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Netflix Celebrates Africa Month With Made In Africa Collection

Netflix today announced the introduction of a Made in Africa collection – a curated list of African series, films and documentaries – to celebrate Africa Month and demonstrate Netflix’s commitment to Africa and the African creative community. The collection is available globally at (or can be found on Netflix by searching ‘Made in Africa’ or ‘Africa Month’ or […]

DStv Announces Price Increase Coming Into Effect In June

Multichoice Zimbabwe has announced a price increase coming into effect on the 1st of June 2020. The media company has blamed the increase on the 14.5% VAT charge but makes sure to remind subscribers that this is the first upward review in 4 years. Package Current price per month new price per month Lite $7 […]

South Africans Who Pay Less Than DStv Subscribers From Other Regions Petition For Price Drop

Over a 150 000 South Africans have signed a petition asking MultiChoice to reduce their pricing during the COVID-19 crisis. The petition has a target of 200 000 subscribers with the originator of the petition highlighting how DStv is dropping subscription prices across the continent. It’s not entirely clear which price cuts are being referred […]

Wadiwa Wepamoyo Proves There Is Appetite For Local Shows

[Image Source: College Central] Last week, Wadiwa Wepamoyo’s first season came to an end- yuhp, all good things must come to an end. Whilst fans took to Twitter and WhatsApp to ask whether there’ll be a second season for the show, I’ve been more intrigued by how the show can act as the catalyst for […]

How Much Do Local Content Creators Make On YouTube?

One question that I constantly asked myself years ago was, how do people on YouTube (aka YouTubers/Content Creators) make money. I mean most of us don’t pay for the content we access on the video sharing site. It took me a while to discover that the adverts we see when watching YouTube videos is how […]

Battle Of The ePapers – Herald VS Newsday

Traditional media houses haven’t been the quickest to embrace tech but they are doing so slowly but surely. The Herald and Newsday have had ePapers for a significant time now – The Herald’s debuted in August of 2018 and AMH launched theirs 2 months later – and discontinued only to relaunch recently. Anyway having subscribed […]

YouTube Bans Coronavirus Videos That Contradict WHO Advice

YouTube has announced that it will remove any content they deem as “medically unsubstantiated”, following misinformation regarding the novel Coronavirus. So people saying, ‘Take vitamin C, take turmeric, we’ll cure you,’ those are the examples of things that would be a violation of our policy. Anything that would go against World Health Organisation recommendations would […]

DStv Subscribers Get Lockdown Reward – Free Bouquet Upgrade

As a lockdown bonus, DStv viewers with paid-up subscriptions are being upgraded to the next bouquet for the duration of the subscription period. The MultiChoice Group had made the decision to provide bonus upgrades to provide support during the lockdown, a time when households were watching more television. The upgrades are a reward for customers’ […]

List: Business Models Used By Zimbabwe’s Online News Publishers

One of the things we’re asked every now and again as individuals working in the online media space in Zimbabwe is, how does the business side of this work. Or put plainly, “how do you make your money?” Sometimes this is asked by some seasoned journalists and content creators keen to understand better what kind […]

[Update] DStv Launches 3 New Channels, Including A News & Educational Channel

DStv recently added two new channels to its viewing roster. Africanews and Mindset Pop Africanews is a pan-African multilingual news service that is allied to the existing, popular Euronews channel and would have a focus on content from across the whole of Africa. Africanews was originally launched in 2016 from Pointe-Noire, Congo, and now reaches 20 […]

AMH e-Papers. WhatsApp Distribution, Privacy And Payments Problems

After launching and then gradually discontinuing e-paper sales and subscriptions about a year ago, Alpha Media Holdings has re-introduced the format and business model. This re-introduction has been spurred more by the government ordered 21-day COVID-19 lockdown, which has meant no sales (or a very steep decline) of the physical paper on the streets. Here’s an advert […]

DStv Adds New Channel For Easter

With churches closed for services during the lockdown, a new pop-up channel on DStv will allow Christians in Zimbabwe to commemorate Easter at home, in fellowship with millions of other viewers across Africa. In addition to this new channel, DStv is also introducing 6 new gospel shows. The new channel is aimed at Christians from all denominations […]

Netflix Giving Users More Control Over What Their Kids Watch

If you’re a parent and you have a Netflix subscription your family turns to for their entertainment needs, you’ll want to make sure the young ones aren’t watching anything they shouldn’t be. Though Netflix already had parental controls, they are taking it up a notch and adding further options to tighten those restrictions – giving […]

The MultiChoice Talent Factory Launches FREE Online Masterclasses

The MultiChoice Talent Factory has launched a series of online masterclasses on its portal, offering exclusive access to practical skills workshops led by experts in the world of film and television. Liz Dziva, publicity and public relations manager of MultiChoice Zimbabwe, said the online masterclasses were started on March 30 and would continue indefinitely, providing […]

Here’s How You Can Listen To 8000+ Radio Stations Around The World For Free

Put simply, if you’re a radio lover you’ll undoubtedly have a blast using Radio Garden. The non-profit Dutch radio and digital research project developed between 2013 to 2016 lets users tune in to thousands of online radio streams from all over the world by hovering over a globe. The interface of Radio Garden is literally […]

