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Twitter Turns To Remote Work To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus

Twitter has started encouraging its workforce to work from home in an effort to reduce risk of workers contracting the Coronavirus. The tech company is believed to be one of the first major companies in the US taking this stance. Beginning today, we are strongly encouraging all employees globally to work from home if they’re […]

Facebook Messenger For iPhones Uses Less Storage But Is Now Twice As Fast

Facebook recently rebuilt their Messenger application on for iPhones and iPads. The result is an app that is quarter the size of the pre-existing application and twice as fast. Why did Facebook do this? Because they felt the utility of Messenger requires that the application be as nimble as possible: We started with the premise […]

Reddit CEO Says TikTok Is Spyware

Steve Huffman the Co-Founder and CEO of Reddit criticised TikTok during a panel discussion at Social 2030 – an event for Silicon Valley investors and entrepreneurs. The panel which included Facebook’s VP of product Sam Lessin was having a discussion around TikTok’s innovative features when the Reddit CEO decided to share he wasn’t a big […]

Coronavirus, The Zimbabwe Government And Social Media

Last Thursday, Zimbabwe’s Minister of Health, Obadiah Moyo was summoned by parliament to update legislators on the country’s preparedness against the COVID 19 virus which has been declared a global health crisis. The minister assured the nation that there were no cases of infection in Zimbabwe. Earlier there had been a scare when a lady […]

Twitter Finally Adding Option For Users To Upload High-Quality Images

Very few things irritate me as much as social media/messaging apps compressing media uploads. Whilst I understand the need for compression – data is expensive and storage is finite and companies would rather have as little- having the option to choose what quality you upload. And that choice is what Twitter is deciding their users […]

Google Letting People Find Invite Links To Private WhatsApp Groups

It turns out with particular search phrases anyone can join the hundreds and thousands of WhatsApp groups all over the world – even private groups. A google search of the phrase “” results on over 470 000 results. Motherboard, who broke the news actually managed to enter a private group for NGOs and were able […]

This App Can Help Social Media Influencers Monetize Their Content

Ever wondered how social media influencers make money? It’s crazy to think that influencer marketing is less than a decade old, yet it has completely changed the way brands advertise. I’ve since been using Humanz app to collaborate and bid on really cool campaigns. I’ve done this thread to help fellow influencers to understand how […]

Still Waiting For Dark Mode On The Facebook App? Try Facebook Lite Instead

If you’re firmly on the dark mode bandwagon, then you’ll undoubtedly be waiting for the feature on all your apps including Facebook. Whilst the official application doesn’t offer the feature yet, it’s now available for people using Facebook Lite. Weirdly enough the Facebook Lite application wasn’t working on my phone so I had to fish […]

ZW$ Has Not Been Devalued – RBZ

RBZ has denounced claims circulating on social media suggesting that the central bank has devalued the local currency. In a Twitter post, the bank has said such disinformation is a tactic to cause panic: The Bank would like to advise the public to disregard, with the contempt it deserves, the false and mischevious article circulating […]

ZRP Officers Banned From Social Media After Sensitive Information Was Leaked

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has banned police officers from using social media during working hours to instead focus on crime prevention and investigation. Police officers will thus not be allowed to focus on their cellphones at the expense of duty or abuse WhatsApp platforms, Twitter, Facebook or any other social media sites. Paul Nyathi – […]

Office Of The President Dismisses Fake Scholarship Ads On Social Media

Another day, another government department/authority distancing itself from something on social media. This time the Office of The President and Cabinet (OPC) has dismissed adverts circulating on social media. The OPCs Executive Director Dr Christopher Mushohwe said the department is only placing adverts traditional media avenues i.e print, radio and television. The advert circulating on […]

No Point In Criticising People Who Help During Crisis – Masiyiwa Reflects On Corona Virus

Strive Masiyiwa the CEO of Econet Global has shared some opinions regarding the Corona Virus which has become a global epidemic (it qualifies as an epidemic right?) and in the process has drawn parallels between Chinese companies and some of the local companies he is associated with. “Businesses should intervene during the time of crisis” […]

Off-Facebook Activity Tool Allows You To Stop Sharing Data With Facebook

I’m pretty sure many of you didn’t know that Facebook can see your web activity. Because it can, in some instances you might buy something online, and those details are shared with Facebook and then you see an advert of something similar whilst scrolling through Facebook. Creepy… Anyway, Facebook has a new tool called Off-Facebook […]

SA Becomes 1st African Country Using Facebook’s Amber Alert To Fight Crime

South Africa has become the first country in Africa to join the Facebook Amber Alerts programme. This follows the announcement of a partnership between Facebook and The South African Police Service (SAPS) to use the social media platform and community to help find missing children. The system enables the South African Police Service to seek […]

Kenyan Politicians & State Entities That Block People On Social Media Risk Getting Fined Or Jailed

Kenyan politicians and state entities on social media will no longer be allowed to block people and if they do they will get heavily fined (US$9 914) and even risk going to jail (3 years maximum). The worst-case scenario will result in both a fine and jail time. Kenya’s Ombudsman -an official appointed to investigate […]

