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ZIMSTATS And POTRAZ Release ICT Access And Usage Reports For Zim’s Education And Health Sectors

Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTATS) and POTRAZ came together to conduct a survey measuring the access and usage of ICTs within schools and health facilities across the country. The reports were made with the goal of identifying areas with low ICT penetration in order to rectify this. In the health census; 1 489 health facilities […]

Minister of Home Affairs: People Have Developed ‘Disease’ Of Attacking Each Other On Social Media

It feels like not a month passes by without a government official complaining about social media. And for the month of December, we have another entry in our Govt Officials Fed Up With Social Media journal. This time it’s Honourable Cain Mathema who apart from complaining about social media also happens to be the Minister of […]

The EU Wants To Pass A Law That Could Potentially Kill YouTube

Earlier this year, the European Union put into effect a controversial and internet-shattering law that came to be known as the GDPR. Online publishers had to change their websites to deal with user data much differently than they had before. The GDPR was centred on the EU but it ended up affecting everyone, including people outside […]

Why Econet Should NOT Be Allowed To Create A Vaya Bundle Or Zero Rate Vaya

Some folks have been calling for a Vaya bundle or for Vaya to be zero rated. The drivers mostly were calling for this. This is water that has to be treaded carefully. Lets’s start by clarifying a misconception: Nothing wrong with monopoly or dominance There is a misconception that exists out there. A lot of […]

Government Promises To Take Multiple Views Into Consideration In The New Media Policy

If you ask the average Zimbabwean what they think of the media in this country, I am willing to bet that they are exasperated by that as well as many other things that are going wrong. The Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services –Monica Mutsvangwa- has said the government will be taking a look […]

Egypt Worryingly Follows In Footsteps of Other African Countries Tightening Grip On Social Media

It seems a number of African countries are determined to make sure their poor governance extends to social media platforms. One week ago, Egypt joined Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya among governments who believe social media needs to be regulated. The law passed seven days ago in Egypt dictates that any social media accounts and blogs […]

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Redesigns Voting Booths To Make Sure Voters Do Not Take Selfies

ZEC (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission) has redesigned the voting booths and this has caused an outcry as political parties think there is some foul play. Political parties are claiming that this redesign compromises the secrecy of voters ZEC has come out and rubbished those claims. The new design is being attributed to people taking pictures and […]

Petition To Zimbabwean Parliament To Regulate And Not Ban Cryptocurrencies Launched

May 2018 proved to be a crazy month in the cryptocurrency world. Cryptocurrencies went from ‘allowed’ to ‘banned’ and back to ‘allowed’ all in the space of 12 days. Governor John Mangudya and his friends at the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) overstepped their authority and issued a directive banning the trading of cryptocurrencies. They […]

BREAKING: Court Says Cryptocurrency Exchange Golix Can Resume Trading, Reserve Bank Directive Suspended

As you all know the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issued a directive instructing banks not to facilitate any cryptocurrency related transactions. They also strongly warned the public not to deal in cryptocurrencies. Further, the Reserve Bank wrote to Golix, Zimbabwe’s first and biggest cryptocurrency exchange instructing them to wind up operations. Golix then went to […]

Golix  Temporarily Takes Down Crypto Exchange As Court Case Kickoffs Later Today

Zimbabwe’s most popular cryptocurrency exchange, Golix, has issued a statement saying they will be shutting down their “exchange’s Orderbook.” The cryptic statement they sent to their customers read: Dear valued customer. Please note that we have temporarily taken down the exchange’s Orderbook. Any developments related to this matter will be frequently updated. We sincerely apologise […]

Zimbabwe is Open For Business … BUT Are We Ready For The New Data Regulation Law With 5 Days To Go

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) deadline is less than a week away. We’re committed to being compliant. Given Zimbabwe is now open for business companies need to consider how GDPR will (not might) affect them. What exactly is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation is a new privacy regulation passed by the EU […]

BREAKING: Golix Challenges The Reserve Bank Ban Of Cryptocurrency At The High Court

No surprise really, I was expecting the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to be challenged in court for their directive that effectively banned cryptocurrency in Zimbabwe. The central bank did not just instruct banks to stop facilitating any cryptocurrency linked transactions but they also directed the general public to stay away from cryptos. Now, it has […]

The Fate Of Some Zimbabwean Companies And Projects After The Central Bank Bans Cryptocurrencies

The RBZ decided that they would wash their hands when it comes to cryptos. The central bank sent a directive to banks instructing them to cut all their ties with crypto exchanges and this may have grave consequences in the long run. As a nation, we had a serious opportunity to adopt a technology whilst […]

After Banning Banks From Bitcoin, RBZ Warns Public. Governor ‘Says’ He Would Rather Follow Than Lead

So after sending out a circular to banks prohibiting them from opening and continuing to hold accounts for individuals and entities that trade in bitcoin and the rest of cryptocurrencies, the RBZ has used the strongest of terms to warn all of us not to go near cryptos. This time the communique was signed by […]

Reserve Bank Acts Typically Zimbabwean: If You Don’t Understand The Technology, Fear It And Ban It

Some years ago I founded an EdTech (educational technology) startup. We had solutions for primary and secondary schools. The solution may have been not so good or maybe it was but that was not important because the roadblocks at schools that we wanted to sell the solution ensured we could not test that out even […]

