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Nigeria suspends Twitter indefinitely after President Buhari’s account was frozen

Nigeria’s government is suspending Twitter indefinitely after the social media giant removed one of President Buhari’s tweets and limited his account’s functionality. A statement by Nigeria’s Information Minister, Lai Mohammed said that Twitter was undermining Nigeria, however, any example to prove that was not offered. The tweet that set this all off was sent out […]

WhatsApp multidevice support is coming in two months

Multi-Device support is coming

Top 10 Zim YouTube channels: earnings, views & subscribers

YouTube has been a revelation for the liberalisation of content creation the world over. In Zimbabwe, it took power out of the hands of the monopoly that is the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and handed it down to anyone who has a camera and data. So I thought it would be interesting to look at […]

The best Itel jokes we have seen making the rounds

This week was hell if you were an iTel owner…

Why and how to use WhatsApp’s 2-factor authentication

Stop the wolves at the door.

Cassava needs to break up Sasai into separate apps & here’s why

Its cheap to use but it is very confusing and cluttered…

You may soon be able to get a job through TikTok…

LinkedIn better watch out

WhatsApp Privacy Policy: here’s what will happen if you don’t accept

You can still use it but WhatsApp is going to throw you back to 2009 in terms of functionality.

What effect could Facebook, WhatsApp & Sasai have on Zim elections?

social media is more powerful than ever.

WhatsApp will soon allow iOS to Andriod chat migration

Looks like the folks at WhatsApp are ramping up the features to appease their disgruntled users as the Privacy Policy deadline looms.

MisRed features in Facebook’s LeadHERs book


Leaked Facebook moderators’ guide shows the hoops tech giants have to go through in today’s world

Moderation over a number of cultures and countries is a tricky business.

WhatsApp Outage: Another case for a unified Telegram, Signal & WhatsApp bundle

It would have been nice to be able to switch between WhatsApp to Telegram without having to worry about data when the former had an outage

WhatsApp and Instagram are down

Oh Oh..

Twitter needs your help as it reviews rules for world leaders

What to do when an elected official breaks Twitter’s terms of service… well the company is looking for your input to help decide this.

Instagram launches data conscious 2MB Lite version on Android

It’s smaller than I expected

Twitter has suspended Matigari’s account

Twitter has suspended prominent political commentator Matigari’s account. What the cause of the suspension is unknown, however, Twitter usually suspends user accounts that have violated the following in its terms of service: Safety rule – these include violence, terrorism, abuse, sensitive media, and illegal goods or services, and harmful content Privacy – private information and […]

10 online safety tips for parents with kids & teens on Facebook

Since we are now more locked on our devices more than ever, Facebook has published 10 tips to help parents manage their children’s safety online.

Uganda govt shuts down social media (letter)

The Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) has ordered the shut down of all social media operations in the country.

There were over a billion WhatsApp calls on New Year’s Eve

WhatsApp broke an all-time record for the number of video and voice on New Year’s Eve. The surge was the same across Facebook’s other apps.