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Twitter lite app – a way for you to save your data while enjoying Twitter

According to TechCrunch, Twitter is working on a data light app for its users. The app will be called Twitter lite and it is currently being tested in the Philippines as the market has slow mobile networks and expensive data plans. All these problems are not common to the Philippines only as Zimbabwe also has […]

Home Affairs Minister threatens to arrest people spreading message that basic commodities will disappear in shops

In a press statement released today, Ignatius Chombo, Home Affairs Minister, threatened to arrest people who created and are spreading a message that says basic commodities will disappear from the shelves. The message also urges people to stock up on basic commodities and this has caused massive panic buying as people fear that Zimbabwe is heading […]

Facebook to introduce Instant videos, a feature that allows you to watch videos offline

Due to data prices in Zimbabwe, whatever online thing that can be done offline excites me; even better when it involves something I use often, in this case Facebook. Facebook is testing out an Instant videos feature which it has currently rolled out to a few Android users. The feature is meant to allow users […]

67% of Americans get their news from social media, how about you?

In June, the Digital News Report by Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism outlined how a study conducted in over 30 countries showed that WhatsApp has become a source of news for many people. Recently, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey in America and 4971 adult people responded. From the survey, they published a […]

Dembare DotComs: Facebook page disappearance blamed on a reporter, a prophet and a politician

If you are a big local soccer fan… let me rephrase; If you’re a big fan of one of Zimbabwe’s top teams called Dembare, then you probably know of a popular Facebook page called Dembare DotComs. You may also know that this past Saturday, that Facebook page vanished into thin air. Disappeared like it never […]

Facebook notifications are addictive, and meaningless

I once read an interesting book by Charles Duhigg which explores how habits and addictions are formed. First there is the cue, which triggers an action, which results in a reward. Unfortunately, it appears the fine software engineers at Facebook have read the same research as Mr Duhigg, if not his book. Observe yourself next […]

WhatsApp hits 1 Billion active daily users and 250M people use the status feature daily – what’s next?

Yesterday, WhatsApp announced that they are now connecting 1 Billion people daily on their chat app. They also revealed that 250 million people use their WhatsApp status daily. The app now has 1.3 Billion monthly users, this is a decent growth from the 1 Billion monthly users recorded in February 2016. Other statistics that were revealed […]

Content creators can now stream 4K and 360-degree videos on Facebook

Facebook recently announced that creatives can now produce 4K resolution and 360-degree videos on their live streaming platform. The update will also allow people to view live-streamed content in those high resolutions from Facebook. The social media app aims to be a one stop platform for the consumption of the next-generation of content. Hence they […]

So WhatsApp has started kicking out old Nokia phones

Last night, some Nokia devices like the Nokia E5 which are running Nokia’s mobile operating system Nokia Symbian S60 started failing to open WhatsApp. This is due the fact that WhatsApp has stopped support for phones running old mobile operating systems. They have stopped support because the new features that the chat application will be […]

You can now send any file type on WhatsApp – Say goodbye to renaming files

Around 3 weeks ago, we talked about how we could soon be able to send any file on WhatsApp. When we talked about that, the feature was only available to select people in select countries who are testers of new update features of the app. Well yesterday the chat application has added the feature to […]

Adverts are coming to Facebook Messenger

Earlier this week, Facebook announced that they will be rolling out advertisements globally to their mobile messaging application – Messenger. The feature was already available but only in Australia and Thailand as it is still in its testing phase. After getting good feedback, the company has decided to roll out the update to everyone using […]

The power of a #hashtag

Image credit: Pixabay No doubt the hashtag has become a powerful tool in this digital age. Well of course, it drew most, if not all of it’s power from Twitter, not only because it originated there but also because of the structure (for lack of a better word) of the platform. However, it still is […]

Steward bank customers sign a petition, threatening to take it to court.

We have said a lot about Steward Bank customer grievances and it’s getting monotonous, I know! But hey, it’s not our fault – we are obliged to say it when it happens and…it has! So on twitter, there is a #BringBackOurMoney! petition that has been circulating. It reads Thousands of Zimbabweans have been victims of mismanagement […]

Fake leaks on NetOne bundles and packages circulating on WhatsApp

Earlier today, someone started posting images that showed bundles from NetOne that were claimed to be launched. Given how WhatsApp is news for some people even locally, many people believed that these images were leaks of something good to come. We have contacted someone at NetOne who cannot be identified as they were not speaking officially […]

Now you can add a personal touch when replying to Instagram Stories

Today, Instagram added a new feature to their application. The feature allows people to reply to other people’s Instagram stories with a photo or a short video clip that they take or select from their gallery. Previously, you could only reply to an Instagram stories using text. This made the whole sharing experience when it […]