RBZ Bans Bitcoin And Other Virtual Currencies In Zimbabwe

The central bank of Zimbabwe, RBZ, has placed a ban given a directive to banks and financial institutions to stop processing transactions to do with Cryptos. The measures are apparently being taken to “protect the public and safeguard the integrity, safety and soundness of the country’s financial system.” The ban applies to all financial instituions. The […]

Kwese Has Been Licensed For VOD, I Wonder If Netflix And YouTube Are Licensed Too

So Kwese has been licensed finally, yaay! They have been given a total of three licenses. Content distribution license, webcasting license and video on demand license. Only one of those licenses makes sense and I am being generous… I believe this whole licensing stuff is not progressive and has been overtaken by technology. I believe […]

A Local Startup Is Trying To Solve The Problem Of Corruption In Zimbabwe And Africa: It’s A Good Start

If you have been in Zimbabwe and many other African countries, you will notice that corruption is very common and has become one of the major stumbling blocks we have faced in trying to turn around the dire situation in our country. Africa Innovation Trust (AIT) has come up with a tool that will help […]

Telco Worker Dies After Being Electrocuted On Duty. Why Is There Silence About This, Should Such Things Happen?

In an unfortunate incident, two Telco (The internet access provider) workers in Victoria Falls were electrocuted whilst on duty. The two, Victor Zulu and Rector Msipha were on duty and had been deployed to install a Wi-Fi modem and it was during this installation that the accident occurred. What happened? In an attempt to install […]

Stanbic Bank Accused Of Women’s Rights Violations

Stanbic Bank Zimbabwe seems to be in hot soup as women came out with their claws and are protesting against discrimination at the banks Borrowdale Branch. There were multiple banners protesting against the abuse of women’s rights at the bank. When we came across this on social media we assumed that this was a new […]

Econet Wrongly Bills Its Client $128k, Court Orders It To Pay Back

The tables turned in a case between Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and Antolice Enterprises. High Court judge Justice Davison Moses Foroma ruled that Econet Wireless reimburses Antolice Enterprises $128 200 which it (Econet) had wrongly billed the company. Interestingly it is not Antolice Enterprise that had filed the case against Econet, but rather the other way round… Well, […]

Point Of Correction: The Licences Kwese Is Applying For Are Sufficient BUT They Have Much To Explain…

We have just covered the fact that Kwese is applying for three broadcasting licences from the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ). However, we implied and explicitly expressed that the licences they are applying for are not sufficient to cover their satellite broadcasting service. This is not true at all. One of the three licences they […]

Kangai (Mandiwanzira’s Accuser) Out On Bail, Faces 20 Counts Of Criminal Abuse Of Office

Reward Kangai, the former NetOne CEO was released on $800 bail yesterday, the 11th of January. This came after he was arrested late in the day on the 10th of January for abuse of office during his tenure as boss at NetOne. Kangai was in the news after his letter to President Mnangagwa and to […]

ZACC Clears Supa From Corruption Allegations; Kangai Responds And Says But…

Kangai has responded to ZACC’s decision to dismiss his allegations against the minister of ICT and Cyber Security, Hon Supa Mandiwanzira. Well, we can’t possibly have expected the whole #SupaGate saga to end at ZACC dismissing Reward Kangai’s claims just after a few months of investigating such a complicated matter, yet past experience says it […]

It Has Taken 12 Years To Come Up With The Cyber Security Bill. Let’s Get It Over And Done With

The text below is the body of a letter that was written by ZICT Chairman, Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi and sent to the Speaker of Parliament, the Clerk of Parliament and the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on ICT. The letter also went to the Office of the President and Cabinet and the AG’s office. From […]

Minister of ICT and Cyber Security, Supa Mandiwanzira Cleared Of Kangai’s Corruption Allegations

Last week, it came to the public’s attention that the former NetOne CEO, Reward Kangai had reported the Minister of ICT and Cyber Security to ZACC (Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission) accusing him of abuse of office and corruption. The allegations stated that the minister, Supa Mandiwanzira had engaged a South African firm for consultational services for $4 […]

Is Minister Supa Really Building A Cartel In The ICT Sector In Zimbabwe??? #SupaGate

So there is a craze that is going on that can potentially change a lot, by a lot I mean a lot. We talking board re-appointments, job dismissals, jail time for some, and most importantly how we will view the president from hereon. Whatever move His Excellence makes in response to this matter is going […]

AG: ICT Minister Mandiwanzira got loans from POTRAZ without gov approval

[This article from the 24th of July 2016 has been republished because it is related to current events as they concern Minister Supa Mandiwanzira and the corruption allegations leveled against him] With fresh allegations of corruption already being levelled against the ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira, it doesn’t do him any good that the Auditor General is […]

Kangai Responds To The Lawsuit Against Him By NetOne

Operation Restore Legacy continues… It has been an interesting few days or shall I say month as Kangai, Mandiwanzira and NetOne have been going back and forth on some corruption scandals. Today, the NewsDay published a response from Kangai to the suit that was leveled against him by NetOne. Before I get there, a little […]

Here’s What We Discussed At The Zimbabwe Internet Governance Forum 2017

In the afternoon we highlighted that we were attending the Zimbabwe Internet Governance Forum (ZIGF) 2017. In case you’re wondering what ZIGF is; well, ZIGF as defined is a multi-stakeholder forum for public policy dialogue on issues of Internet Governance in Zimbabwe. It is at such forums where policies are shaped… and in this case policies […]