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Old Mutual & DStv Partner To Produce Locally Relevant Talent Show

Old Mutual is debuting a new talent search show on DStv this coming January and Zimbabwe will be among the 4 participating countries over the show’s 13-week run. Old Mutual Amazing Voices will feature will focus on “musical groups” from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ghana and Kenya. The musical genres that will be focused on are […]

Illegally Streaming Live Sports? You Might Have Some Problems Down The Line

The EPL is back along with the Champions League and the Rugby World Cup. For sports fans who can’t afford to subscribe for DStv, a simple alternative is turning to illegal streams of whatever sport you like. It’s less expensive and at times the quality rivals that of DStv (without the convenience of course). These […]

17 Year Old Zimbabwean Film Maker In Jozi Film Festival Final, Vote For Her

The Jozi Film Festival began in 2012 as a strictly for South African participation festival. The festival began accepting film entries from around the world in 2014. Unlike most other festivals and cinemas, the Jozi Film Festival is mostly focused on independent films that would otherwise not get much light of day in cinemas. This […]

I Found Out On TV I Was Minister – Kirsty Coventry

You can hear and watch every kind of news on the TV but what are the odds that you will find out on TV that you’ve been appointed to be a Minister? Zero to naught. Well, Sports Minister, Kirsty Coventry Kirsty Coventry found out about her appointment through TV. Well, she didn’t personally find out […]

Econet Users Wondering What The New ‘Video Bundle’ Is Used For. Here’s The Answer

Of late, a lot of Econet users have been curiously asking what the new “Video Bundle”, they are seeing after dialing *143#, is for. By reaching out to Econet’s customer support on Twitter we finally found out what’s the Video Bundle is all about. Here’s what they said: Remember the Kwese-iflix bundles you used to […]

Twitter No Longer Accepting Ads From State Media Outlets

Twitter recently updated its advertising policy and one of the most topical changes is the tech giant’s decision to no longer accept adverts from state media news entities: Today, we are updating our advertising policies with respect to state media. Going forward, we will not accept advertising from state-controlled news media entities. Any affected accounts […]

Multichoice Workers Strike Causing DStv Support Centre Downtime

Multichoice Call Centre workers in South Africa have started striking against job cuts within the company and the result is that users trying to get support for queries can’t do so. Adding insult to injury the strike coincides with internal tweaks DStv made to their billing: This strike comes at the time when MultiChoice has […]

Nigerian Government Considering Taxing Online Purchases

A lot of people ridiculed Mthuli Ncube when he suggested that Netflix should pay taxes to Zimbabwe. I didn’t understand why people took that stance – Netflix is providing a service to Zimbabweans and making thousands from it (that’s a guess on my part). Why shouldn’t government tax them? Anyway, Nigerians are mulling a similar […]

Disney Announces $12.99 Streaming Bundle For Disney+, ESPN+ & Hulu

Disney’s plan to conquer streaming has been public for a while but the pricing (a big factor in determining uptake) and availability were not yet announced. All that has changed and Disney has made some compelling revelations about their streaming service which will be available from November 12. The company announced a US$12.99 bundle that […]

Econet Blames Failure Of Kwese On Zim Economy

As typical, Econet put up big notices announcing the official shut down of Kwese TV, their attempt at the Pay TV landscape. The media release is signed by the Econet Wireless CEO himself: Is it really about Zim economy? No, the issue is not just about Zim. Kwese TV is dead, Econet Media, the company […]

iROKOtv CEO Says Econet’s Approach With Kwese Was Not Respectful To The Nature Of The Business

Lately, we’ve been covering iROKOtv a lot, and the fact that we were not doing so over the past year is downright CRIMINAL! Why? Well, iROKO is the only African video content platform that has been scaled widely and with Econet, TelOne and NetOne (at some point in the future) all trying their hand at […]

DStv Launches New Channel

A new 24-hour news service, Newzroom Afrika, has been launched on DStv, available to viewers on DStv Access, Family, Compact, Compact plus and Premium packages. Liz Dziva, publicity and public relations manager of MultiChoice Zimbabwe, said the channel launched on July 15 and was showcased on DStv just two months after being launched in South […]

Netflix Rolling Out Cheaper Mobile-Only Subscriptions

If you watch Netflix exclusively from your smartphone, you have some reason to rejoice. Netflix recently confirmed that they will launch a cheaper subscription option for mobile-only viewers. The service will start in India and Netflix has said it’s possible it will spread to other countries later on. I’ve binged a number of Netflix shows […]

Nollywood Studio ROK Gets Acquired By Canal+

If you’re familiar with Video on Demand technology, you may have heard of IROKOtv -one if the biggest continental players in the VoD space. One of their content studios ROK has been acquired by Canal+ who are looking “to strengthen its content production reach in Nigeria and across Africa.” ROK studio created to make original […]

TelOne Adds 12 Free Channels To DEOD

TelOne’s DEOD content offering continues to expand. A few months ago, they added Zollywood (local content) and now they’ve added 12 new free-to-air channels. A total of 12 News, Entertainment and Inspiration-themed channels are now available on the service entirely for FREE to customers, with 8 new Entertainment channels being added to the Pay TV […]

