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No passports, IDs, certificates for you, Registrar’s systems have been down for over a month

The one thing that really grinds my gears, and I imagine yours too, in Zimbabwe is the nonchalance with which you will be told, ‘the system is down.’ Usually, there are visible signs of annoyance on the face of the employee telling you that. No doubt exasperated that you’re even bothering them with that when […]

Zim team crowned World Champions at the 2022 International High School Moot Court Competition

A team of Zimbabwean students have just been crowned World Champions after winning the 2022 International High School Moot Court Competition. The competition is intended for high school learners and is aimed at encouraging an engagement with international (criminal) law. The competition is open to learners from all countries and is hosted in The Hague, […]

Mai Titi vs Chihera: internet drama setting the pace for new cyberbullying law

Internet personality and former gospel artist turned comedienne Evidence Chihera appeared before Harare Magistrate yesterday in connection with a Facebook Live where she allegedly claimed that Mai Titi’s children had been raped by a mentally ill person according to a report by NewsDay. This rivalry (for a lack of a better term) has been rumbling […]

NetOne employee steals $150 million, buys luxury vehicles

State-owned mobile network operator NetOne was defrauded of ZWL$150 million by an employee in an airtime voucher scam according to a report by The Herald. The heist was staged by a cashier who was identified as Daniel Kalira, and was found out after the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission conducted an investigation in August last year […]

You can now book e-passport applications online. Here’s how you do it

Online e-passport applications are here! Well, not exactly… The express e-passport portal/centre is now up and running but it appears that it is only there for booking appointments according to a report by The Sunday Mail. “The main purpose of the Express Centre is to bring convenience to those who need emergency passports. There are […]

Express or 48-hour e-passports are now available

Earlier this year we went to the Passport Office to enquire about all the things that a prospective applicant would need to apply for an e-passport. While we were there we asked about emergency or express e-passports and we were told that the Passport Office would only start issuing them sometime in March. Well, it […]

Three months to pay up or City of Harare will make you pay in USD

The City of Harare’s Twitter activity has been something to behold. Over the last year, we have seen the local authority make pronouncements of new requirements and measures that the public will need to adhere to. This has been both good and bad, but we will get to that in a little bit. The thing […]

Local entrepreneur to represent Zim at the Global Peace Chain Summit 2022

Dumile Ndlela is the founder of iTherms Technology, a startup that provides safe heat energy products partly made of recycled rubber or fibres in Zimbabwe and across SADC (mostly South Africa and Swaziland). He was recently selected as one of the delegates to attend the Global Peace Chain Summit 2022 to be held in Dubai […]

2021: Year in review, major tech news highlights

Another one bites the dust, well almost. We are counting down the hours till we bid 2021 adieu. Goodbye and good riddance methinks. 2021 was the sequel to 2020 we did not want but got nonetheless. The year may have been a downer but like all dark clouds, silver linings can be found. Let’s look […]

e-passports: govt “breaks” CBZ monopoly, plus expiration date for old passports

Update 10/01/2022: First Capital Bank reached out and said that the report by NewsDay was incorrect. First Capital was not part of e-passport application fees process before and after the Statutory Instrument First Capital Bank has been anointed by the government as the second preferred bank, along with CBZ Holdings, that anyone looking to get […]

US$30 million lost to Ponzi schemes this year, here’s how you can spot these scammers

Tough times are indeed a rich ground for scammers… Reportedly 10,000 Zimbabweans lost an estimated US$30 million to Ponzi Schemes this year. “At least 10,000 complainants reportedly lost over US$30 million between them. We have handled some 892 such cases involving thousands of complainants. The scammers quickly disappear after swindling the unsuspecting investors. Millions of […]

ZimStat to test out paperless census in preparation for April 2022

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStat) is preparing for the 2022 national population and housing census by running a trial between November 18th and the 27th. News of this pilot run was announced by ZimStat Director-General, Taguma Mahonde at an event held in Kwekwe yesterday. Pilot census is meant to position us for the 2022 […]

Borrow money for bus fare: the govt’s master plan to get teachers in classes

Never mind that there is a global pandemic and that teachers have been constantly fighting the poverty line for years. Put aside that opening schools under these pressures has irrevocably changed lives for students and their teachers and proceed to ask the latter to borrow money to make it to their poorly-paying job. Teachers who […]

