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The Facebook emotion manipulation experiment: Why the internet is outraged

So all this time people have been (or at least seem to be) mad at revelations that governments, the US government in particular, analyse everything you do and say online. Turns out there’s worse stuff to be worried about. There’s outrage right now about Facebook conducting tests on its users without their knowledge. You’d at first (like […]

Social TV: What’s in it for brands?

When a dubious penalty was awarded in the dying minutes of the Ivory Coast vs Greece game, I immediately reached for my phone by reflex to launch a vehement protest on Twitter. The fact that the game had a specific hashtag made it easier for me to do that. Judging by the analysts’ feedback after […]

Facebook for Android app gets a performance bump

  Last week social media giant Facebook issued an update to its app that has a much needed performance tweak. It’s now more lighter, more faster than ever. It goes all the way down to the detail. This is a major refresh since it’s very first incarnation. The app is now 50 percent faster to […]

Tips on how to handle negative feedback on social media

Negative feedback from customers has been part of the business landscape since time immemorial. What is just different now is the velocity and visibility of complaints as a result of the pervasiveness of social media usage. Jade Furubayashi of Simply Measured puts it across in a succinct manner.  He observed that “as hard as you […]

Econet & Telecel say they do not throttle bandwidth for WhatsApp bundles

If you are an Econet or Telecel subscriber let’s take a minute to celebrate WhatsApp bundles. Discounted access to the platform has meant sending and receiving images, audio clips and videos; something to smile about. I love the ability to watch,listen and send every video or amusing audio clip without having to worry about mobile […]

Hooray for Telecel’s WhatsApp bundles! Now comes Facebook & Twitter?

A few days ago Telecel launched its own WhatsApp bundles, offering discounted access to the hugely successful IM and social media platform.  This move was what we had all been expecting for some time now, considering how their competition, Econet, has been using the same product to boost subscriber value. Telecel’s WhatsApp play deserves applause […]

How I got my number banned from WhatsApp

Yes, I once got my WhatsApp number banned. Right here in Zimbabwe! When watching Fear Factor, 1000 ways to die or some other dare-devil movie, usually they state clearly: “don’t try this at home”. Somehow I didn’t take that to heed and went for a whole 6 months without being able to communicate with the […]

Telecel introduces cheaper WhatsApp bundles, offers bonus data for early sign ups

Telecel has amped up its broadband services game with an introduction of their own WhatsApp bundles(finally). Priced for daily, weekly or monthly unlimited access to the WhatsApp service they act in the same way as the Econet variant released earlier this year. The WhatsApp bundles have proved to be successful for Econet, with the IM […]

Facebook is down. (Update: and it’s back)

Normally, Facebook is the place where we complain about services like WhatsApp, Twitter and others being down. Today it’s the reverse. Facebook, the largest social media network globally, is down. If you try to access Facebook right now from a desktop, as confirmed by several people in tweets and WhatsApp messages, you will get the following screen: We’re […]

New version of ZimStocks app lets user discuss counters

  On Saturday the the team behind ZimStocks announced on their blog the release of a new version of the application. The latest version for Android devices is already available on Google Play with the iOS version provisionally set for release on the 25th of June 2014. The ZimStocks app has been going through evolutionary […]

The good, the bad and the ugly of cheap social media

Let’s face it- some of the best products Econet has ever offered its subscribers are the Facebook and WhatsApp bundles. For a bargain price you have unlimited access to two of the most frequented, and probably essential applications for anyone exploring the virtues of a smartphone in Zimbabwe. Econet gets how social media is the […]

Three key factors for achieving social media success

Outbound marketing is in the intensive care unit and it has already been declared dead in some quarters. This is largely due to the rise in appropriateness of inbound marketing techniques as brands reach out and connect with their always on social media savvy consumers. So what are some of the success secrets that brands […]

Four critical social media marketing trends every marketer must know

Social media marketing is an ever evolving discipline and it is unsurprising that quite a number of new and useful trends surface now and again. These new ways of conducting social media marketing unlock immense value to companies. However, to make a multi-spoked social media strategy work, marketers should look beyond maintaining a mere presence […]

Keep your social media marketing campaigns on track via SWOT analysis

I recently finished reading a whitepaper on the importance of conducting a SWOT analysis in digital marketing and thought it would be good to share its highlights. One of your key responsibilities as a social media marketer is to ensure that your campaigns are on track and a SWOT analysis on a regular basis represents […]

Social media: Platforms are not as important as knowing the audience

Many brands have finally caught the buzz and have adopted social media marketing in one form or the other. However, many of them have also fallen into the trap of assuming that social media is all about knowing how to use the different platforms. Whilst mastery of social media channels is very important, unfortunately it […]

How will tech change the World Cup experience this time?