YouTube Clarifies Position On Partnership With SuperSport: No Plans To Live Stream SuperSport Content

After reports made the rounds that YouTube would be partnering with SuperSport to bring content to South African viewers on their online video platform, the statement was retracted and up until now there was no official position issued out. Finally, word is out and it seems YouTube will not be streaming La La-Liga games and […]

Econet Media Put Kwese Pay TV Business Under Administration Due To US$130 Million Debt

Econet Media CEO Joseph Hundah has said the company going into administration and has already appointed Ernst & Young accountants to take them through this process. Speaking to Business Day, Mr Hundah is said to have claimed that Kwese’s free-to-air business was too small to sustain its operations, but one has to wonder just how […]

Paying DStv Via Standard Bank In SA Is ‘Complexly Simple,’ It’s ‘Simply Simple’ With Techzim App

So DStv and Standard Bank in South Africa are running an advert for paying for DStv using the Standard Bank App. They claim the process is easy and simple. However, the process is so complex that it needs a whole 40 seconds for them to explain just how simple it is. This did not go […]

Zimbabwe Gems Take On The World, Multichoice Promises All The Netball World Cup Games

Well it didn’t happen as we all desired at the continental soccer stage, perhaps there is some chance for Zimbabwe at the world stage in netball. The national netball team, nicknamed Gems will be fighting for the title in Liverpool together with 3 other African teams. Mutichoice, the Pan African satellite broadcaster has promised full […]

Roku Says Econet Is Shutting Down Kwese Play And Is No Longer In Partnership With Them

Yesterday, people started receiving an error message on their Kwese Play streaming boxes which read: Econet no longer offers Kwese Play. For more information contact Econet. Econet calmed the storm and said they were in discussion with Roku and would inform customers of the resolution of these discussions Pan-African broadcaster, Econet Media, has noted that […]

[Updated] YouTube To Start Live Streaming Some Of Supersports’ Content

It’s being reported that YouTube will begin live streaming some of the sporting events from Supersports catalogue live on their platform. YouTube’s Dayo Olopade spoke on the partnership and confirmed that other content holders such as NBA Africa, will also be involved in the deal: Africa is a sport-loving continent, so it makes perfect sense […]

YouTube Memberships Launching In SA Allowing Creators To Better Monetize Their Content

Creating online content in Africa has been frustrating because monetizing that content has been a nightmare for most creators. So whilst platforms like YouTube have liberated content creation, getting significant amounts of money from the channels has been pretty difficult. For South African content creators, there’s an alternative method of making money from their YouTube […]

MultiChoice May Cut A Large Portion Of Their 2000 Customer-Service Jobs

The digital age is upon us which means every month or two we come across a company that’s ramping up their digital efforts which in turn results in making some part of the workforce expendable. The latest company to go down this route is MultiChoice which may be forced to retrench 2000+ employees in their […]

Here’s Where You Can Watch The Afcon Tournament In Zimbabwe

Afcon kicks off later in the evening today and the first match being between our beloved country versus Egypt. It’s such a shame that ZBC is failing to broadcast the match and the rest of the tournament to the millions of football fans in Zim. So let me just let you how you can watch […]

Disappointing: ZBC Highly Likely To Fail Broadcasting Afcon

All eyes from all over the world will be on our boys tomorrow as they take on Egypt in Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) tournament. Sadly, it’s looks like those fans that were hoping to see the match on ZBC will miss it. In fact, there is a highly likelihood that they will not watch […]

For The First Time, MultiChoice Has More Subscribers Outside SA Than In It

Multichoice recently announced their yearly results and there are a number of interesting observations to be made when one takes a look. Multichoice added 1.6 million subscribers across Africa in the year ending 31 March and grew their subscriber base to 15.1 million overall. The new additions outside Africa also pushed the “rest of Africa” […]

You Can Now Order The Herald And Other Newspapers On WhatsApp And Get It Delivered

Zimpapers will soon start to do home delivery of its newspapers via WhatsApp. It means that you will able to order a newspaper on your smartphone to be delivered at your doorstep. Zimpapers has always been doing home deliveries of it’s newspapers through its subscription service. But now home delivery is coming for anybody who […]

Apply For The Google News Initiative Challenge To Help Improve Journalism Across The Globe

GNI is Google’s global effort to work with the news industry to help journalism thrive in the digital age. Through rounds of regional funding, the GNI Innovation Challenges is supposed to empower news innovators from around the world to demonstrate new thinking in online journalism and the development of new publishing business models. The Challenge […]

Showmax One Of The First VoD Services Trialing Out Live Sports Coverage

If you’ve followed the VoD trend over the last few years, you’ll know that most of the major streaming services are yet to figure out what will happen with live sports coverage. Right now, it looks like in the future, consumers will have to stream sporting content separately from services like Netflix, HBO or Amazon […]

Around 35 000 OpenView Decoders Are Being Activated Each Month

If you’ve ever shopped around for DStv alternatives, then you’ll know about the OpenView decoder. It’s much more popular than I anticipated and last year a total of 1 574 395 OpenView decoders were activated. eMedia Holding’s, the company that owns OpenView estimates that around 35K of these decoders were being activated each month which […]