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Take A VR Tour Of The National Gallery Of Zimbabwe – Bulawayo

If you’re a junkie for cool futuristic tech then you’ll no-doubt be hyped to take a VR tour of the National Gallery Zimbabwe in Bulawayo. The tour was made by Phenomenon technologies who are also responsible for FundoVR – offers low-cost excursions to schools in Zimbabwe through the use of Virtual Reality which immerses the […]

Watch: South Africa’s President Delivering A Speech Via Hologram

South Africa’s Digital Economy Summit kicked off on an epic note yesterday when South Africa’s President, Cyril Ramaphosa gave a speech via hologram. Check it out: Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy […]

Econet Is Frustrating Me And I Will Never Trust Their Promises (Promotions)

Who doesn’t like easy money? Frankly, nobody wants to pass any chance that fattens their pockets easily. I thought I had that chance through Econet’s Buddie Beatz promotion but sadly it never happened. I’m not sad, I’m actually angry. Three weeks ago, Econet sent users flaunting their promotion which promised to reward you if signed […]

Zimbabwe And Uganda Are In The Midst Of A Hilarious War On Twitter Ahead Of Tonight’s Match

When Nelson Chamisa invited Bobbie Wine and President Mnangagwa invited his counterpart, Yoweri Museveni I thought Zimbabwe and Uganda were best friends. Boy was I wrong. We are enemies tonight and we are in a state of war. Twitter War, I mean. Zimbabweans and Ugandans are blasting and trolling each other ahead of tonight’s match […]

POSB Going Digital & Cutting Out Manual Processes

The banking sector has been on a drive to cut out a lot of the manual processes that were pretty tedious for both banks and their clients. POSB is joining a number of banks (CBZ, Steward Bank, ZB Bank & FBC among others) in removing a number of manual processes. In ad listed in The […]

Rapid Tickets Allows You To Buy Tickets For Movies, Sports, Transport & Other Events Using USSD

[Image source] Rapid Tickets / Twitter e-Ticketing is pretty convenient. Now that data has become so much more expensive, the next logical step would be the ability to get those tickets on your phone without using your data. Rapid Tickets is doing exactly that by offering their tickets through USSD. The ticketing platform allows you […]

Zimbabwean Student In The UK Convicted For 3D Printing Firearm

3D printing is pretty nifty. It can be used to print houses, spares, prosthetics but sometimes the technology is a bit too nifty in times as was the case in a recent case involving a Zimbabwean national in the UK. Tendai Muswere, a Zimbo, was found with the components of the weapon after a drug […]

{Press Release}:Cassava Smartech Wins Changing Lives Award At The East Africa Com Awards

Cassava Smartech and Comviva have jointly won the East Africa Com Award in the “Changing Lives” category for Cassava’s EcoCash mobile money service powered by mobiquity® Money. The award was presented recently at Radisson Blu Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya. This is the second consecutive award for both companies as they won the award in the […]

Scammers Set Up $20K GoFundMe Campaign For Apostle Chiwenga

The Internet has made crowdfunding so much easy to start and manage, especially on the largest crowdfunding platform, GoFundMe. While some popular GoFundMe crowdfunding campaigns originating in Zimbabwe have raised thousands of dollars for worthy causes, a recent campaign was started with ulterior motives- to defraud well-intentioned people. We all know the story of a […]

FAQ, ZESA Addresses Some Questions Around Load Shedding

So, load shedding by Zimbabwe’s power utility company has moved from ridiculous to just shocking and crippling. The initial promise was that you and I would not have electricity for 8 hours daily, now we are in phase 2! Phase 2 means we will only have electricity for 8 hours. People in other parts of […]

Former ICT Minister, Supa Mandiwanzira Trial Moved To Next Month

Supa Mandiwanzira is not yet off the hook. Since he got off the ICT Ministry’s helm last year, the former ICT Minister has been in court several times. Barely 6 months after leaving the office, Supa was charged with two crimes in November last year. The first charge, which he has since been acquitted for, […]

Here’s How You Can Donate To A Charitable Cause By Opening New Tabs In Your Browser

We spend a considerable amount of time browsing the internet. Why not make an impact whilst you are it. That’s exactly what Tab for a Cause is trying to do by raising money for charities through a simple chrome extension. Tab for a Cause transforms your “new tab” page. Each time you open a tab, […]

EcoCash CEO Blocks Entrepreneur On Twitter After He Complained About Agents Charging More For ‘Cashing-Out’

Whilst we were busy ranting about the fuel prices, a war was happening on Twitter between Kuda Musasiwa and Natalie Jabangwe. Kuda Musasiwa is that guy behind Fresh In A Box and Natalie Jabangwe is the CEO of EcoCash– both popular figures. What started as a threat to sue EcoCash for ignoring the practice of […]

Dating On A Budget: Tinder Lite Coming Soon

Tinder is a pretty interesting application. I used it briefly and during the time I used it, I found it quite fascinating as it was the first time I had tried an online dating service. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people using it and I always had a laugh when I would […]

‘Correct’ ZESA Load Shedding Schedule Is Same As ‘Fake’ One, 10 Hrs Or More Of No Power Per Day

Sometimes the way PR is done in Zimbabwe is annoying and silly. ZESA came out guns blazing alleging that the load shedding schedule we published a few days ago was fake news. No one believed them and rightly so… Now they have published the ‘correct’ load shedding schedule. Not only is it similar to the […]

