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LastPass password manager is making some devastating changes to LastPass Free next month

LastPass is making some changes to it’s very useful free tier that will affect the internet security for a lot of people who rely on it.

We are relying too much on Google, here is how you can free yourself from its shackles

We rely far too heavily on Google and its services and with the outage that happened yesterday, you might want to look for some alternatives.

What’s Netflix Mod and why you should never use it

It is an understatement to say 2020 has been an unusual year. Thanks to Covid-19 a lot of people have spent entire months cooped up in their houses stuck with their spouses and children and unable to go to work. To preserve their sanity a lot of people turned to streaming services like Netflix, Amazon […]

Fanset International, another local player in vehicle fleet management

The vehicle tracking and fleet management industry is a lot more populated than I initially thought. Following the launch of TelOne’s Teltrack, we were made aware of Dandemutande’s fleet management service. There is also another player in the fleet management space called Fanset International. A representative from the company reached out and gave us insight […]

How big can this car tracking service be for TelOne?

TelOne held a launch event for their car tracking service Teltrack. The event was attended by representatives from the Ministry of ICT, Car Track and various motoring associations. The launch of this service got us thinking about how big this opportunity could be for TelOne. At the launch event, there was a lot of talk […]

Protecting your WhatsApp Account from Hacks

There are times when humanity makes you want to give up on life and go live with animals surviving on berries. As a tech-guru (I will be calling myself that today), I have been asked by married men to hack into the WhatApp accounts of their girlfriends. Not spouses, but girlfriends. I know your brain […]

Zim government to deploy drones at border posts

The Minister of Defence and War Veteran affairs Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri recently announced that funding has been availed to her ministry for the acquisition of drones which will patrol border posts. The issue came up in Cabinet as Ministers were discussing the effect that our porous borders are having in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and […]

Spyware Found In Google Chrome Extensions

In a report by Tech Radar, there is a new spyware initiative affecting extensions on the Chrome Web Store. Awake Security discovered more than 70 malicious extensions on the Web Store and alerted Google of them. The add-ons were downloaded 32 million times. The extensions were those that would warn the user of suspicious websites […]

Zim Government Websites Hacked Again!

Government websites continue to be a target for hackers protesting the state of affairs of our beloved country. Reports state that this time around 17 websites have been hacked. At the time of writing, 13 of those seem to be hacked but the others were working just fine – not to say hey weren’t hacked […]

Wormable Bug Found for Windows Systems.

Yet more security concerns, this time from Microsoft via TechRadar. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued a warning to all unpatched Microsoft Systems. CISA, part of United States Homeland Security, has found exploit code for a “wormable” bug online. Wormable. Originally discovered in a Github post. The exploit code targets a known […]

3 Government Websites Hacked

Earlier this afternoon we got alerted that 3 government websites had been hacked and are currently inaccessible. The websites in question include the Ministry of Mines, Ministry of Youth, Sports, Art, Culture and Recreation and the Ministry of Information. Visitors to the Ministry of Mines website are greeted with a 404 error whilst the Ministry […]

POTRAZ To HouseNational Cyber Security Centre If Cyber Security And Data Protection Bill Is Passed Into Law

The draft of the Cybersecurity bill was finally gazetted – it’s one step closer to coming into law or (if parliamentarians aren’t happy with it) being rejected. One of the more topical issues outlined in the bill is the fact that POTRAZ will become the “National Cyber Security Centre” if the bill is effected into […]

Download: Zimbabwe’s Cyber Security And Data Protection Bill

The Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill has been on the horizon for a while now. On Friday the bill was finally gazetted by government. It will then go through debate in parliament as it journeys to become the law or until it is rejected. It is quite an important bill and we look forward […]

Using Microsoft Teams For Remote Work? Protect Yourself From This Security Flaw

[Image Source: PC Mag] Since everyone has been forced to adopt remote working tools because of the Novel Coronavirus – I believe a significant portion of companies the world over have adopted Microsoft Teams due to the fact that that’s a recognisable brand offering a pretty well reviewed product. If you or the organisation you […]

Taiwan Govt Bans Use Of Zoom For Video Calling Due To Privacy Concerns – Will Zoom Recover?

Since the Coronavirus crisis started, ZOOM has been one of the biggest beneficiaries in the tech space, with the company growing from 10 million users to 200 million users in less than 3 months. The exponential growth has come with challenges, the biggest of which has evolved into security. A number of concerns have been […]

Safeguard Selling Security System That Uses Facial Recognition

Safeguard Securities, on of Zimbabwe’s top security companies is selling biometric systems that use facial recognition software to control access to premises. The system Safeguard is selling allows a business (or whoever thinks they need such access control) to pre-load images of the people who are authorised to have access. The photos are then used […]

Security Firm Details How Nigerian Scammer Made US$100 000+ From Cybercrime

CheckPoint Research (CPR) is a security firm famous for revealing how the WhatsApp end-to-end encryption can be intercepted and altered in a relatively simple manner. That same research firm also recently shared how a Nigerian cybercriminal made hundreds of thousands of dollars using common cybercrime tactics. “Dton” -the cybercriminal- has been active for 7 years […]

Local Companies, Stop Sharing Sensitive Info When You Announce Covid-19 Response Measures!

