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Understanding brand building through digital and social media in Africa

Can any brand and any type of product grow with a digital-first approach? It’s a fair question now that more and more people are trying to work with lean budgets and relying on social media and digital promotion to do so. The answer to that is situational at best. No single brand building strategy has […]

NetOne’s LTE gamble, mobile money, Mobilegeddon & Zim content on M-Net Africa: Podcast

Is the NetOne gamble on LTE really going to pay off? Wy weren’t owners of local digital content worked up about Mobilegeddon? How big a deal is mobile money for local telecoms anyway?We recorded another podcast to discuss some of these issues and you can listen to it here. We recorded another podcast to discuss […]

IAD Summit, Fibre in Vic Falls, NetOne, the latest POTRAZ Report: Weekly Podcast

What’s the latest on porn in Zimbabwe? Do we have the right legislation for social media? What is being done regarding a tech startup culture and are the right efforts being made by the right people, after all has been said? That’s just some of the content we went through in this week’s edition of […]

Weekly Podcast : Powertel & Africom promos, TelOne Fibre, The Source & Tidal

It’s been a while since we had the standard weekly podcast, something that was only remedied by a lot of other interviews and discussions that we shared over the past couple of weeks. Nevertheless, you can check out our latest banter on the hottest trending topics in local technology. In this episode, we talked about […]

State should lead on infrastructure, dangerous for private players to own it: Min. of ICT

Telecoms infrastructure is back in the news again. No, it isn’t another loaded press release from an operator. Instead, we have some words from the Minister of ICT, Honourable Supa Mandiwanzira. We managed to ask him a couple of questions regarding his views on infrastructure rollout at a national level as well as its distribution, […]

Podcast: #MWC15, Virtual Reality, MTN, 5G, EcoSure signups, DStv & Orange

In this week’s edition of the podcast, we discuss the highlights from the Mobile World Congress that took place in Spain in the past few days. This included a discussion on virtual reality, 5G and Orange’s low-cost smartphone for Africa. We also touched on the MTN results, EcoSure and its strategy to involuntarily sign up EcoCash subscribers, […]

Recommended design tech tools for ‪comic book‬ artists… & why you should care

So the guys over at Comexposed, who are working to showcase the brilliant work of African comic and digital artists, just posted a video of the tech tools one can use (or get access to locally) to create comics. They have great videos on comics in general and the industry locally – or at least what they are […]

Podcast: Econet Dial a Doc,MobiLedger App, m-learning & the future of telecoms

We are back with the latest edition of the weekly podcast. In this episode, we were joined by a guest from the Techzim community, Stanley Choto.  We discussed some of the highlights in the past week in local technology such as the launch of the Econet Dial-a-Doc service, the current state and future of Zimbabwean […]

Podcast: WhatsApp calls, Twitter via USSD, Muzinda Hub training & EcoCash tariffs

In this edition of the podcast, we discuss trending topics such as the activation of the WhatsApp calls feature, the prospect of Netflix in Zimbabwe, Econet Wireless’ Twitter via USSD service, the Muzinda Hub digital skills programme and the reduction of EoCash tariffs. Hoe disruptive do you think the WhatsApp calls feature will be for mobile network […]

Podcast: NatiV App, POTRAZ Report, Mama Money, TelOne Fibre and our giveaway

Here is the latest edition of the Techzim Podcast that was a run through the different topics and trending issues in local technology for the past week. In this episode we discussed a wide range of topics that included the latest report from POTRAZ and some of its not so accurate figures, the e-learning language […]

Podcast: TelOne Broadband, biNu, Telecel subscribers, MoJo & Hellomukoma

We are back again with the latest Techzim podcast covering all the stories that were topical in the past week. Issues discussed in this podcast include the turnaround that TelOne is experiencing thanks to a focus on internet services, the continued dip in subscribers that Telecel has experienced for the three straight quarters, biNu’s return as a […]

Podcast: Zympay & remittances, Human IPO, P.O BOX Videos and NetOne Airtime

Here is the latest edition of the weekly Techzim Podcast. As we always do, in this episode we touch on the trending topics from the local tech scene. Under discussion was the P.O BOX Videos viral sensation and its use of social media, the departure of Steward Bank CEO, and how it has come in […]

Podcast: POTRAZ tariff reduction, Buddie Bundles of Joy and startup business ethics

We are glad to have made it into the new year and just two days into 2015 a lot has already started happening on the tech scene. Here’s the first weekly podcast for 2015 and in this episode we talk about the recent MNO tariff reductions effected by POTRAZ, the Buddie Bundles of Joy that […]

Special Edition Techzim Podcast: 2014 in review plus our festive season giveaway!