[Watch] Magna Carta Using Animation As Part Of Coronavirus Awareness Campaign

African consultancy firm, Magna Carta is joining the bandwagon of organisations making efforts to combat COVID-19 and the firm has chosen to do so using animation. Magna Carta has adopted the animation in six different languages to in a bid to “educate our communities in languages they can understand”. The animation includes information around hand-washing, […]

Netflix & Chill Is Possible Even During The 21 Day Lockdown – Here’s How

If you read the title and thought to yourself, “Netflix and chill??? What’s that?”, then I am obliged to tell you that age is catching up with you… Unfortunately (just Google!), I can’t fully explain what Netflix and chill is on this blog but involves going to someone’s house and watching Netflix with them. As […]

Multichoice SA Sets Aside R80 Million For Employees

The national lockdown currently underway in South Africa doesn’t exempt people working in the creative industry and with production coming to a halt, Multichoice has announced a list of measures they will be implementing to help cushion industry players during these tough times. R80 million fund Multichoice stated that they’ve set aside R80 million to […]

ED’s Law: 20 Years In Prison For Fake News During Lockdown

I still stick to my position that policing fake news is dangerous no matter the circumstances. Therefore the law just passed is in my book a deadly precedence (just like a coup DE tat for that matter). Besides being a very bad thing to do, policing speech is a losing battle. I guess a few […]

Hey President ED Laws Against Social Media Won’t Work, You Already Shared What Works

There is indeed a serious problem of misinformation, alarmist type information and general fake news regarding the COVID 19 pandemic. I am thus going to assume the president is sincere in wanting to protect the country from this ‘infodemic’ as the World Health Organisation called it. Towards the end of his address announcing total lockdown […]

Zim Now Has $25m For Space Satellite Centre

When the National Budget was announced last November, the proposed setting aside of resources for the launch of a satellite raised a lot of eyebrows. Whilst there wasn’t much in the way of updates, the Minister of Higher & Tertiary Education, Innovation Science and Technology Prof. Amon Murwira recently confirmed that TelOne’s Satellite Centre is […]

Zim Journalist Gets Flagged For Posting False Coronavirus Update On Facebook

Social media sites have pledged to fight misinformation as the Coronavirus pandemic continues to spread globally. We’ve seen this happen first hand with Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono getting one of his Coronavirus related posts flagged as “false information”. The journalist who posted a picture of Whilst the virus has devastated Italy and many other countries, […]

Buddie Beatz Review: What You See Isn’t Always What You Get

Buddie Beatz has been around for a long time now. 11 Months now if we’re being precise. Since it’s launch the monthly packages price was reduced but so was the data you get to stream music using the application. For a monthly package, you now part with $3 instead of the launch price of $5, […]

Netflix Considering Mobile-Only Subscriptions For African Market

Last year, Netflix announced that they would be introducing mobile-only plans in India, with cheaper subscription prices around half the standard price. A few months after rolling out this plan, Netflix shared some sentiments and the product was a hit: It’s actually performing better than we tested. We’ll look at testing that in other markets, […]

Here’s How You Can Pay For Netflix Using EcoCash/OneMoney

A few weeks ago we talked about – a payments platform being introduced by Fresh In A Box in order to make it possible for Zimbos to make cross-border payments (that normally require a Visa/Mastercard) using local currency. The service has gone live and will facilitate payments for the following services and more: Netflix […]

[Update] ZimLive Now Accepts Donations – Local Media Companies Continue Search For Perfect Business Model

If you’re an avid ZimLive reader you would have noticed that the online publication accepts donations by now. Similar to The Guardian which places a plea for donation at the end of each article, ZimLive is asking its readers to spare what they can to help improve the quality of content they output. Why donations? […]

ED Revives Media Watch Dog That Was Dissolved 20 Years Ago

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has appointed Trustees for the Zimbabwe Mass Media Trust (ZMMT) that was dissolved and has been dormant since 2000. A brief history According to Wikipedia, ZMMT was set up back in 1981 as part of the government’s new media policy, under widespread criticism of the national media, which at the time was […]

Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe Calls For TV & Radio Licence Applications

Last week, the Perm Sec for Information Ministry Nick Mangwana promised that soon Zimbabweans would have 10+ channels on their airwaves by August. The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe has followed that up by making a call to interested parties to apply for licensing of 6 TV stations. The call by BAZ is for 6 free […]

Daily News Abandons Subscription Model; News Behind A Paywall On The Internet Is A Hard Sell

The Daily News took to Twitter (the tweet has since been deleted) to announce that readers would now be able to access their content on the internet: VISIT OUR WEBSITE AND READ ALL THE NEWS FOR FREE!! Even though the tweet was taken down, I did manage to access Daily News and I have no […]

Netflix Will Now Save 20% Data For Certain Videos On Android Devices

There are fewer things that put a strain on data than streaming videos on platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. Netflix has introduced a new video codex that will utilise 20% less data than usual on Android devices. The AV1 codec – which is enabling this magic – compresses data more efficiently than the V9 […]