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{Updated} How To Transfer Money From OneMoney, Telecash To EcoCash And Vice Versa

Let’s talk about the long-desired feature introduced by Steward bank yesterday that enables people to transfer money between wallets. That’s the magic of Sosholoza: you can move money between Telecash and OneMoney and EcoCash through Steward Bank’s WhatsApp banking service. You can also move money between these aforementioned wallets to any bank too. You are […]

Watch: How Steward Bank’s Sosholoza Works

Watch a demonstration of what really you can do with Sosholoza, a revolutionary feature that Steward Bank introduced yesterday. Also Read: Steward Bank Is The New EcoCash, Bigger And Stronger Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on […]

How To Get Started With Steward Bank’s WhatsApp Banking

Steward Bank has just come up with something that’s quite revolutionary in our banking sector with its introduction of WhatsApp Banking. Its customers are now able to access Steward Bank’s banking services on Zimbabwe’s favorite and most used app, WhatsApp. Being able to buy airtime, make payments and all that other banking stuff on WhatsApp […]

YouTube Vanced Is The Best YouTube App Period

I am an avid music fan and I am one of those people who prefer to videos to audio tracks. When it comes to music videos YouTube has no equal. Naturally for most people that would mean you launching the official YouTube app which kind of sucks in a number of ways. The many failings […]

Facebook Messenger Finally Gets Dark Mode – Here’s How To Enable It

Facebook’s Messenger overhaul began rolling out globally early this year, bringing with it a much-needed refresh to the app’s design that removed the clutter and made it simpler to use. As part of the refresh, Facebook confirmed that the long-awaited Dark Mode would soon make its way to the app. Now, a recent update to […]

Take A Picture Of A Spreadsheet & Have It Convert Into A Fully Editable Excel File!

Microsoft Excel has come out with what is arguably one of their coolest updates on the mobile app. By allowing users to take pictures of Spreadsheets which become fully editable Excel files, this vital update will allow companies & government’s which were logging this data manually to transition without someone have to put in hours […]

WhatsApp Have Their Own Set Of Tips For Spotting Fake News

One thing that becomes clear when discussing anything to do with WhatsApp and Fake News on the platform is the simple fact that many users simply don’t know how to separate what’s real from what is fake. The number of times I’ve been asked that question has actually gotten irritating but it really is a […]

This Is How Group Invitations Will Work On WhatsApp

You may have heard about the cool new feature that will soon allow WhatsApp users to grant their contacts permission before joining a group. Though the feature isn’t available yet there is now more information regarding how exactly it will work and it looks like you will have a lot of control over who can […]

How To Complete A Zipit Bank To Wallet Transfer If You’re A OneMoney Subscriber

If you aren’t living under a rock then you’ve probably heard people saying they are “doing a Zipit” transaction. ZIPIT (ZIMSWITCH Instant Payment Interchange Technology) is a platform that enables instant inter-bank funds transfers between ZIMSWITCH member institutions (Banks and Wallets) connected to the ZIMSWITCH network. ZIPIT is designed to run in parallel with traditional RTGS […]

OneMoney Subcribers Here’s How To Get Your Free Debit Card

If you’re a OneMoney subscriber then you’ll probably want the free debit card that comes along with your subscription. It’s an extremely convenient way to transact and something that most EcoCash subscribers have been deprived of since they are not part of the Zimswitch network. Anyway if you want to get this card and you’re […]

Opera’s Latest Update Makes The Browser Friendlier For Online Publishers Like Ourselves

Online publishing is a pretty cut-throat industry and many businesses in this field are still looking for a viable business model that justifies the effort that goes into making content. The Opera browser’s latest update is one of those conveniences that make it possible for publishers to make more money from their work. How exactly? […]

WhatsApp Outlines How To Responsibly Use Their App

WhatsApp is a topical application. For all the benefits it brings to us – i.e faster and less expensive communication- there are a number of issues that have arisen. The biggest problem is fake news but there are some other side effects such as addiction and negative effects on human relationships. WhatsApp has a section […]

How To Restore Lost WhatsApp Chats/Messages

It can really suck to lose your well preserved romantic WhatsApp chats that your significant other sent you or just chats with very useful information your friend sent you.  You may not know it but there are some tricks you can do to restore these cherished WhatsApp chats. Here the tricks: First Trick- Recovering messages […]

Get Your Own dotAfrica Domain For €3 Per Year: Ecocash Offer Available

On 15 March 1985, the US Department of Defense introduced the .com domain to the world and ushered the revolution that is the web into existence. However, because of time and domain speculation, a lot of good .com domains are now no longer available. Even Google had to change its name from Googol in order […]

5 Tips to Use for WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is among the most popular social messaging apps in the world. It has enhanced communication in so many ways, and has had a positive impact on businesses. Since the inception of WhatsApp business, there’s a lot to get from it as a business owner, but first, you must know how to use it. Here […]