Digital national document registry rollout set for December

The Civil Registry Department’s digitisation (passports, national ID, birth certificates etc) rollout is set for December according to Minister for Home Affairs, Kazembe Kazembe. The system which was announced in May will build a digital biometric database for Zimbabweans to access national documents. “The rollout is in December. Meanwhile, we will continue to do what […]

Pensioners will only get benefits if they undergo biometric registration

The Registrar General’s Office has been instructed to capture the biometric data of pensioners according to a report by New Zimbabwe. This initiative was recommended by the Public Services Commission of Zimbabwe (PSC) and is aimed at fighting corruption in the pension system. This announcement is hardly surprising because the government has for some time […]

ZESA to compensate for damages caused by power surges

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) will now compensate customers who suffer damages from power surges. The news comes by way of Minister for Energy Zhemu Soda, who in an interview with The Sunday Mail Business said the following: “There is an insurance policy to cover for such losses and a process of validation will […]

Opportunities presented by Zimbabwe’s rollout of a National Electronic Health Record system

Since February 2015, the Ministry of Health and Child Care with help of funding partners has been designing, developing, and testing an electronic health record (EHR) system, named “Impilo”. This is meant to reduce the current burden of paper data collection for health workers and ultimately improve the quality of care in public health facilities.  […]

Businesses to close by 15:30hrs as Zim lockdown goes to level 4

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has this evening announced that the country is going back to Level 4 lockdown amid the increase in new COVID-19 cases. His address at State House is as follows: Fellow Zimbabweans, Following a recent surge in Covid-19 cases, and subsequent to the localised lockdown measures introduced in places such as Kwekwe, Karoi, […]

ICT Minister opens Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) 2021 conference

Minister for ICT, Postal and Courier Services Dr Jenfan Muswere yesterday opened the Pan African Postal Union (PAPU) Plenipotentiary Conference which Zimbabwe is hosting at the Kingdom Hotel in Victoria Falls. Here is the Minister’s opening address: It is my singular honour and pleasure to officiate at this momentous occasion, the meeting of the 2021 […]

ZIMRA: PAYE, 2% Tax & Withholding Taxes due 10 June 2021

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has in a statement notified all that PAYE (Pay As You Earn), IMTT (2% Tax) and Withholding Taxes for May 2021 are due on the 10th of June 2021. ZIMRA’s Statement reads as follows: The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) hereby reminds all its valued clients that the following returns and […]

ZIMRA names fraudster extorting money while posing as an official

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has warned the public of a fraudster who is extorting money from people while purporting to be a ZIMRA official. ZIMRA’s statement reads as follows: PUBLIC NOTICE: FRAUDUSTER POSING AS A ZIMRA OFFICIAL ON THE LOOSE The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) wishes to advise its valued clients, members of staff […]

City of Harare’s hilarious and clueless Twitter storm

The City of Harare earlier this week went on a bit of a rant on Twitter where it issued a number of orders like dog licences, civilians not being allowed to control traffic at intersections with dead signal lights and many more. We couldn’t resist adding our own commentary on it after seeing some of […]

Two Zimbabweans feature on Forbes’ 30 under 30 for 2021

Forbes Africa released its list for its 30 under 30. This is the seventh running of the list and it is there to recognise entrepreneurs, athletes, artists and influential people on the continent. And as you may have already guessed this year’s listing was heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and how it disrupted a […]

ZIMRA extends grace period for the ban on second-hand cars

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce and ZIMRA have released a joint statement extending the transitional period for the importation of second-hand cars that are over 10 years old. PRESS STATEMENT BY MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY AND COMMERCE ON EXTENSION OF ADMINISTRATIVE TRANSITIONAL ARRANGEMENT ON MOTOR VEHICLE IMPORTATION UNDER SI 89 OF 2021 1. Following the […]

POTRAZ to give malaichas/runners courier licences

The hustle will become mainstream

Here’s how you can help digital inclusion for people with disabilities in Zimbabwe

Inclusive Access Zimbabwe is calling for donations of any devices to help digital inclusion for people with disabilities in Zimbabwe

Runner/Malaicha arrested for operating without a licence

Police closing in on runners?

Google shares 5 ways you can spot fake news

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