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Leaked Pics! Its happening in Zimbabwe too!

You would think with the sheer number of the revealing pictures floating around the internet the whole concept would have lost its appeal by now or people would have learnt a thing or two. I’m talking about exposed celebrity photos and I guess by now you are familiar with this scandal . One starlet has over […]

Ten tips for social media strategy in Zimbabwe and Africa

Social media strategy is not a myth in brand building and the creation of an online presence, its a reality. While this hasn’t quite sunk in for everyone who needs to use social media, it’s always encouraging to come across entities that place a lot of value on it. Local advertising agency TBWA Zimbabwe is […]

Zim dancehall and the financial opportunity of the internet

It is undeniably the largest movement in local urban music and youth culture. It’s Zim dancehall music and if you have been to any urban or peri-urban area for that matter you will have heard the familiar sounds and the catch phrases taken from the lyrics. As big as this movement is though, I still wonder […]

Should we reconsider online ads in Africa?

Mobile phones have enabled so many people to connect over the past few years. They have become so ubiquitous that a greater number of people can be reached with such a limited number of resources and a new medium to communicate, which is why it is essential to have a new way of thinking when […]

Is there Ebola in Zimbabwe?

The threat of Ebola is real, something that explains the panic that grips anyone who thinks its in their backyard. Luckily the virus hasn’t made its way into Zimbabwe, but some people had taken to social media to say otherwise. There was a WhatsApp message that was circulating yesterday that was warning people in Harare […]

How to turn your website into a gold mine

The Internet is a jungle populated by millions of websites with each clamoring for the elusive attention of the click-happy internet users. It is a dog eat dog world in which brands ruthlessly compete for online visibility via search engines. Unfortunately, the only way to the top is by stepping on the heads of others. […]

Understanding the memory problem

Having grown on both sides of the Google wall, I have seen first hand the changes that technology has wrought on us. While some of these changes, both desirable and undesirable, are so overt as to be observed some are less obvious but all are indelible. Among these insidious changes is how technology has been […]

How to access the internet through Facebook

Some time back I posted an article about my getting banned from WhatsApp and contributing to the ban was my wanting to share with followers my top 20 SECRETS that mobile networks don’t want you to know. I’ve been asked a lot about those secrets, some of them are no longer relevant, but definitely one of the things […]

Twitter “Buy” button an affirmation of social media m-commerce?

Yesterday Twitter announced on its blog that it had started testing the use of a “Buy” button feature on tweets. The add-on allows users to initiate a purchase or buy a product or service by tapping on a button that is attached to a tweet from a service provider. The service is still being tested […]

Here’s why the church needs tech

  The church and technology have always been projected as strange bedfellows yet in actual fact they go well together like Dembare and Chris “Romario” Musekiwa. I understand the source of this misconception. For many years, the church was disparaged as an anti-intellectual institution. However, this is a lie as there have been many great […]

2014’s celeb leak that bears a lesson on security

There are a lot of topics with regard to security, attempting to paint a picture that everyone is entitled to it. And everyone is. When security is breached, it takes a whole new meaning depending on what has been mined. On 1 September, an account on the website 4Chan posted hundreds of A-list celebrity photos. […]

James Makamba challenges Strive Masiyiwa

It looks like the mobile wars between between Telecel and Econet are taking many forms this year. With the two operators battling each other in terms of market share, new products and brand visibility perhaps the competition extends to the chairmen of the respective networks? Through the hashtag activism trend that won’t go away, Telecel Chairman […]

Podcast: Jive Zimbabwe, telecash,TelOne Ts &Cs & Twitter Analytics

Here’s this week’s edition of the podcast. We discussed the new online music platform, Jive Zimbabwe and its impact on the fight against piracy. We also touched on Telecel’s new arrangement with for remittances from South Africa to telecash wallets, the new Twitter Analytics feature and TelOne’s disclaimer on ADSL speeds. Please feel free […]

How I dealt with those Candy Crush Saga invites

image credit – Unmarketing Its pretty obvious,Facebook is a huge success globally and the network for anyone trying to explain or understand social media from a general perspective. Its relevance in keeping me connected with all these “friends” however, is occasionally tarnished by issues to do with privacy, unofficial experiments and all those requests and […]

Twitter Analytics: Now you can know how your tweets perform

It’s been a while since I was excited about the usefulness of Twitter to businesses this side of the world. They have opened up Twitter Analytics to every Twitter account. Anyone can now check to see which of their tweets performed well and which where ignored. You can see the impressions, the engagement (clicks, replies, retweets etc…) […]

