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“Forced” to sign up for Ecosure? Here’s how to opt out

When we mentioned how Econet had successfully signed up over 1 million users for its mobile micro-insurance service EcoSure in two months, we also pointed out that some subscribers were forced to sign up for the service. I wasn’t amused by the text that told me to keep a dollar in my EcoCash wallet for […]

How to get Android Lollipop on a Samsung Galaxy S4, while everyone else waits…

Anyone that’s up to date with the developments of Android will know that the latest flavour out there is Lollipop 5.0.1. Unfortunately for most of us, knowing this also means that we know how slow the process of modifying and distributing of the OS is done by manufacturers. For once Sammy (Samsung) has been timely […]

Need to know how to access WhatsApp from a computer? Here are the steps

As if all the news surrounding the temporary bans from its rogue third party imitations wasn’t enough, the WhatsApp team launched an official desktop version of the Instant Message service. The WhatsApp Web option is not available for IOS apparently because of the restrictions in the IOS ecosystem. It’s however available on Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10 […]

How to get rid of WhatsApp’s blue ticks

WhatsApp, the famous messaging app released an update a little while ago to its app that received some pretty heated feedback. It enabled the sender to not only know that their message has been delivered but also that it has been read. Obviously, the feature itself sparked huge debates over privacy that it eventually coined […]

How to win a year’s worth of air tickets with a Zvirikuflaya video

The last time we spoke about budget airline FlyAfrica, we were remarking on the pricing that had floored competition and sounded too good to be true at $9 a flight. This time the country’s cheapest airline has caught people’s attention thanks to a very creative marketing strategy which it is rolling out on social media […]

How to enhance the “aboutness” of your website

Many company websites suck from a user and search engine point of view. This is because more emphasis is placed on aesthetics than on the website’s “aboutness”. A company that does not have an effective website that helps in making its products and services visible is not different from a company that does not have a […]

How to deal with neighbourhood hackers: tips for securing your Wi-Fi

Recently on a local social media group, I have noticed a trend in the “need” to hack wireless networks in order to steal other people’s PAID FOR internet. Just in case people forgot, this is unethical and illegal. I don’t know what the charges are for hacking in Zimbabwe, so I suggest checking with your […]

How to beat ZESA and still enjoy your DStv PVR

So a while ago I decided to invest in a DStv PVR 2P decoder as part of my mid year resolutions. I am still trying to find a reason why the Explora is worth that shocking price; the “DStv advert dude” is yet to convince me. After a lot of consideration I decided to opt for […]

Infographic: How to succeed in a startup

Success for any enterprise is always measured in various ways, but whatever the perspective any startup founder or team member has of making it, there are certain building blocks that ensure that same success. We came across an infographic from the entrepreneurship and startup resource centre It displays fourteen things to keep in mind in […]

How to offer professional PC hardware diagnosis and repairs

Having read various blogs and participated in several Facebook groups I have come to realise that many techies, or techie wannabes totally miss the point. Someone will post their complaint, and a lot of “answers” appear from various people. It seems we are all too quick to give a solution rather than discover what the actual […]

Here’s how to make $10 million through e-learning

Here’s something for all those developers and entrepreneurs keen on taking on a big challenge for a big reward. The Global Learning XPRIZE competition is an opportunity that has come up to solve one of the challenges in education and pocket $10 million in the process. Why is so much being put into this issue […]

How to send money to Zimbabwe

So in sending money to the UK, one of the questions that people asked me was how do I send money to Zimbabwe. Why send money to Zimbabwe? I know, weird question. But there are people out there that still ask. Well, for those of you that still have relatives and friends that are still […]

How to send money to UK

There are instances when you are either travelling or have a friend or relative in the diaspora and need to send money to them. Yes, the flow of funds is not just one way, but undoubtedly more funds come into Zimbabwe than go out (I’m not referring to payments for goods here, but rather peer […]

How to turn your website into a gold mine

The Internet is a jungle populated by millions of websites with each clamoring for the elusive attention of the click-happy internet users. It is a dog eat dog world in which brands ruthlessly compete for online visibility via search engines. Unfortunately, the only way to the top is by stepping on the heads of others. […]

How to access the internet through Facebook

Some time back I posted an article about my getting banned from WhatsApp and contributing to the ban was my wanting to share with followers my top 20 SECRETS that mobile networks don’t want you to know. I’ve been asked a lot about those secrets, some of them are no longer relevant, but definitely one of the things […]