This is a special edition of the Techzim Podcast that marks the end of the year 2014. In this episode we review the successes and failures in tech and what stood out for us locally and internationally in the world of technology. Topics discussed include broadband advances for the year liker the rollout of fibre, gadgets […]

Podcast: TelOne ADSL cards, Telecel number matching & the $20 WhatsApp Phone

In this episode of the weekly Techzim podcast we discuss a host of trending topics in tech this past week. Some of the topics include the $20 Astro Goat WhatsApp phone from Astro Zimbabwe, the ADSL recharge cards that TelOne introduced in this past week, the number matching service introduced by Telecel and the latest […]

Special Edition Podcast: Talking tech and music with Tehn Diamond

One of the features of the second edition of the Startup Weekend Harare was a special “Elevator Pitch”  acapela performance from local Hip Hop artist, Tehn Diamond. This was the same pitch that he went on to perform at Emerging Ideas’ Pitch Night. Tehn has a fascination with technology and startups, and how the internet has […]

Podcast: Econet Premium, Telecel e-Juice and MNOs’ relationships with startups

Here’s our regular review of trending topics in technology for the Zimbabwean and African space. In this episode we touch on the new Econet Premium Suite, Telecel’s e-Juice system, the NIDC project being pioneered by Dream Big, African MNOs that are now investing in their local startup ecosystems and the Hour of Code in Zimbabwe. […]

Techzim Podcast: Interview with Mazwi – Could it be Zimbabwe’s Amazon?

The last time we wrote about local startup Mazwi, they were clearing misconceptions around EcoSchool’s alleged “theft” of their concept. They went to great lengths to explain how they had a different model from what Econet was driving at. Months later, we managed to catch up with Tafadzwa Makura, the founder of Mazwi to find […]

Zimbabwe’s changing internet service delivery landscape: a perspective from ZOL

The landscape around internet service delivery is changing rapidly, something that has resulted in ISPs like ZOL exploring the possibilities of extending services into the provision of entertainment services (IPTV) and VoIP calling, something that has been offered by other IAPs for a while now. The exciting new terrain is obviously IPTV, something that ZOL Zimbabwe […]

Running a successful online business in Zim: How did do it?

Recently Zimpapers took a huge step into online business with  a news hub that represents all their print editions as well as as a new site targeted at sports news. Part of this new effort also includes a new online classifieds site,, which essentially extends their print classifieds section to a digital platform. There’s a […]

Why our startup ecosystem needs the government: lessons from Ampion Venture Bus

Between the 7th and the 12th of November several tech entrepreneurs with different skills trooped across 4 Southern African countries on a bus with the sole objective of birthing tech startups and exploring the startup environment in the region. They also had the opportunity to pitch their ideas at Africacom 2014 in Cape Town South Africa with […]

14 November Podcast: The ZOL Startup Challenge and the Zim ecosystem

The 2014 edition of the ZOL Startup Challenge came and went with three startups walking away with accolades on the day of the finals. In this podcast we discuss the startup challenge and the impressions it helped shape about the current state of the Zimbabwean tech startup ecosystem. We also discussed what the participating startups […]

Podcast: Zimpapers goes digital, Ecolife and Zvirikuflaya with FlyAfrica

Here’s our latest edition of the Techzim Podcast. In this episode we discussed the return of Ecolife and whether or not it is going to move the market. We also looked at Zimpapers’ aggressive move into paid for online publishing and their new sports news platform as well as the FlyAfrica Zvirikuflaya media campaign on social media. Are […]

Techzim Podcast: Our perspective of Africacom 2014

This is special edition of the podcast where we got feedback from Limbikani Makani who had the opportunity to attend the recently ended Africacom 2014. Limbikani shared his perspectives on the different tech entities that were present at the huge regional tech conference including the opportunities for networking and building relationships for anyone in the […]

Techzim Podcast: Connected cars and NFC Payments, Zim Dancehall and Ebola

Here’s the latest edition of the Techzim Podcast. In this episode there was a debate on the Econet Connected Car service and a brief discussion the EcoCash Tap & Go Card which currently at pilot stage. We also discussed the Zim Dancehall App and the “A Dollar for Ebola” crowdfunding campaign being pushed through Facebook. What are […]

Techzim Podcast: POTRAZ Stats, Opera Mini bundles and African e-commerce

In this episode of the Techzim Podcast we discussed the latest stats from POTRAZ on internet penetration, the Opera Mini Bundles from Econet Wireless and what they really mean for the average subscriber, as well as the African e-commerce deals of the week involving Kalahari and Takealot’s merger and the $40 million raised by Konga. […]

Special Edition: ZOL Startup Challenge Semi-Finals

In this special edition of the Techzim podcast we discussed the ZOL Startup Challenge Semi-Finals that took place on the 9th of October at Area46. We also commented on the different startups that pitched  and the different ideas shared. What are your thoughts on the different teams who made it to the ZOL Startup Challenge […]

Techzim Podcast: saisai, Zanu PF cards, Windows 10, EcoSchool & ZOL Startup Challenge

Here’ s this week’s edition of the Techzim Podcast. In this episode we touched on Zimbabwean startup saisai’s winning of the SWELL Award at DEMO Africa, the new Zanu PF membership/financial services card, Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 and the launch of Econet’s EcoSchool.  If you are a university student will you be purchasing […]

Techzim Podcast: Powertel & Africom’s new packages, Econet’s $1 promo and Telecare

Here’ s this week’s edition of the Techzim Podcast. In this episode we touched on Powertel’s internet bundles, Africom’s $5 a week offering, Econet’s $1 a day promotion live test and Telecel’s Telecare insurance that was launched together with an Android app for telecash. If you are a Powertel subscriber how much of a disruption […]

Techzim Podcast: NetOne’s datacasting licence, Nettcash, Ezzytickets and Econet

In this podcast we spoke about NetOne’s application for a datacasting licence, Nettcash’s brand ambassador strategy, online ticketing platform Ezzytickets and Econet’s NFC card. What are your thoughts on the topics discussed here? Please share in the comments box below. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or […]