Over the past few days, we’ve bombarded you (our readers) with announcements from a number of local companies announcing that they would be shutting their doors and would, in turn, be available via their phones and on social media platforms. Most of these companies have distributed these emails to a number of media houses have […]

Popular Video Calling App Zoom Sharing User Data With Facebook

With the Coronavirus continuing to spread globally, and an increase in the number of people working from home, the last thing companies turning to remote work want, is privacy concerns with one of the most popular remote working tools. That is exactly what they are getting with the Zoom Video Calling application. Zoom acquired 2.2 […]

Israel Will Track Phones Of Suspected Coronavirus Patients

The Israeli government announced that it will give its security agency permission to track people who have contacted or are suspected of having contacted the Coronavirus. The data which is normally used for gathering intell for counter-terrorism efforts was deliberated for hours by Israel PM Benjamin Netanyau and his cabinet. Authorities will have access to […]

How Secure Is Your Website? Here Are Some Tools To Perform The Checks

Recently, one of our readers got in touch with us and urged us to look at some website security tools, to establish just how secure our website. This particular reader had checked and the scores for Techzim were far from optimal. With this knowledge in mind, we felt it would be good to share these […]

CUT Student Allegedly Hacks Into Results Portal & Alters Grades

A university of Chinhoyi Student has allegedly been arrested after hacking into the University’s results portal and altering grades for himself and other students. For altering the results of 7 other students, it’s claimed he received varying amounts of US$ payments and then proceeded to use a technique called SQL Map which is an SQL […]

Phishing Attacks Still Most Popular Method Of Cyber Attacks In Africa

The 2019 KnowBe4 African Report across South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Mauritius and Botswana has found that people living on the continent are not prepared for the cyber threat. 65% of respondents across all eight countries are concerned about cybercrime. They are vulnerable, as they’re not aware of what they don’t know. From […]

Google Chrome Will Block Insecure Downloads In The Near Future

The browser that most of us use on a daily basis – Google Chrome is taking strides in becoming more secure. Chrome’s security team is introducing a feature that will “gradually ensure that secure (HTTPS) pages only download secure files.” Insecure downloads can be the source of malware and other cyber attacks so its no […]

Here Are The Types Of Malware Being Used By Advertising Fraudsters

Secure-D, an anti-fraud organisation that detects and blocks mobile ad fraud, has released a report on mobile ad fraud and its impacts on users. Part of the report explains how the 5 villains of mobile ad fraud work. Clickbots Click fraud uses malware-infected devices like smartphones to register fake visits and clicks on a website […]

How Malicious Applications Operate On Your Phone

Secure-D, an anti-fraud organisation that detects and blocks mobile ad fraud, has released a report on mobile ad fraud and its impacts on users. Part of the report explains how malware designed for mobile ad fraud works on our smartphones. Distribution The initial stage of mobile ad fraud is distribution. This is when fraudsters trick […]

EU Considering 5-Year Ban Of Facial Recognition Tech In Public Spaces

The European Union is considering a ban on facial recognition for a period of 5 years whilst it comes up with “a sound of methodology for assessing the impacts of this technology and possible risk management measures could be identified and developed.” The EU’s executive published an 18-page whitepaper which suggests that existing rules may […]

53 Organisations Ask Google To Do Away With Pre-installed Bloatware In Open Letter

Privacy International and 52 other organisations have penned an open letter to the CEO of Alphabet Sundar Pichai asking Google to take action against “exploitative pre-installed software on Android devices”. The letter basically complains about the existence of pre-installed apps that can’t be deleted. Some of the reasons why the organisations who complained about pre-installed […]

Here’s How Homomorphic Encryption Will Bring A Revolution In Computer Security

Encryption has many states. There’s encryption for data in transit which is typically encrypted using protocols such as HTTPS, SSL, TLS, FTPS. Data at rest – which is “data that is temporarily held in computer memory“. Traditional encryption methods can secure data in transit and data at rest but data in use -data being processed, […]

UAE Messaging App ToTok Accused Of Spying On Its Huge User Base

A messaging application that originated in the United Arab Emirates and ended up on popular app stores has been labelled a “spying tool”. Though the app has already been downloaded by millions of users on Google Play and Apple Store, it turns the UAE government used to try and track “every conversation, movement, relationship, appointment, […]