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Where to find Zimbabwe 1st TV on the internet: Streaming, YouTube, Facebook

Zimbabwe 1st TV went live yesterday as promised. But they are not just beaming to free-to-air satellite TV decoders, the channel is available for online viewing. The channel can be viewed as streaming service you Ustream, viewed as recorded shows on YouTube, and followed on Facebook to the parents’ rescue

Let’s be honest, when it comes to technology most parents are, well, “dumb.” At least that is what most teenagers think and it is hard to argue against this. Many a study have shown that younger people have more friends on social sites such as Bebo, Facebook and Twitter, that they make more updates including intimate details and pictures of themselves; play more video games; go to the movies and parties much more often and are early adopters of technologies.

Local bargains ad service, Bargain Buddy, grows rapidly on Facebook

In less than a month, a Facebook page dedicated to bargains in Zimbabwe has attracted more than 9,000 new followers and more than 3,000 people ‘talking about it’ at a time on the social network. The rapid growth, according to the owner of the page Sean Steyn, is indication that people are finding it useful and that there’s a healthy market for an online bargains service locally,

Barns, the internet, a #263chat TweeT@ble, Baba Jukwa & an election

In October 2009, a few posts into the founding of this blog, we attended a function where media professionals and politicians were discussing “Free Expression and Freedom of the media” in Zimbabwe. We were quite surprised however that in discussing media and expression, no one mentioned the internet or mobile phones.

Zim mobile operators on social media: Econet surpasses Telecel in popularity

When we listed Zimbabwe’s most ‘Liked’ pages on Facebook late last year, one company was clearly conspicuous by its absence from the list of companies and brands that had the largest following on the social network; Econet. This despite that offline, the company commands one of the highest, if not the highest, customer base in the country.

Some WhatsApp alternatives for feature phones & Android

WhatsApp is not the only WhatsApp out there. There are dozen other apps that run on smartphones and others on feature phones that achieve the same end in more or less the same way. So we thought we’d just list a few you can try and see if you like.

263Chat live Twitter event: How Zimbawean politicians use social media

Ever wondered how many Zimbabwean politicians use social media to connect to the people they are supposed to represent. Ever wondered which ones and how they use social media? How many blogs, are on Twitter, Facebook, post YouTube videos etc…

biNu rebuilds Android app to improve user experience

If you’re one of the more than 100,000 people that have downloaded biNu’s Android app, you were probably only pleased with the app page load speeds, processing etc.. but likely disappointed with an un-smartphone like feel.

Facebook Home, Mark Zuckerberg and the next 5 billion devices

When Facebook unveiled yesterday what was supposed to be the Facebook Phone but ended up just being more a pervasive app (or shall we call it a launcher), we found the following by the Facebook chief standing out.

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange finally launches website; a really useful one

We’re just from a Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) event where the local exchange was launching a web portal. The new website comes online after close to 2 years of being down. From our first impressions we almost want to say the wait was worth it, which we shouldn’t say because 2 years is a long long time.

C2 Media launches Zweely, a network of local sites & mobile apps

C2 Media, a local digital design & development company, has launched a network of local web and mobile properties. From information on the Zweely website, a common feature of the properties will be an emphasis on mobile and social. There’s also clear emphasis on appealing design (to us at least), something C2 clearly excels at.

WeChat is better than WhatsApp

Just before Christmas I got a sponsored link on my Facebook wall begging me to download and install an application called WeChat. I normally don’t look at those invites, no matter how tempting they sound. But being on my annual leave on a hot, slow December afternoon, I just thought, why not have a look.

Want some Zim comedy on mobile? Carl Ncube just released an app

We didn’t know about version 1 but we’ve just been notified of the second version of Carl Joshua Ncube’s app and after briefly checking it out, we loved it. Well, the Android version that we used at least. There’s an iPhone (and other devices) a Windows Phone version of the app as well. It’s all content on CJN in one place to make him more accessible.

Social media lessons from Zimbabwe’s mobile operators (Updated)

A lot can change in a year – especially in Zimbabwe. In 2011 very few of Zimbabwe’s established brands seemed to have a presence on Facebook (Twitter “didn’t exist” yet). Today’s marketing landscape has significantly changed as a number of savvy brands finally understand how and why social media matters to their marketing mix.

What Facebook’s Graph Search means for individuals, business and developers

Facebook launched its latest product, a ‘Search Engine’ at a function in California, USA, earlier this week. The facility, titled ‘Graph Search’, is rather more of a Search Engine but only for content resident on the Social Networking site and its possible functionalities were explained in an article on this platform yesterday.