How To Save A Webpage As A PDF

Everyone eventually comes across a webpage they need to save for sharing with someone or for offline reading. You could just copy and paste the link, but sometimes maybe you are just about to go somewhere where you won’t have an internet connection. The most flexible solution to this problem is to create a PDF […]

How To Access Hwindi’s Designated Driver Service In The Hwindi App

So Hwindi has announced that they are launching a new chauffeur-like service. Designated Driver as they have coined it allows user to order a driver to take them to/from a destination and it sounds like a pretty great way to avoid drunk driving or make a stylish appearance with your own ‘driver’. The driver will […]

How To Install Android APKs On Ubuntu

It’s not a secret that Android is Linux. It doesn’t ship with most of the GNU libraries or utilities like the much revered and reviled systemd. Yet at its heart, it is still Linux. Common sense would dictate that it should be very trivial to get Android packages to run on Ubuntu. In this case, […]

How To Check Your Water Bill Online

Gone are the days when you had to wait till the end of the month for the City Council personnel to come with your bill at your house. Since the internet is within the reach of many people, City Council thought it wise to make it possible for people to check their bills online. As a […]

Dual WhatsApp: How To Run Two WhatsApp Accounts On One Phone

There some people like me who don’t want to mix business and pleasure on the same WhatsApp account. But the thing is having 2 WhatsApp accounts calls for you to splash more money on a new smartphone so that you can install another WhatsApp (for another WhatsApp separate account) But thank app developers there is […]

YouTube Piracy Is Rife In Zimbabwe, Here Is What Musicians Can Do About It

Half of my childhood was set in the late 1990s ,years which, most people agree, were some of Zimbabwe’s best years. Like me, a lot of people like to listen to Ezomgido tracks from the good old days when we had our own reputable currency and the entire region looked up to us when it […]

How To Use Fibroniks On The Go On Zolspots

One of the perks of having a ZOL internet connection is that you get “free” WiFi access on ZOL’s numerous ZOLspots. Connecting using your Fibroniks on the Go credentials will see you using data from home or work account instead of you having to buy a voucher. If you have unlimited account it essentially means […]

You Want To Visit Zimbabwe? Here’s How To Apply For A Travel Visa Online

Last year, Zimbabwe introduced an online platform for foreign visitors to apply and pay for Visa applications. However, we forgot to break down for you about how one can apply and pay for the e-Visas (electronic Visa). Without further ado let me list the steps that you go through to make a successful e-Visa application: First, you […]

Why Do You Get The “Waiting for this message. This may take a while”, Message In WhatsApp?

If you’ve been using WhatsApp for a while you’ve probably stumbled into this irritating error. The dreaded “Waiting for this message. This may take a while”, error is sometimes even more irritating because whoever sent you the message can then send you a follow-up text which you see just fine. But the one with the […]

How To Access Your Zimsec O’Level Results Online

As we have just told you an hour ago, that you can check O’level results online. Apparently, the portal has been functioning since November last year but Zimsec probably never thought that it was worthwhile to tell people about it until yesterday. Anyway, let’s talk about how one can access their results on this online […]

Here’s How How To Disable FaceTime On Your iPhone And Mac To Avoid Spies

Fortunately, it’s possible to completely shut off FaceTime, which you should do immediately, while Apple works on a fix. It emerged this morning that Facetime has been hit with a bug that allows people to use the FaceTime app to spy on other iOS owners. The spy will hear audio through your microphone and even […]

How To Use Facebook Messenger Without A Facebook Account

When Facebook first created its separate Messenger app people were confused but also annoyed: they didn’t want to use a second app to access functionality that was previously available inside the main Facebook app. But Facebook Messenger is a decent messaging app in its own right. And you may not know this but it’s possible […]

Content Creators Here’s Language You Should Avoid If You Want Your YouTube Videos To Make Money

Ok so if you have a YouTube channel and you’ve reached the acclaimed monetized status on your channel you wouldn’t want to compromise the bag because of some colourful language. Considering Zimbabwe’s largely conservative population I don’t think there should be too much of an issue when it comes to language. Anyway if you do […]

Social Media In Zimbabwe Now Inaccesible To Those With VPNs As Well

Internet access has been restored but it seems the lockdown on social media is still going strong and though earlier you could access the social media sites along with YouTube and WhatsApp if you had a VPN installed it seems that government has taken things further by blocking most VPNs as well which means most […]

How To Quickly Spot Fake News

Just with the coup that was not a coup, and typical of the era we live in, fake news and the current #ShutdownZim / #ZimShutdown has not been an exception. Yesterday we published a list of Twitter accounts and hashtags you can follow to keep abreast of things. Today we will share with you some […]