8 Hours No Electricity Per Day, Here’s ZESA Load Shedding Schedule For Harare

Ridiculous is the word to describe the ZESA load shedding schedule for Harare. Darkness is going to be our ally whether we like it or not. Essentially everyone is going to have 8 hours of no electricity each day. On a particular day you will get zero ZESA between 5am and 1pm and then the […]

ANC Texts Voters Ahead Of Elections Like ED, ZANU PF Could Learn Some Lessons

Last year as we approached elections a number of us were surprised when we started receiving unsolicited messages from the President asking for our vote. What pissed many of was the fact that many who received the message were not members of the ZANU PF and were surprised that the party had their number… In […]

Magic Time! If You Google ‘Thanos’ Here’s What Happens

Thanos destructive ‘snap’ can now be felt in your Google searches. As we await the release of Avengers: Endgame, Google has added a Thanos easter egg to their search engine. In Google, search for the word ‘Thanos’. Once your results show up, click on the Thanos’ thick glove/gauntlet (shown below) that should be shown in […]

Vandalism Forces ZESA To Install Geo-tracking Sensors And Cameras On Transformers

ZESA has decided to install sensors and cameras so as to curb the rampant vandalism of its infrastructure. About this development, ZESA Enterprises Burutsa Mandipezano said: We want to support the Government by ensuring that every transformer in the country will have a tracking chip that can be tracked if a transformer is stolen. We […]

Press Release: Insurance Council Of Zimbabwe Deploys Ambulances On Highways During Independence And Easter Holidays – Safe Travels

Insurance Council of Zimbabwe, (which is an association of all short-term insurance and reinsurance companies operating in Zimbabwe), is concerned with the loss of lives of Road Traffic Accident victims due to lack of timeous evacuation from the scene of the accident and taken to a medical institution for emergency treatment. In order to augment […]

Insurance Council Of Zimbabwe Launches Rapid Response Ambulance Service During Upcoming Holidays

Here’s a noble initiative by the Insurance Council of Zimbabwe (ICZ) to keep you safe during this Independence and Easter holiday. In the spirit of wanting to preserve road user’s lives, ICZ has decided to launch rapid response Ambulance services in major highways. The Ambulances will be stationed close to areas (in major highways) that […]

Econet Commisions A 466KW Solar Power Plant

It’s official, Econet is really serious to push its solar energy bet. Yesterday, the company commissioned a 466kW solar power plant at its Willowvale complex in Harare. Through its business unit, Distributed Power Africa (DPA), Econet is pushing for people and companies to get off the grid and make solar their primary energy source. Speaking […]

Not Guilty – Supa Mandiwanzira Acquitted Of All Charges By High Court

Supa Mandiwanzira was yesterday cleared by the HighCourt of all the criminal abuse charges he was facing since got out of the cabinet. Had he been found guilty, the Former Minister of ICT would have endured at least 20 years in prison or pay a fine. His charges had come as result of being accused […]

{Press Release} Zimthrive, Platform For Diaspora Zimbabweans To Discuss Next Year’s ‘Homecoming Festival’

An international initiative to unite Zimbabweans who live in the diaspora in April 2020 has been announced, with preparations underway to bring a whole month of business, sports, arts, entertainment, fashion and cultural events across Zimbabwe in April 2020. ZimThrive, the brainchild of two Zimbabweans; USA based Mildred Munjanganja and Mike Tashaya who resides in […]

Microsoft Bans Internal April Fool’s Prank

April Fool’s day is one of the more polarizing events on the calendar year. Either you love it or you absolutely hate it and the folks from Microsoft seem to be firmly in the latter section. The Verge obtained an internal memo sent to staffers warning them to avoid such shenanigans as the impact can […]

Strive Masiyiwa, Econet Suing Mutumwa Mawere And Others In South African High Court

So a guy called Rutendo Matinyarare is a conspiracy theorist of sorts on social media. He talks about a lot of things presenting them as fact. At some point the guy picked up an axe to grind with Strive Masiyiwa, the founder of Econet. He started of course saying a lot of stuff including that […]

Apple’s Most Recent Event Shows The Tech Giant Has Some Similarities To Econet

How many times have you heard the phrase, “The world is a global village.” Probably a lot. When Marshall McLuhan, who Google search credits as the originator of that saying, uttered those words he was describing how the world has been shrunk by modern advances in communication tools. This simple and overly used phrase – […]

POTRAZ Boss Trial Postponed Again For The 4th Time

The trial of POTRAZ boss, Gift Machengete, which was supposed to commence today, has been postponed again after the prosecutor failed to attend the court session as he is sick. This is the 4th time the POTRAZ General Director’s trial was postponed. However, Dr. Machengete was given his passport back to travel to Tanzania for […]

Cyclone Idai: Here’s A Website Launched By Red Cross To Help Families Find Missing Relatives

With hundreds of people reportedly missing as a result of the Cyclone Idai disaster, many people are desperately looking for their loved ones. In these times you wouldn’t know where to even start to look for a missing person. But thankfully, The International Committee of the Red Cross has a website called, Family Links you can […]

{Picture} This Is What The E-ticket For The Zimbabwe Vs Congo Match Looks Like

Matchday is approaching and many people are now hurrying to buy the electronic tickets (e-ticket) for ZImbabwe’s upcoming match with Congo. Just in case you are not sure how the e-ticket looks like when you receive it in your email, here’s a specimen of it:   Also watch How To Buy Tickets For The ‘Zimbabwe Vs […]