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You Want To Study Abroad? Zimbabweans (Africans), Here Are 8 Websites To Find Scholarships

It’s now 3 weeks since A Level results are out and many school leavers are looking for Universities to go and pursue their preferred program. There are some who want to pursue their education beyond the borders but to do that they need (financial) funding. That is, they are looking for scholarships to study in […]

Join U-Report And Speak Out About Issues Happening In Your Community

Considering all the alleged abuses that have been taking place over the past few weeks, people in communities where these things are happening might not be able to report these incidents to the police but maybe turning to U-Report might be their last resort. What’s U-Report? As the name suggests, U-report is a free SMS […]

2 Silly Reasons Why Some People Are Prefering To Commute Using A Bus Over A Kombie

The recent increase in fuel prices inadvertently resurrected the use of buses to commute people in high-density suburbs. The reason why buses were re-introduced, was to undercut the absurd prices that were being charged by kombies (minibuses). You would think that some people are choosing to travel with buses just because they are affordable but […]

Here Are 10 Sites Where You Can Submit Your CV Online For Jobs In Zimbabwe

Once you have written your curriculum vitae (CV), you are going to want to get it into the hands of the people doing the hiring!  Gone are the days when you had to walk door-to-door dropping your CVs in companies. The internet is such a great tool for job-hunters. You only need to do upload your CV […]

Ecocash CEO, Natalie Jabangwe Appointed To President Mnangagwa’s 24 Member Advisory Council

President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday appointed a 24 member advisory council. The news of course brought all sorts of reactions on social media. There are a lot of interesting individuals who have been appointed to this council but one name that jumped straight at me was Natalie Jabangwe-Morris, the young CEO at Cassava’s Ecocash. Natalie has […]

Strive Masiyiwa Elected To National Geographic Society Board Of Trustees

The Econet Global Founder and Executive Chairman, Strive Masiyiwa has been elected to the board of trustees of the National Geographic Society. Jean Case, the chairman of the board of trustees said this: We are delighted to welcome Strive to the National Geographic Society board of trustees. An impact-driven nonprofit like the Society requires leadership that reflects […]

Another Famous Zim Footballer Has Been Hacked, Hackers Demanding $10K USDs Or Leak His ‘Photos’ Online

Hackers have lately been targeting our cherished football personalities in South Africa. According to a report by The Herald, Khama Billiat’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have been hacked. This comes two weeks after, former footballer, Peter Ndlovu’s phone was hacked too. It’s not only Peter Ndlovu and Khama Billiat but also Willard Katsande fell victim to […]

{Video} Strive Masiyiwa At Davos Talking About Entrepreneurship In The Agriculture Sector In Africa

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Pakistani Press Foundation Writes To President Mnangagwa Condemning Internet Shutdown

The directive to shut down the internet was ill conceived and illegal. It has consequence not just in losses experienced on the ground and the disgruntlement of citizens but it also has consequence regarding the country’s international perception and the efforts by President Mnangagwa to re-engage the international community. Some international organisations are expressing their […]

President Mnangagwa Not Going To Davos, He’s Coming Home To Deal With Crisis

Reports say the president is no longer going to Davos, He is cutting his trip short and coming back home to deal with the crisis rocking the country since early last week. President Mnangagwa was set to attend the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos for the second consecutive year as the president of Zimbabwe […]

An Online Petition To Ban President Mnangagwa From Davos Has More Than 40K Signatures

No wonder Zimbabweans are being blocked from the internet by the government of President Emmerson Mnangagwa! We have become very creative and envelope pushing online. There’s a petition on that is asking the international community to ban the Zimbabwean president from attending the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos from the 22nd of this […]

Tech Can Ease Some Burdens Off Parenting

Technology has made so many aspects of life much easier and that includes parenting. With a few gadgets, internet websites and applications, parenting is no longer as hard as it seemed before however, it would be fair to acknowledge that there is another side of the coin that isn’t as rosy as technology comes with […]

Full Text: Econet Lawyers’ Letter To Guy Called Rutendo Matinyarare For Accusing Strive Masiyiwa Of Corruption And Even Murder

So a guy called Rutendo Matinyarare who resides in South Africa has been making a lot of videos on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube talking about many different things. Sounds like an average thing on social media right? Econet decided to respond though when Matinyarare accused them and their founder of a number serious things. This […]

Have A Merry, Prosperous And Safe Christmas

Nothing says holiday like Christmas, even a tasteless and gloomy one like ours where we grapple with yet another economic crisis. It is still Christmas and I believe like the rest of the world Zimbabweans have earned the right to enjoy themselves. So from the guys and girls here at Techzim we would like to […]

YouTube’s Highest Earner Is 7-years-old And Made $22 Million This Year, Its Not Entirely Bad After All For Your Kids To Use The Internet

YouTube has grown to become a phenomenon where an increasing number of video creators have started posting content with the intentions of racking advertising (Adsense) money. The best part is, there’s no age limit. Allow me to introduce this year’s highest-paid ‘YouTuber’, Ryan of Ryan Toysreview. Ryan is a household name in homes with kids. […]

