydrated or if their blood sugar level rises. The ink, called Dermal Abyss tattoo ink changes colour according to the chemistry of the […]

Australian professor donates ultrasound machine to Harare Central Hospital

David Gracey, the Australian professor from Sydney University donated an ultrasound machine to Harare Central Hospital. The hospital did not have such a machine and it will go a long way in the administration of first class treatment. Dr Gracey, who is also a physician at Royal Prince Albert Hospital in Sydney is known for […]

We have funeral cover, what about healthcare funded by mobile money accounts?

Econet has had EcoSure for a while now and NetOne recently launched OneCover, both providing affordable funeral cover to the masses. We applaud these initiatives but even more important is healthcare for the living. Traditional medical insurance is expensive and inconvenient for the average person. The number of hoops you have to jump through staggers […]

Is your phone affecting your health and sleep? It probably is, find out how.

It is 10:30 pm and you decide it is time to call it a day. You turn the TV off, the 3 hour House of Cards marathon you just had will suffice for today, you think. Texting and watching is tiring stuff, following the story on the big screen whilst keeping up with the eight […]