The greatest football show on earth, THE FIFA World Cup, is a little over a month away and Zimbabwe, just like every other country is joining up in the build up to the excitement that comes once every four years. Tech is set to make a big difference on how we are going to experience […]

Content marketing is not as new as we all thought

What has Ecclesiastes 1:9 have in common with social media marketing? Everything. The verse reads:  “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again;  there is nothing new under the sun.” Surely there is nothing new under the sun and this includes social media. Although it is sometimes referred to […]

Why mobile marketing is unavoidable

Mobile marketing is here to stay and it will continue to evolve into the definitive cost-effective marketing channel with the greatest reach and engagement potential. Marketers must also awaken to its possibilities with some urgency as they might continue to put their marketing dollars in channels that do not deliver similar results at the same […]

ZBC’s broadcast of Parliamentary debates a welcome development

Recently the state broadcaster ZBC made the decision to beam live parliamentary sessions on TV and radio on select days of the week. This move, although coming as a very late approach to Zimbabwe’s attempts at open legislative activities, is definitely a welcome development. The broadcasts are scheduled for TV on Wednesday during parliament’s question […]

Facebook to introduce optional “Nearby Friends” feature

Social network giant Facebook continues to add services and improvements to its services. Recently it announced on its blog the roll out of a new feature called Nearby Friends. This new optional feature works by identifying friends that are nearby or on the move. Through notifications received on your mobile device, you will be told […]

New Twitter design finally rolls out to all of us

After months of waiting, and then later weeks of watching jealously as fellow Twimbos enjoy the new Twitter profile design on the web, the design is finally rolling out to us mere mortals. Today, on loading Twitter on the web, I was greeted with the following message: And take a look I did. And please I was what I saw. […]

Here’s why you should stop asking people to “like” your Facebook post

If your Facebook strategy, involves telling people to “like”, “comment” or share posts, you probably want to re-strategise. Forget that this is a questionable means to get your posts into follower newsfeeds, now Facebook will punish you for it. In other words, stop it already! Facebook has made an improvement to their algorithm to specifically […]

The story behind the “Happy Harare” video from the creators

Two days ago a Zimbabwean parody of Pharrell Williams’  “Happy” video was posted on YouTube and it has experienced a huge success with a little under 56 000 views in two days. A lot of significance has been linked to the video which extends beyond the numerous views it has received. We spoke to Louise […]

This Happy Harare parody video is going viral

Need a dose of happiness? If this Happy parody won’t do it, we don’t know what will. And if the views are anything to go by, it’s sure has Zimbabweans every happy to click and watch Harare being happy! Published on YouTube just yesterday, the video already has 12,433  13,539 views (in the time I took to […]

Bitcoin slipping further; FB, Occullus & virtual reality; Xiaomi ambition… Global

Bitcoin slipping even further as China and US Taxman happen So, Bitcoin is having a tough time regulatory wise in China. Apparently China wont have any bank handling Bitcoin Exchange bank accounts and has given them until April 15 to close them. On the other side of the world, the US authorities have basically induced […]

Dipleague unhappy about fake Dipleagues on Facebook (update)

If there’s one startup that has a problem of being copied locally, it is Dipleague. I don’t know if they should feel flattered, angry, or should maybe see this as a sign that it’s probably time to expand Dipleague beyond a mailing list. And maybe even time to monetise, a move the founder has so […]

8 common mistakes brands are making when they trying to #GetSocial

You visit the dentist as your teeth are aching and the unbearable nights have even caused even the cockroaches to relocate. That said, you lie on the deep reclining chair and await relief. In steps the dentist and after a barrage of questions he then moves to his desk and pulls out a soldering iron, […]

Mentorship through social media : the Strive Masiyiwa story

The winning points of social media which have been talked about extensively are easy to identify especially when it is used in creative ways. Besides the communication of ideas it allows you to engage the online community, clarify your position and offer lessons. Thought leaders and investors around the world have since adopted social media […]

Techzim Podcast: Talking about getting social #GetSocial

So we thought we’d do a podcast specially focused on the #GetSocial event. In this Techzim Podcast we provide more information, answer some questions about what to expect there, the content, the amazing line up of speakers, the powerful networking to expect! If you haven’t bought your ticket already, early bird is ending today, so […]

Using social media should be strategic not haphazard. Find out how… #GetSocial

There are some basic principles that get lost in the cut throat trenches of the business field each time when foot soldiers adopt street wise survival tactics. The current Zimbabwean economic situation over the years has created such an environment. This has resulted in a number businesses in the country adopting red sea framework blueprints. […]