How A Poor Name Can Lower The Value Of Your Brand

When you’re coming up with your business name, you may run into people who tell you not to sweat over your business name. They say that there is no tangible value to a business name – that names are just frills that aren’t worth investing time and resources into. However, studies show that simple, catchy […]

President Mnangagwa Appoints Head Of E-Government Unit

The chairperson (or former chairperson now) at Africom -Mr Jacob Wekwete- is now the head of Zimbabwe’s E-Government Unit in the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC). He has left his post at Africom and will take charge of the E-Government program which runs across a number of public sector institutions. What exactly is […]

Zimnat’s Self-Service Portal Allows You To Buy Your Insurance Cover Online

Zimnat has been very active in adopting some digital solutions for their business in 2018. They’ve hosted a hackathon, an accelerator and more recently they deployed Musa (a chatbot) to handle insurance enquiries on their website. Another step they’ve taken in order to embrace digital solutions this year is their self-service portal. The self-service portal […]

wastED Calculates How Much Money Is Being Lost In Queues Across The Country

We all know that time is money and has come up with an ingenious method of showing you how much money you lose as you spend your time in a number of different queues across the day. As soon as you go on the site, you’ll see that the guys are not looking to […]

Let Techzim Know About Your Event

A lot of events have been happening and some of you were not too happy that we missed your events.  We are sorry about that. How about we ensure that this doesn’t happen in future? So in case, you have a product launch, press conference, hackathon, meetup……. etc please fill in details about the event you want Techzim […]

These Wireless Speakers Will Take Your Sound Game Up A Notch

We’ve been looking at a number of gadgets you can spoil yourself to during this upcoming festive season. We’ve already taken a look at 3 gaming consoles you should consider if you’re considering getting in some gaming time with your children or for yourself. Now we will be taking a closer look at devices that might […]

Farmnport Allows Farmers To Sell Their Produce In A Simple & Straigh-Forward Way

I trust that all of us reading this article have at some point heard about Albert Einstein. If not he’s the bloke behind the theory of relativity which is one of the two pillars of modern physics. So yeah he’s a big deal. As big as he was he was a sucker for simplicity which […]

TelOne Centre For Learning (TCFL) To Convert Into A University In A Few Years Time

Today’s Telone graduation ceremony was marked with a delightful announcement. Telone Center for learning (TCFL), Telone’s training college that offers Diploma and Certificate studies in Information and Communication Technology will soon evolve into a university. TCFL is revered for its training. However, a few number of people know its existence. But by becoming a university, the […]

USD Notes In Circulation In Zimbabwe Could Be Worthless In South Africa

The phrase “Cash Is King” doesn’t just apply to investment portfolios, apparently, it also applies to the state or quality of your cash (in this case, the state or quality of your US Dollars). I can conclude that a bulk of the US Dollar notes (USD notes) that are in circulation in Zimbabwe could be […]

You Think Zim Ministers Are Bad. Japan’s Minister Of Cyber Security Has Never Used A Computer

Besides being ridiculed as being as pliant as supple mulberry  branches, Zimbabwe’s ministers are often laughed off as hopelessly incompetent for the Ministerial portfolios they are often appointed to. Performances aside, I have always taken issue with the qualifications a number of past ministers of Finance held. I am a great believer in actual on-the-job […]

Farewell Techzim Answers

More than 7 years ago we introduced Techzim Answers, a dedicated question and answer site. The motivation for the site was that we were (we still do or much more this time) getting a lot of questions from Techzim readers and one time visitors to Techzim. We of course did not (nor do we) always […]

[Press Release] Zimbabwe To Host This Year’s Programme For Infrastructure Development In Africa (PIDA) Week

The 2018 Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) Week) will take place in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe from 26 to 29 November 2018, on the theme: “PIDA Implementation through Good Governance – Realizing Smart Infrastructure for Africa’s Integration.” PIDA Week was inaugurated in 2015 as a marketing platform to showcase selected PIDA projects and to […]

Full Text: Here Is Why Supa Mandiwanzira Was With The Police

The lawyers of the former Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira have released a statement regarding their client’s arrest today. Here is the statement; Advocates Thembinkosi Magwaliba and Brian Hungwe on the instructions of Selby Hwacha of Dube Manikai & Hwacha have issued the following statement: – Hon. Supa Collins Mandiwanzira, immediately on his return from […]

Former ICT Minister, Supa Mandiwanzira Got Arrested: Is It True This Time?

Former Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira was reportedly arrested earlier today by the CID Serious Fraud Unit. Some publications are saying that the Former Minister is said to have presented himself to the CID to provide some answers (euphemistic for interrogation). Techzim’s position As for us, we tried calling Supa Mandiwanzira but we couldn’t get […]

Forget Zimbabwe, Zambia Is ‘Open For Business’

When you hear this phrase/mantra ‘Open for business’, you naturally know that we are talking about President Mnangagwa’s Second Republic. Ironically, Zimbabwe has of late been ‘Closed’, with inflation, foreign currency shortages, commodity shortages, and pessimism inspiring an economic downturn. For our Northern neighbors, Zambia, the phrase “Open for business” really resonates with them. Last […]