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New to Techzim: Your top 5 #trended on social media fix

Social media has started on a high in 2014 and like everyone else, we always get locked into the weird, the funny and the outright outrageous things that happen in our world as expressed on social media. However, there are times when it’s so hectic that social media becomes a too expensive distraction that although […]

Does anyone in Zimbabwe use BBM at all?

There was quite some expectation when BlackBerry launched their BBM mobile chat service on IOS and Android platforms last year. We remember we were as excited as any regular Zimbabwean who’s had their South African relatives speak highly about BlackBerry and its services. And we rushed to install it too and added a number of friends, […]

Now with games added, is WeChat getting more interesting or just bloated?

If you have been using WeChat lately, you probably noticed that the social messaging platform has added games. For some regions and countries at least. If you are in Zimbabwe for example you will notice there are at least 3 games now:  one galactica kind of game called Pencil Pilot (which i really liked), 2Day’s […]

Here’s an article every Zimbabwean marketer must read. Why spend more offline?

Print media is not going away any time soon, but the writing is on the wall, where the future of publishing is. Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop where local marketing expert, Benjamin Juru, was presenting on the shift to digital media for local (hell, global) marketers. He spoke about the numbers […]

WeChat now available for Zimbabwe users

When we published the article “WeChat is better than WhatsApp” one of the complaints that kept coming up was that the social messaging app was not available for Zimbabwe (see comments to the article). Our Question and answer site was also inundated with the question of how to go around this restriction. It was ofcourse […]

You’re doing it all wrong: 8 terrible Facebook contest mistakes companies make

Zimbabwean company have been joining the ‘new’ marketing channel that is Facebook in droves lately. One shortcut to audience building they have been using probably already is Facebook promotions/competitions/contest. The assumption is this method delivers results fast but that hasn’t been the case largely because of some mistakes that the guys over at Bizsetup Group […]

How a Local Startup is Re-Imagining Online Video (You should be part of it too)

In February Three startups emerged from British Council’s Culture Shift Challenge. One of them, Bigeyes , walked away with 2nd place,  £1500 in cash, mentorship, and internet sponsorship. With that they promised to revolutionaries the way we share and consume online video locally.  While this may all sounds wonderful, in a world where Youtube calls […]

How about an internet-less Twitter?

One of the most popular question and answer tags on our Techzim Answers platform is Forgetmenot Africa’s internet-less Facebook, eTXT. The question “how to link facebook with my etxt on my mobile phone?” for example has been viewed some 24,000 times, more than twice the next popular question on the site which has about 11,000 […]

Zim Asset: Zimbabwe’s Government plans for tech

Our fairly new government recently released a document called Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Social-Economic Transformation (Zim ASSET) that outlines government multi-sectorial plans at economic recovery right upto 2018. The ICT sector is listed among the seven or eight sectors that have to kick for the desired economic transformation to take shape and so far, it’s […]

Econet makes social impact investment in wind energy

  Econet Wireless, through subsidiary Econet Solar International has joined other investors in an initiative led by Danish wind energy group Vestas to build small wind power generators across Africa. The programme, called Wind For Prosperity, aims to provide power to millions of people living in rural areas and small towns beyond the reach of […]

#Twimbos, Twitter is calling.

Twitter has grown in leaps and bounds this year and Zimbos finally seem to have got a “handle” on it. Although, no official user stats are available on Zimbabwe (ZARF says 2%), Twitter has become the main social network for many Zimbos, or should I say #Twimbos. Although I only have 131 followers to show […]

ZBC is broke! Yeah, whatever

Yesterday morning we woke up to the news that ZBC is broke (insolvent.) OK those among you who are surprised please raise your hands. I wonder what the management expected. Strangely enough the Deputy Minister for Information, Media and Broadcasting services Honourable Supa Mandiwanzira was “shocked” when he discovered that ZBC’s books were this bad. […]

Some Zimbabwean brands with the worst Facebook pages

We have before listed Zimbabwe;s top Facebook business Pages here, so when we came upon this list by a local blogger, Tinashe Nyaruwanga, we found it quite interesting. Nyaruwanga lists what he has found to be the worst Facebook pages in Zimbabwe and amoung them you’d expect high brands that would be expected to execute […]

E-cigarettes: a panacea for Zimbabwe?

Health officials say tobacco smoking is the largest cause of preventable death on the entire planet. Lighting up a cigarette increases the risk that you or those constantly around you are at risk of contracting a multitude of diseases and health complications such as heart attacks, strokes, emphysema, bronchitis and cancers ( cancers of the […]

Alpha Media hosts digital marketing workshop for marketers

Today we attended an Alpha Media organised workshop where the company brought together marketing managers, media managers and other professionals in the industry to discuss the need for marketing people to understand digital platforms and the opportunities there. There were 5 speakers at the event who all did a great job (I’d say that, I […]

Keeping up with the Jukwas, Twitter goes mainstream: 2013 tech review (Social Media)

