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AfroDigital Offering Course On Mastering Google Search

AfroDigital – one of the leading Digital Marketing Institutions locally has a new course they are offering to help you get the best out of Google. The Mastering Google Search course is a two-hour course with 20 pro-tips to help you get “more fulfilling results from Google for your everyday searches.” The idea is when […]

Get Your Own dotAfrica Domain For €3 Per Year: Ecocash Offer Available

On 15 March 1985, the US Department of Defense introduced the .com domain to the world and ushered the revolution that is the web into existence. However, because of time and domain speculation, a lot of good .com domains are now no longer available. Even Google had to change its name from Googol in order […]

Xiaomi’s Mi Play Is A Stunning Phone: Limited Ecocash Offer Available

I must confess I am a Xiaomi fanboy. The company has gained quite the reputation when it comes to selling budget but well-made devices. I use a number of Xiaomi devices in my everyday life and I must confess it is a reputation well earned. Their budget phones, however, tend to be rather similar in […]

Netflix Increased Subscription Fees For US Customers

So while we were busy with our offline and blocked lives after violent protests sparked by the fuel price hikes, Netflix US went and hiked its subscriptions too. The U.S, Netflix’s largest market by far, was already paying more than anyone else for the privilege of accessing what is essentially the streaming giant’s most interesting […]

The Mi Pad 4 Might Just Be The Best Budget Tablet On The Market

In my house the remote wars can get pretty intense and elaborate. If you snooze you will find yourself watching the English Premiership League on your Ubuntu laptop together with the inconsistent picture quality due to poor internet and lack of hardware acceleration in Linux. For this reason I have been thinking hard about getting […]

Start The New Year By Empowering Yourself Using Skillshare: The First Two Months Are Free

New Year comes with an unfailing tradition: New Year Resolutions. This is where you feel guilty about your failings in the past year you create a list of goals you presumably want to achieve in the current new year. It is however universally accepted truth that most people go on to never achieve their resolutions. […]

These Wireless Speakers Will Take Your Sound Game Up A Notch

We’ve been looking at a number of gadgets you can spoil yourself to during this upcoming festive season. We’ve already taken a look at 3 gaming consoles you should consider if you’re considering getting in some gaming time with your children or for yourself. Now we will be taking a closer look at devices that might […]

Festive Season Is Here And You May Want To Get These Gaming Consoles For Yourself Or The Kids

Ok, so gaming is somewhat a controversial topic in these parts of the world. It’s a waste of time. It’s useless. It encourages laziness. I’m sure if you’re a parent you’ve heard theories about how you should make sure kids shouldn’t be playing video games constantly but today we are gonna get rid of some […]

It’s Not Too Late To Get Your Preferred Udemy Course For $9.99

Thanks to a number of local business a lot of Zimbabweans are now aware of the existence of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is in direct contrast to all our Golden years (2009-2015) when sellers jacked up prices prior to the holiday season despite the fact that we were using the US dollar. What’s […]

Use EcoCash to buy NetOne and Telecel Airtime – Here’s How

Did you know that you can now buy any airtime on Techzim using EcoCash? As part of our marketplace, we’re launching airtime as a test. EcoCash is the convenient payment method not just for payments in Supermarkets and even at informal markets – but now online too! Here are the steps Go to Select […]

Keep Track Of Your Stress Levels With The Xiaomi Mi Band2 And 3: Limited Ecocash Offer Available

So most people have been having a torrid week ever since the latest monetary policy came out. Stress levels for people from all walks of life have been through the roof and a lot of us are understandably not sleeping well. While it is normal to worry, stress and high blood pressure are detrimental to […]

The Streaming Alternatives To DStv And Kwese And The Best Devices To Access These

With banks cancelling DStv payments left, right and centre, and considering that DStv is quite expensive you might be considering alternatives that offer a better or at least a more cost-effective entertainment experience. Kwese came on to the scene and hasn’t done a much better job… Yes, you can pay with bond notes but the […]

The ZTE Axon 7 Mini Is Certainly One Of The Best Smartphones To Buy For Under $200

I’m that kind of person who doesn’t want to spend over $700 for the fanciest smartphone on the market. And I’m convinced many countless people share my disposition; we just don’t want don’t to spend that much. This is because I can get a high-quality budget smartphone for less than $300. Accordingly, when one pair a […]

Buy The Payments Systems Environment in Zimbabwe Report For Only $9.99

Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page will not work. {{error_message}} {{error_message}}

This $25 Smart Camera Is The Perfect Product If You Want Experiment With Smart Home Tech

Nowadays EVERYTHING is smart and the fact that EVERYTHING is smart poses a problem for people who are looking to start experimenting with new technologies. There’s a sceptism that consumers now have when it comes to some ‘smart’ technologies and when consumers are sold $110 smart flip-flops that notify them of discounts, you can’t blame […]