Dealing with Baba Jukwa: POTRAZ crafting cyber security laws

It has been reported that the Parliament of Zimbabwe was told yesterday by representatives from local regulator, POTRAZ, that cyber-security laws were being crafted to deal with cyber attacks as well as social media infractions from bloggers like Baba Jukwa. Responding to concerns raised by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on ICT chaired by Nelson Chamisa, POTRAZ acting director-general […]

WhatsApp’s latest milestone: 600 million active users,1 billion in sight

Yesterday co-founder and CEO of IM platform WhatsApp, Jan Koum tweeted that the application now has 600 million active users. The figure affirms WhatsApp as the world’s most popular instant messaging application ahead of rivals like WeChat (438 million users), Line (235 million users) and Facebook Messenger; a position the app has held even in the […]

Acquired Saya Mobile app discontinued. Focus is on a complicated InstaVoice app

Curious to see what Kirusa acquired in Saya Mobile I decided today to download & use the Saya Mobile App. When I started the app I was presented with a screen that essentially says the app is no more. The app prompts you to download another app, a IM app by Kirusa called InstaVoice. So yes, […]

What can Zimbabwe learn from the ice bucket challenge?

There’s no way you could have missed it. Unless you don’t use the Internet at all. It seems like everyone with a social media presence, (the craze is celeb driven actually) is doing it and In the process raising an awareness of a neurodegenerative disease. I’m referring to the Ice Bucket Challenge. The idea of […]

Econet’s free Twitter extended by three months

A month ago mobile network operator Econet Wireless announced a one month only free  Twitter offer for all its broadband subscribers. The great news for #Twimbos who have been enjoying the special is that it has been extended by another 3 months. It’s going to be free tweeting until 20 November 2014. Being part of […]

Movie trailers now being shared on WhatsApp

When you love movies deciding what to watch when there’s so much stuff being churned out is usually based on what you see and hear about the upcoming release. One tried and tested marketing weapon for everyone in the business of movies is a good trailer. Through the internet it’s gotten easier to check out […]

The one app better than WhatsApp

it’s the must-have for anyone who wants a basic smartphone experience. It’s also one way to tell everyone in your phone book that you have graduated from a mbudzi device (“dumb” phone) and are now enjoying the benefits of broadband. WhatsApp, the most visible cross platform, instant messaging tool for the local market has become the […]

Economics and technology – an introduction

Besides being an avid technologist, I am an economist. So let me start by introducing you to one of the fundamental concepts in Economics – that of supply and demand. Demand is defined as the need for a good/service given the budget constraints and it naturally identifies a set of all the different quantities demanded […]

Video marketing – Not just another fancy fad

Video marketing is really the future of content marketing and fortunately, it is not exclusive to bigger brands with huge budgets. Small to medium companies, both formal and informal, can actually leverage creative video campaigns on a shoe string budget and still get the same results as their counterparts. The secret of success of any […]

Happy Harare video makers on crowdfunding campaign for a new short film

Remember the refreshing content that was Happy Harare? Well, the makers of that video are working on another project, an 8 minute short film this time, called The Sojourner. The interesting thing about this project is that they have chosen to raise funds via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. An unlikely choice locally. We haven’t seen much […]

WhatsApp edges Facebook Messenger as the leading IM platform

The GlobalWebIndex Mobile Messaging Survey for the second quarter of 2014 has just revealed that WhatsApp is the top chat application globally outside the Chinese market. This puts it ahead of Facebook Messenger which has been leveraging on its massive global presence as the largest social network. The survey was conducted on the usage patterns of instant […]

My two cents on Econet’s “free” Twitter

Just recently we reported that Zimbabwe’s leading carrier, Econet, launched a new service that allowed its subscribers one month access to the micro-blogging site Twitter for free. Now days into it, I’ve been second guessing my vocabulary, prowling the internet trying to look up what “free” actually means because since I’ve been using this service it’s […]

Econet to launch Facebook on USSD

“Can you imagine browsing Facebook using any handset? Now You Can!” If you saw this in a teaser advert in today’s paper you must have been wondering (like we were) what sort of service this was and from which operator. We have just established from sources from Econet that this is their new product, Facebook on […]

Zvinhu Zvirikufaya viral videos and social media marketing

There really is no stopping this “Zvinhu Zvirikufaya” craze that has gripped social media is there? More and more amusing videos are being churned out by Zimbabweans and being posted on the popular Facebook page.   The latest video on Facebook features this snazzy dude drinking home brewed masese (opaque traditional Zimbabwean beer) from a wine […]

Startup solutions can help local tourism

Local tourism has always been a great investment centre that can be tapped into by players with the right enterprise, imagination and resources. It has continually been noted as a key contributor to the economy, with a lot of attention focused on how tourism related revenue generation can be boosted exponentially. Recently the Minister of […]