2013 has been seen Zimbabwe explode with breakthrough after breakthrough in technology. A lot has happened with new innovations taking root, changing our lives in the process. As we draw closer to curtains down for 2013, this will is the first in a series of review of headlining tech issues that took place in 2013 […]

Zimbo making waves with solar powered hearing aids

Botswana based electronic technician and social entrepreneur Tendekayi Katsiga has been quietly making waves globally with his product, Solar Ear, a solar-powered hearing aid. Tendekayi Katsiga is the founder and C.E.O of Deaftronics, a company that is manufacturing the world’s first solar-powered hearing aids. The inspired idea came in 2009 when Tendekayi Katsiga had an […]

Econet Solar to power 125,000 homes with Home Power Station (HPS) by 2014

Following up on a story we published on Econet’s Home Power Station a few days ago, we have since received additional information from their PR company that will add more perspective. Econet Solar International (ESI) announced at the AfricaCom conference that it plans to light-up at least 125,000 homes with its Home Power Stations® (HPS) […]

With 200,000 local users, should local firms be looking to advertise on Linkedin?

Just yesterday we got a call from an associate asking how he could advertise on Linkedin. Our initial reaction was why would someone in Zimbabwe want to advertise on Linkedin when Facebook offers a wider audience. Infact, we initially we thought it was not even possible to advertise on Linkedin from Zimbabwe. Linkedin is the […]

Photo sharing app Instagram to come to Windows Phone shortly

We have no idea just how many of you out there are Windows Phone owners. Maybe a few stubborn enterprise fellows that swear by their PCs that Microsoft will rule forever despite the market truth. Anyway, Microsoft and Nokia finally succeeded getting an Instagram app for their phones. Instagram is the app that mass-marketed photography. […]

Econet introduces unlimited Facebook access for $3 a month

This is ofcourse something we have wished for a long time now that mobile operators would do. It just makes business sense; social business for us subscribers that is! Econet announced yesterday that they have introduced an unlimited access to Facebook promotion that will last until the end of February next year. As part of the promo, subscribers will eat all they can of Facebook for either 95 cents a week, or $3 a month.

Press Release: One month to go until hypercube hub opens its doors

Harare, Zimbabwe  –  On Wednesday November 13, Hypercube Hub will open it doors for the first time, and follow up with a number of launch events planned for the rest of the week. The events will include a launch party on Wednesday evening, followed by SuperHyper, a fast paced two-day hackathon, and will close off with a Kickoff event on November 17 for […]

Rent or buy Facebook friends?

Not long ago someone asked an interesting question in the answers forum: How did Baba Jukwa get his seemingly huge following? It would appear the answer was just plain simple old sensationalism. This made me curious however, how do other businesses and organisation achieve social networking fame aside from notoriety (which might explain why a […]

LinkedIn to help students prepare for college with new University Pages

Today, the globally popular professional networking site, LinkedIn, announced the introduction of University Pages, a set of tools targeted at helping school going members choose the right university/college and ultimately a career more effectively.

Some people DON’T like these promotional SMSs

I was really hoping my phone would buzz and display that famous message, “EcoCash: Transfer Confirmation. $$$ from…”. I really needed that money and then I heard my phone buzz. With much enthusiasm I pressed the middle button and to my distress again it was a promotional SMS from Econet. I took a very little […]

Zimbabwean travel and tourism websites you may want to visit.

Zimbabwe is a beautiful country endowed with great sites for sole eyes. Our country simply offers some of the best tourism destinations in the world. With that in mind we decided to go through the internet in search of websites that do justice to Zimbabwe’s beauty and add convenience to a traveller who is planning […]

At least 1.1 million active Facebook users in Zimbabwe

We don’t have to employ work arounds anymore because Facebook allows targeting Zimbos now. if you have tried to advertise on Facebook over the past couple of weeks you will know that Facebook says there’s an estimated 1.1 million active Facebook accounts inn Zimbabwe. The exact figure this morning is 1,140,000. Of those, 65% are male the tool says. men have more access to tech tools than their female counterparts?

Where to find Zimbabwe 1st TV on the internet: Streaming, YouTube, Facebook

Zimbabwe 1st TV went live yesterday as promised. But they are not just beaming to free-to-air satellite TV decoders, the channel is available for online viewing. The channel can be viewed as streaming service you Ustream, viewed as recorded shows on YouTube, and followed on Facebook to the parents’ rescue

Let’s be honest, when it comes to technology most parents are, well, “dumb.” At least that is what most teenagers think and it is hard to argue against this. Many a study have shown that younger people have more friends on social sites such as Bebo, Facebook and Twitter, that they make more updates including intimate details and pictures of themselves; play more video games; go to the movies and parties much more often and are early adopters of technologies.

Local bargains ad service, Bargain Buddy, grows rapidly on Facebook

In less than a month, a Facebook page dedicated to bargains in Zimbabwe has attracted more than 9,000 new followers and more than 3,000 people ‘talking about it’ at a time on the social network. The rapid growth, according to the owner of the page Sean Steyn, is indication that people are finding it useful and that there’s a healthy market for an online bargains service locally,