Cool new tools in Snapchat

Today, Snapchat released an update to their application for both iOS and Android. The update brings new features that were previously unavailable or limited to specific people. Now people can add backdrops, links and voice filters. Let’s start off with backdrops. The feature allows a user to add colorful and artistic patterns to their snaps. […]

Something to learn from Snapchat’s new Snap Map feature

Image credit: Pixabay Snapchat is not so much of a big deal in Zim as it is in other countries. I mean what do I expect since it’s not ‘bundled up’ by any of our local MNOs because data is expensive in Zimbabwe though surprisingly, according to the 1st Quarter 2017 POTRAZ report; internet and data usage […]

Instagram takes a more ‘intelligent’ step in trying to combat the use of offensive language on its platform

Image credit: Pixabay In this internet age, thanks to social media (well, and other platforms), people have somehow gained the confidence to exercise their right to ‘freedom of speech’. I could be wrong though because people might have always exercised that right, only that now the internet has made it easier for us to access […]

Facebook reaches 2 Billion monthly active users

Facebook has recently reached 2 Billion monthly users. This is more than any other social network today and the one that remotely comes close to that is YouTube with 1.5 Billion. Even-though Facebook has always had a large responsibility, it is now serving almost twice the population of Africa. Amidst the events that have been […]

Of the David Coltart and ZOL incident: Whatever happened to customer is king

Image Credit: Pixabay   So I thought it was only on South African memes where service providers diss customers for calling them out (of which I still don’t know whether they are just memes or it’s actually a sincere response from the customer ‘care’ department), but well Zim seems to be joining the trend and […]

Soon you might be able to send any type of file on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is rumoured to be working on an update for the application that will allow users to send any file regardless of its format. The information comes from people in India, Sri Lanka, Japan and Kuwait who have got the update since they get to test new features even if they’re not stable yet (Beta testers). I’ve signed […]

Why #SocialMediaBlackOut is happening today in South Africa

Just like #DataMustFall, #SocialMediaBlackOut aims to bring awareness on how expensive data is. The hashtag got started on twitter last week after MTN tweeted that they would be limiting their free Twitter service to 100 MB per day. People weren’t happy with that and someone decided that they’d not buy any data or use any […]

5 reasons why you should consider Facebook marketing

Of all social media platforms that I use, I’ve noticed that Facebook is really keen on being ‘personal’ with its users. It creates these cheesy – cute videos for you, be it based on your timeline activities or friendships (Friendversary what what), greets you, asks you what’s on your mind, celebrates your birthday, tells people […]

Facebook live in Zimbabwe – Olinda was a gamechanger

Though I will say this grudgingly, but thank you Olinda for ‘introducing’ us to Facebook live. Despite facebook live having been introduced to Zimbabwe around August last year, most people didn’t really know about it or at least didn’t really consider it until … ummm Olinda. Not that no-one in Zim had ever used it before, […]

These Zimbabweans’ Bots made it to the Messenger Bot Challenge finalists

Two Messenger Bots made by Zimbabweans made it to the 60 finalists of the Messenger Bot Challenge being run by Facebook. The Challenge was launched by Facebook in February this year. The Bots – Zimbabwe: Sphinx The Game and Zimbabwe: PopTime Bot – Movie Companion – are a game and a movie recommendation app respectively. The movie recommendation bot was […]

Digital Future day 1 in pictures: Amazing digital marketing insights for Zimbabwean business #DF2017

The 2 day Digital Future Conference hosted by Techzim and TBWA kicked off in Harare today. What a day it was. Even for us here at Techzim it is rare to get the opportunity to meet Zimbabwe’s talent, business leaders and entrepreneurs all in one place, just for the purpose of networking and sharing insights about […]

Facebook User Numbers Drop In Zimbabwe

Over the years media and marketing professionals have been highly interested to know the numbers of users that use the various social media platforms available in Zimbabwe. At Techzim it’s almost a weekly question we either get directly or we enter into a discussion where these stats are needed. The case was the same this past week […]

Strive Masiyiwa’s version of the founding story fails to check out

Finding content on the internet from authoritative people is difficult. Those that we’d love to hear from either haven’t caught on to the internet or just don’t have the time. However, there is one person who delightfully takes his time to chronicle his experiences and share with us tips on how to perfect the art […]

Your WhatsApp has changed? Here’s how to use that new Status feature

WhatsApp’s new Status feature which was announced earlier this week has finally started showing up on a lot of people’s phones. The feature, which has been automatically rolled out to all users has changed the way WhatsApp looks. If you missed the news and are wondering what the fuss is all about the new WhatsApp Status […]

Facebook partners African NGOs & public sector to promote safer internet, Techwomen Zimbabwe is local affiliate

Participants in Safer Internet Day 2017  Since 2004, an annual event called Safer Internet Day has been commemorated around the world by various organisations and people who promote online safety for users all over the world. The Safer Internet Day is happening today (7 February 2017) and volunteers, companies, organisations and some schools are taking […]