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MISA Zimbabwe Condemns Attack Against Rights Of Content Creators

After the arrest of online content creators Samantha Kureya (Gonyeti) and Sharon Chideu (Maggie) by CID officers, MISA Zimbabwe has released a statement defending the online content creators and called out the government for using such tactics for censorship purposes. The two content creators were charged with criminal nuisance for disturbing public peace by wearing […]

Multichoice Finally Listed On The JSE

A few months ago Naspers announced that they would be listing Multichoice separately on the JSE. For many of us, this seemed like a sign of doom and gloom as our gut feeling was that this move was meant to ditch Multichoice and their satellite TV business model which looks to be on the verge […]

Breaking: Econet And Cassava Lose Court Case, High Court Rules That EcoCash Cannot Separate Itself From Cassava

The drama at the courts continues between the Econet family and their former partner Dr Dish. Dr Dish argues that Econet Media owes them $6.8 million as part of their revenue sharing deal when Kwese TV was launched. They are disputing the supposed claim by Econet that they only had 38 Kwese TV subscribers in […]

Econet Appeals To Supreme Court To Stop Search Of Their Books As Previously Granted By High Court

So last week Econet told the Sheriff of the High Court to leave their premises peacefully as he was executing an Anton Piller order which had been granted by the High Court in favour of Dr Dish. Dr Dish are disputing the compensation that Econet says is due to them based on their revenue share […]

Breaking: Econet, Cassava Accused Of Obstruction Of Justice After Defying High Court Order

Yesterday the High Court of Zimbabwe issued an order for the Sheriff of the High Court and lawyers of Dr Dish (PVT) LTD to search several premises where Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Limited and Cassava Smartech Limited operate from. When the sheriff and the lawyers and some folks authorised by the court order to carry out […]

Seems To Be A Deliberate Attempt To Keep Monetary Policy Hidden, State Media Is Silent Too

The first of the two monetary policy presentations for 2019 has just happened. The presentation was very late according to the legal schedule. We in media only got a very last minute heads up that the event would be today. Even now, we are scraping around to get the document itself. It looks like the […]

Zimbabwean’s Animated Musical, Tunga Secures A Deal With Netflix

You may have not heard of the name Godwin Jabangwe but the screenwriter has hit the big time as Netflix has secured rights to his musical Tunga. Tunga is inspired by Jabangwe’s Zimbabwean roots and tells a story that many Zimbos will find relatable. According to Deadline, “It tells the tale of a young African girl […]

Acie Lumumba Might Have Lost His Job But Mthuli Ncube Is Still Looking For A ‘Spin Doctor’

Looks like managing public and media perception is a key priority for Mthuli Ncube. Towards the end of 2018, the minister of Finance hired Acie Lumumba (yes the controversial guy) to be Chairman of a ‘communications task force.’ There was obviously much outcry and ridicule in near equal measure. Lumumba barely lasted 24 hours in […]

Multichoice Reassures Investors That DStv Is Still Far Ahead Of Netflix In Africa

Naspers decided that they will be listing Multichoice (parent company of DStv) separately on the JSE and that process is now underway. Multichoice has been showing potential investors what they bring to the table and one of those things is their subscriber numbers compared to Netflix. Multichoice compared its own subscriber numbers to that of […]

Watch Zimbabwe’s First Movie To Be Distributed Online: This May Be The Right Way To Go For Zim Film Industry

It’s not your everyday thing to see a Zimbabwean movie being sold on a platform like Vimeo, when we are used to just go into town and buy a pirated movie (on a disc) or just download it for free on the internet. But a local movie could change the status quo on how the […]

Soldiers Detain New Zimbabwe CEO, Is Publishing Online Now Unsafe?

Now these things are coming closer to home! Techzim is an online publication and stories of a fellow online publication staffer being detained by soldiers can cause goosebumps to appear. CEO Jeff Madzingo is based in the UK. He came to Zimbabwe last week to attend the funeral of celebrated artist, Oliver Mtukudzi. Jeff […]

Kwese iflix Introducing New Lifestyle Network To Its Content Roster

It’s been a quiet few months for Kwese iflix but they have now got their 2019 up and running with the launch of their lifestyle Network Scoop. Reading through the press release sent by Kwese iflix, it seems Scoop will be pretty similar to E-News and the whole bunch of channels associated but with a […]

Content Creators Here’s Language You Should Avoid If You Want Your YouTube Videos To Make Money

Ok so if you have a YouTube channel and you’ve reached the acclaimed monetized status on your channel you wouldn’t want to compromise the bag because of some colourful language. Considering Zimbabwe’s largely conservative population I don’t think there should be too much of an issue when it comes to language. Anyway if you do […]

If The Internet Is Switched Off Again, You Can Follow The #ShutdownZimbabwe Protests On These TV Stations

There is a time when VPN doesn’t work; like what happened 2 days ago when the government stopped blocking social media IP addresses but it completely switched off the internet.  During that time you  gonna have to rely on Television. For you to avoid spend your time switching between many TV stations in the hope […]

Online Adverts Can Be Annoying, We Are Making Them Better For You, Help Us

First things first: no we are not removing adverts on Techzim, not yet anyway. However we do agree that ads can be annoying and we want to make the experience better for you on Techzim. Why are ads annoying? One (but not the only) reason why ads are annoying is that a number of times […]