EXCLUSIVE – How to use MasterCard with Telecash

For those of you who are avid online buyers, here’s a hack that will allow you to use your MasterCard with Telecash. This solution has been available ever since Telecash launched in Zimbabwe and has been possible because of their “interoperability”. Enjoy!!! (You can thank me later) What you will need to use MasterCard with Telecash A […]

Tips on how to handle negative feedback on social media

Negative feedback from customers has been part of the business landscape since time immemorial. What is just different now is the velocity and visibility of complaints as a result of the pervasiveness of social media usage. Jade Furubayashi of Simply Measured puts it across in a succinct manner.  He observed that “as hard as you […]

The TeleCash mobile money API: Here’s how to get access

When we posted yesterday’s article on the launch of the Telecash mobile money API, a lot of comments and requests came in with developers asking for the API documentation and how they could get start working with it right away. Telecel Mobile Financial Services IT Manager, got in touch with us this morning to provide some details. Here’s part of his email: […]

PayPal In Zimbabwe: Here’s How To Open Your PayPal Account

UPDATE: Right now the cards that are working online and with PayPal in Zimbabwe are the USD pre-funded MasterCard/Visa cards which are being issued by some banks for example FBC, Steward Bank, NMB… Some banks still have well functioning non pre-funded MasterCard/Visa debit cards but with strict restrictions on online payments. Please check with your […]

How to root your Chinese android smartphone or device

In our previous article we mentioned the fact that some apps might require you to root your phone. There are some useful apps that require super user privileges for example firewall software like Data Usage Defender. Whilst there are plenty of guides and tools about how to root many of the famous brands, your Chinese […]

Here’s how to get BBM immediately if you don’t have a Samsung device

If you live in Africa for example, and tried since yesterday to get yourself BlackBerry’s BBM messaging app, you hit a wall. BlackBerry and Samsung have a deal to have BBM available only to Samsung owners for a week before everyone else. But if you are Android user, here’s a step by step to get […]

How to get an ultra cheap tablet

While most people would want to own a tablet the costs of buying one here in Zimbabwe remain prohibitive. A 3G tablet will cost you more than $350 dollars easy and most of the “deals” offered by network operators are nothing short of ridiculous in addition to be convoluted and difficult to understand. Most people […]

How to get started making your own online store

There has been a number of discussions on the issue of ecommerce is Zimbabwe. Some have predicted its success and some were sceptical that e-commerce will experience significant adoption in Zimbabwe. Be that as it may, let’s put all the debate aside and let’s go about creating an online store. After all there is no […]

How to Solarize your house. The complete guide

Introduction Scenario: You are working from home and you promised the client the document will be sent to him before, 6 p.m. You were chasing this client for months now and when he says email me the document you know he wants to buy. He will however buy from anyone who comes first. He needs […]

How to get a tablet for under $150

For those of us who are price sensitive and living on a tight budget the “No Name” brands might be the right solution. As has been noted countless times however, most Zimbabwean businesses simply cannot part with their habit of wanting a 100% profit on anything so now might be a good time to exercise your online shopping skills

Econet and Ezetopup: The how to and review

A while ago Econet joined the Eztopup platform. Eztopup is an online international company that allows people to buy airtime online using Paypal, Mastercard and Visa Cards. Econet did this ostensibly so those in diaspora can send airtime to their relatives in Zimbabwe. The platform however can be used to buy airtime for your own phone. Being an experimental sort I decided to take the service for a spin.

Here’s how to get Amazon and iTunes Gift Cards for Free*

Do you know there are services out there that will pay you to try their apps? FreeMyApps is one such. Basically, how it works is an app developer comes to them and says “we’ll pay you to get your audience to download our free app”. FreeMyApps takes their money, assigns a credit value to the app and tells you to download and use the free app for 30 seconds. When you do, you’ll get that credit value added to your account. You can exchange those credits for things like iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards and currently, Postagram gift cards.

How to: Responsive web development. Develop websites for mobile

Mark Zuckerberg said it, Google said it, even Obama is saying it… Mobile websites are the “FUTURE”. Yet in Zimbabwe (with its high percentage of mobile internet users), we still code using old habits, developing for fixed width viewports…the monitor. With over 70% of the 1.2 Million active internet users browsing via mobile devices, most […]

How to use Paypal in Zimbabwe without a Paypal account

Having read so many comments and stories here on how you cannot access PayPayl services in restricted countries like Zimbabwe, I felt compelled to share how you can use PayPal without having access to PayPal, having no PayPal account, and without the means to create a PayPal account.

Ubuntu how to: moving databases

I recently wanted to move a database from one computer to another. Fortunately I found a welcome guide at Moving the files is not really difficult, you can use FTP. Moving the database is a bit more challenging however.