3 Great Budget Phones You Can Get For A Bargain (Updated)

Last week we looked at the amazing Mi A2, it is a great phone but things the way there are right now in Zimbabwe where we are tightening the proverbial belt for like the 18th year, spending more than $200 USD on a phone might be beyond the budgets of many people. That does not […]

Grab The Awesome Xiaomi Mi A2 And Get The Real Android Experience: Limited Ecocash Offer Available

These days it seems all Android phone makers are in a competition to find out who can make the most useless UI (User Interface) and load the most crapware out of the box. Various cloud services including Google themselves are dishing out money to OEMs to make sure their services come preloaded which would hopefully […]

Master Programming For Only $12 With Udemy

Okay there are five things certain in life: death, you paying your taxes, the cash crisis, Trump tweeting controversial things every week and me writing another cheerleader Udemy article. I love personally love and use Udemy and that has nothing to do with the fact that they give us kickbacks every time we make a […]

Give Yourself Peace Of Mind By Keeping Track Of Your Loved Ones, Car And Things

Last Wednesday was a dark and distressing day for a lot of people. One of our neighbours had children who were attending a birthday party across town. When news of violence and shots fired hit social media they went down in throes of anxiety as they tried to call them and their phones went unanswered. […]

Broaden Your Skills With These Udemy Courses: Very Limited Ecocash/ZIPIT Offer Available

They say you only stop learning when you die; that is assuming there is no life after death of course. One of the most popular habit of successful people from Strive Masiiya to the now reviled Mark Zuckerberg is that they never really stop learning and assimilating new skills. Udemy offers such a learning opportunity […]

Get The Venerable Avada Theme For Only $35

For a limited time you can buy the Avada Multipurpose theme on Evanto for only $35 instead of the usual $61 price. The difficult past Not so long ago if you wanted to launch a Blog you had to either be contend with the dictators at Blogger who took perverse pleasure in the limited access […]

Check Out Zimbabwe’s Uber For Parcels

Delivery services are not the sexiest lines of business but they can be very convenient. Merchant Couriers is a local startup that’s trying to make a mark on the delivery industry and after seeing what’s on offer I must say I was quite intrigued. Merchant Couriers describe themselves as follows: Merchant Couriers is a on […]

Coders And Aspiring Coders, Here Are 12 Development Courses To Get You Started On Skillshare

Skillshare is an e-learning website like Udemy that allows you to enrol in short courses for a single monthly payment of just $10 a month. Unlike Udemy this is a subscription based payment, once you pay the $10/month you can go crazy and feast on the buffet of available courses. Even greater news, the first […]

Grab The Xiaomi Redmi 5 4G Phablet For Only $129.99 Limited Ecocash Offer Available

Being the owner of a Xiaomi phone I am always amazed at how well the device performs compared to my friends’ more popular brands like Samsung and Huawei. In fact when it comes to value for money Xiaomi has no equal in my book. The Redmi 5 is an amazing phone I have written much […]

Learn With Skillshare: The First Two Months Are Free

People are always asking me for a Udemy alternative, well Skillshare is one such alternative. The site allows you to enrol in short courses on a number of topics and categories crafted by gurus in their categories just like with Udemy. The good news is that the first two months are free to our Techzim […]

Protect Your Websites And Apps Using Sucuri Firewall

The internet is a very hostile place with people out to get you sometimes just for the fun of it. As more and more entities and individuals from Zimbabwe join the app and website building business they are learning about this fact the hard way. For just $9.99 Sucuri can help cover your behind using […]

You Can Still Get Udemy Courses For $11 Or Using Ecocash

A lot of people apparently took advantage of the $9.99 Udemy offer from last week but if you were for some reason unable there is no need to despair: You can still enrol into a Udemy course of your choosing for $10.99 or Ecocash $15 (see below for details). What the heck is Udemy? A […]

Get The Xiaomi Bluetooth Earphones For $11.99 From Cafago And Other Deals

So remember the I7S earbuds from Cafago we featured last week? Well now you can get them for a jaw dropping $11.99 instead of the previously mentioned $19. That is quite some love from Cafago. To get this price you need to: visit the Cafago website here, add the earphones to cart, go to checkout, […]

Get These Udemy Courses For Only $9.99, Limited Ecocash Offer Available

I have written many gushing articles on how awesome I think Udemy is. Like all things Udemy is not perfect in the same way no school or product is but I have to say it is a pretty awesome way to acquire life skills. Anyway Udemy are having a promotion where you can buy their […]

Grab the amazing Nubia Z17 Mini for only $169 from Cafago

Nubia might be a sort of new name to most people but these guys are not new comers. Nubia is spawn of the venerable ZTE Group whose phones grace most Zimbabwean shops. Their technological prowess therefore needs no introduction. The Amazing Z17 Mini While at the moment Xiaomi certainly wears the budget phone crown the […]