UN Officials Banned From Using WhatsApp Due To Security Concerns

Reports have emerged stating that United Nations officials have been banned from using Whatsapp since June 2019, because the messaging app is not “supported as a secure mechanism” according to a UN spokesperson. The spokesperson was asked if UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had been in communication with Suadi Crown Prince or any other world leaders […]

WhatsApp Dark Mode Finally Comes To Android

If you’ve been patiently waiting for WhatsApp’s dark mode which was announced over a year ago, you’ll be pleased to know that the feature is finally available to Android users. Right now the easiest way to access the new dark mode is by being a Beta tester and updating your WhatsApp. If you’re not a […]

Facebook Decides Against Adding Ads Across WhatsApp

Back in 2018, it became clear that Facebook’s hold on WhatsApp was going to come with some fundamental changes to the messaging application most of us use on a daily basis. When WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton left Facebook and US$850 million on the table it was clear what they had built was being changed and […]

MTN Also Launched Their Version Of Sasai Last Year: Why Do These Apps Exist?

Telecoms companies seem to be unable to resist a trend. When they decide that they should start investing in media – a number of them do so (e.g Kwese and Cell C) without investing in the talent or knowledge to actually make viable products. Outside of VoD services, it seems network operators latest fixation is […]

Twitter Considering Feature That Allows Users To Send Each Other Money

Applications such as Twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook are constantly in development. New features are mapped out way before regular users get round to using them and according to The Information, one such feature being considered within Twitter has to do with users sending each other money. The rumoured feature is said to be more similar […]

How Does A Kombi Business Use Social Media To Make More Money? We Ask Pamushana Africa…

Pamushana Africa Transport is an intriguing company. It’s not very often that we see kombi operators take to social media but that’s what the company did and they took the world of online interaction like a duck to water. With 16 850 followers, the transport company has more followers than certain local banks, football teams […]

Twitter Testing A New Method To Limit Replies To Your Tweets

CES is raging on and with huge tech companies like Apple and Twitter attending talks at the show – we’re bound to get insights on our favourite products/services from these companies. An Apple exec recently spoke about the merits of encryption and earlier on today Twitter executives spoke about a feature coming to the social […]

ZRP Asks Public To Stop Posting Pictures From Accident/Murder Scenes On Social Media

Zimbabwe’s police force has come out and asked members of the public to refrain from posting sensitive content on social media. RECORDING AND POSTING OF OFFENSIVE AND SENSITIVE MATERIAL ON SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMSThe Zimbabwe Republic Police is concerned with some members of the public who record video footage or photograph scenes of road traffic accidents, […]

Facebook To Start Taking Down “Deepfake” Videos

Manipulated media is one of the most dangerous forms that fake news can take. We’ve talked about deepfakes before and the horror of deepfakes comes from the fact that they can make it appear as if you or anyone else said or did something they didn’t do at all. Unlike other forms of fake news […]

[Interview] How Bulawayo Chiefs Became The Kings Of Sports Social Media

[Image Source: Bulawayo Chiefs] A few weeks back, we compiled social media statistics to determine which local club was most popular on social media. Bulawayo Chiefs is not known for high-calibre performances on the pitch but they’ve managed to foster a huge social media community and becoming the most popular club on Twitter and Instagram… […]

Telegram Adds Boat Load Of Features To Start 2020

Telegram has always been the feature-rich alternative to WhatsApp that just isn’t as popular for some reason. Anyway, the messaging app is adding features to start out the year on a bang and make its already feature-rich application even more… FEATURE-RICH! The headlining feature is the new Theme Editor which will allow users to; …quickly […]

Social Media Sites Makeup 39% Of Data Used During Q3 of 2019

Zimbos love their social media and one of the statistics backing that up is found in POTRAZ’s recently released 3rd Quarter report. Use of the internet grew in general with mobile data and internet consumption growing by 3.4% from 9 367 TB to 9 684.5TB. Whilst the rise is welcome it’s still %5 behind Q1’s […]

Facebook Reveals Its Highlights In Africa During 2019

Facebook’s 2019 Year In Review is out now and the company shared some of its highlights on the African continent during the past 12 months. The highlights include launching hubs, content review centres, public WiFi hotspots, an Accelerator, expansion of the Third-Party Fact-Checking program and so many more: Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge […]

US Regulators Consider Blocking Facebook From Joining FB, WhatsApp & Instagram

Facebook’s vision culminates with them having one super app to rule them all. That super app would have seamless integration between Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and it will exist as Facebook Portal… That’s if regulators don’t have a thing or two to say about that. The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is considering filing an […]

ZRP Discourages Online Dating After Rape Case

Zimbabwe Republic Police has a Twitter account which is notorious for sharing random tweets like the one below: Anyway, the latest update from the local police force focuses on online dating and why you shouldn’t participate in it at all (at least according to the ZRP): A 29 year old woman was raped after she […]