DStv Was Facing Some Challenges With Their Payments System But It Seems The Issues Are Now Resolved

If you tried renewing your DStv subscription over the few days that just passed you may have actually ended up in a cat and mouse situation with DStv representatives as they were facing some challenges with their payment systems. A work colleague experienced this earlier this week when she paid her DStv account on Monday […]

DSTV Zim Accounts Don’t Get Showmax For Free

The way I see it DSTV, has always taken the Zimbabwean market for granted. For years Zimbabweans have always complained that they pay more for less. In fact it took them ages to add the English Premiership League (EPL) to the Compact bouquet. South African Compact bouquet accounts, as far as I know have always […]

Facebook Has Now Taken Its Fight Against Fake News To Another Level By Running Full-Page Ads In The Herald

It’s an unusual experience to see a company like Facebook (or Google) advertising in local newspapers considering that they have no physical presence in Zimbabwe. I had that experience when I saw a Facebook advert in The Herald today. Facebook has been heavily criticized for not doing enough to prevent the spread of false information […]

Here Are The 10 Best BBC TV Shows of 2018 You Can Watch Them For Free On iPlayer

Don’t get me wrong, I love my American TV shows, US producers really know how to make a show but when I want something serious and artsy in nature I always turn to the BBC. We are a nation of Anglophiles after all. Besides Capitalism tends to get in the way of even good shows […]

Kwese(iflix) Finally Walk The Talk Of Promoting Local Content By Collaborating With Bustop TV

Kwese-iflix has partnered media company, BusTop TV in coming up with a comedy series, Comic Tick, on the Kwe-iflix platform. Bustop TV has already aired the first season. with 10 episodes, of the comedy series Comic Tick without Kwese-iflix’s patronage.  But now Kwese-iflix is chipping in by funding the production of the second season. Bustop TV […]

You Can Buy Tickets To Thomas Mapfumo’s Shows Online

There is no doubt that when it comes to public opinion, Thomas Mapfumo cuts a controversial figure. Much of this has got nothing to do with his music which is still adored by a lot of fans despite his self-imposed exile which has seen him not releasing any new albums in recent years. Well it […]

Farewell DramaFever It Was Nice Knowing Thee: Here Are Two Free Alternatives

A few weeks before Kwese went belly up something happened in the media world that I somehow missed: DramaFever one of my favourite destinations for Korean drama series and movies was shut down. If you visit their site you will see a message saying they have shut their doors forever. As of October 16, DramaFever […]

Here’s Why Google Shows You Donald Trump When You Search For ‘Idiot’ According To Google’s CEO

The internet despises Donald Trump and Google is not able to do much about it. Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai was summoned on Tuesday for a round of grilling by a committee comprising of US Senators. While the session was primarily around the tech giant’s role in maintaining a fair and indiscriminate platform for searching anything […]

The EU Wants To Pass A Law That Could Potentially Kill YouTube

Earlier this year, the European Union put into effect a controversial and internet-shattering law that came to be known as the GDPR. Online publishers had to change their websites to deal with user data much differently than they had before. The GDPR was centred on the EU but it ended up affecting everyone, including people outside […]

Netflix Orders Its First African Original Series

Last week we talked about how Netflix had made a promise that they were going to order their first original African series in 2019. Well it’s not 2019 yet but it would seem Netflix has already made good on their promise. They have gone out and ordered their first African original series. It is a […]

Magistrate’s Court Grants Permission For The Rest Of Biti’s Trial To Be Live streamed

The magistrate presiding over Tendai Biti’s trial, Rumbidzai Mugwagwa, has given permission for the rest of the trial’s proceedings to be live streamed. This follows an application made by Biti’s lawyer Beatrice Mutetwa that her client wanted the proceedings to be live streamed. The trial is expected to run for the rest of this week […]

As We Say Goodbye To Marvel Shows, Netflix Will Start Making Original African Content This Coming Year

Just in case you haven’t heard: Netflix has been giving Marvel shows that made its name in the streaming world the axe. First it was Luke Cage, then next the horrible Iron Fist was guillotined and in a recent ruthless move that shocked a lot of people, even the very popular Daredevil series was also […]

How To Access NetFlix US Library Using SmartyDNS

Last week we looked at how Zimbabweans are being charged more, a lot more, for Netflix when compared to their US counterparts. This is when we take into account what we are asked to pay versus the Netflix Library items ( TV Shows and Movies) that are available to watch from Zimbabwe on the streaming […]

Friends Become Foes: Kwese TV Suing Former Partner, Dr Dish Over $634 000

Even though Kwese Television (owners of the defunct Kwese TV) ceased operations, it hasn’t ceased to follow up on what it’s owed. Kwese Television is now suing its friend-now-turned-into-foe, Dr. Dish over a $634 000 loan it received from Kwese last year. Do you remember that Dr. Dish is that local media and broadcasting company owned […]

South Africa To Tax Netflix & Other “Electronic Services”

Taxation of digital services seems to be the something that’s on the mind of many governments right now. The UK government wants to tax Facebook. Our very own Honourable Mthuli Ncube is also thinking about taxing Netflix and from 2019, South Africa will be following suit. The tax will impact services that are supplied from […]