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ZRP Discourages Online Dating After Rape Case

Zimbabwe Republic Police has a Twitter account which is notorious for sharing random tweets like the one below: Anyway, the latest update from the local police force focuses on online dating and why you shouldn’t participate in it at all (at least according to the ZRP): A 29 year old woman was raped after she […]

Hands-On With Android’s RCS Messaging Which Allows You To Use Data Instead Of Airtime When Texting

I’ll be the first one to admit it, capturing what RCS messaging does in the title without it getting convoluted is pretty difficult. Anyway, RCS Messaging improves the texting experience with a whole set of new features that take your phone out of the SMS and MMS era and into the instant messaging era (think […]

Facebook Messaging Apps (including WhatsApp) & BlackBerry In Patent War

BlackBerry recently obtained a number of patents injunctions against WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook regarding chat features. A patent based injunction prohibits an infringer from stepping on the rights of the patent owner. Effectively this would mean BlackBerry could get WhatsApp and the other violating apps banned in the territories in which they have been judged […]

[Update] Twitter To Remove Accounts That Have Been Inactive For 6 Months

If you’ve been inactive on Twitter for over half a year now and you still value that account, you might want to log in again as soon as possible, since Twitter is doing a cleanup exercise of accounts that are no longer in use. Affected users have until December 11 to log in and prevent […]

Is TikTok Reviewing & Censoring Videos Posted By Users?

TikTok recently announced that their app had been downloaded 1.5 billion times and calling that feat impressive is an understatement. In fact, it ranks them 3rd globally among non-gaming apps downloaded this year trailing behind WhatsApp and Messenger only. Behind all that success, however, are questions regarding how the application owned by a parent Chinese-company […]

Facebook Releases New App For Creating Memes

As part of its plans to possibly woo back young users leaving its platform in droves, Facebook has launched a meme-making app called Whale that the company says enables users to use their own images to create and share memes on social media. What’s the app about? The free app has a stock photo library […]

ZRP Dismisses Social Media Bank Notes Story As Fake News

The ZRP has become the latest in an ever-growing list of organisations to dismiss stories circulating on social media. The national police force released an official statement dismissing stories alleging government official Energy Mutodi was involved in circulating fake banknotes: The Zimbabwe Republic Police wishes to categorically dismiss social media posts that they held a […]

Reactions To 2020 National Budget

Image credit: Chronicle The 2020 Budget Statement has attracted interesting opinions from both public figures and unknown persons. We have just compiled a few reactions by people on Twitter. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your […]

[Interview] Darlington Mandivenga Speaks About Sasai: The App Has Been Downloaded In 155 Countries Since Launch

We met with Cassava Smartech CEO Darlington Mandivenga at the Sasai stand at AfricaCom 2019. The CEO walked us through some of the lessons they have learnt since the launch of the application along with some interesting milestones. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: […]

ZESA Denounces Fake Twitter Accounts Which “Mislead” & “Defraud” Consumers

ZESA has released a statement in response to an infamous Twitter account which has been getting attention for clapping back at customers who can’t tell the difference between official and parodies of ZETDC’s twitter account with tweets such as these: ZETDC’s has now issued out an official statement through their account and it reads: ZETDC […]

Facebook Pay Will Offer Integrated Payments On WhatsApp, FB & Instagram

Yesterday Facebook announced a new payment service that will work across WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram. The service will enable users to “send money to friends, shop for goods, or even donate to fundraisers”. In a blog post announcing the payment service, Facebook highlighted the fact that the payment service will support major credit cards/debit cards […]

YouTube Promises To Delete Accounts That Are Not Making Enough Money, Users Left Confused & Angry

YouTube recently updated its terms of service, and while most of us accepted them without actually going through what they say, some people did in fact read them, and there’s something that jumped right out. The new terms of service for YouTube state the following: YouTube may terminate your access, or your Google account’s access […]

Saudi Government Accused Of Hiring Twitter Employees To Spy On Critics

Prosecutors in the United States are saying that two ex-Twitter employees were hired by the Saudi regime in order to access personal account information about critics of the Saudi government. According to the complaint filed, the accounts compromised included those of journalists – one with more than a million followers and popular critics of Saudi […]

Facebook Working On Facial Recognition Based Identity Verification

Facebook and data breaches have become synonymous over the last two years so when one hears that the social media network is working on a feature that will let users provide facial data for identity verification one can’t help but feel a bit creeped out. According to Jane Manchung Wong – who digs into apps […]

Tik Tok’s Parent Company Announces First Smartphone

Tik Tok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world right now with close to 1.5 billion users worldwide. It seems Tik Tok’s parent company -Byte Dance- is broadening its horizon and entering the smartphone space. The company just announced its first phone Smartisan Nut Pro 3 (no I’m not kidding […]

Ministry Of Information Says We Were Hacked After “Satanic US Embassy” Tweet

On the 2nd of November, the Ministry of Information’s Twitter account, appeared to have gone berserk when they responded to a tweet about the ongoing Doctor’s strike with a barrage of insults to the Doctor’s along with a jibe at the US embassy which was called satanic in the now deleted tweet. The Ministry of […]

Facebook Working On Encrypting Messenger’s Audio & Video Calls

Mark Zuckerberg had disclosed in March that Facebook would be encrypting all messaging services. It appears that the social network is finally working on making that a reality. According to popular tipster Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook is testing encrypting video and audio calls over Messenger in Secret mode. However, this does not mean all calls […]

Zim Digital & Social Media Awards To Host Free Online Conference Focusing On Social Media

Zim Digital and Social Media Awards is going to host a 5-day online conference which will be graced by “digital and social media marketing experts from Zimbabwe and Africa” who will “unpack the digital landscape in Africa and discuss how African brands can better leverage digital platforms to achieve their desired results”. The conference dubbed, […]

Twitter To Stop Accepting Political Ads

The CEO of Twitter has come out and said the social media platform will no longer accept political advertisements in a statement that will probably end up putting more pressure on Facebook as their CEO recently said they will continue to accept political ads and won’t flag political ads if they carry any falsehoods. Jack […]

Nigerian Government Considering Social Media Regulation

World governments have a pretty complex relationship with tech giants and social media companies right now. The Nigerian government is among nations looking at a way of making social media better. The government is reportedly considering ways to “sanitise” social media. Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture was quoted as saying the time was right […]

Social Media Claims About eRecruitment Portal For Nurses Are Fake Says Minister Of Health

The Minister of Health and Child Care Hon. Obadiah Moyo has come out and disputed social media claims that certain two hospitals in Bulawayo enrolled trainees from other regions whilst ignoring Bulawayo natives. Following the recent e-recruitment of nurses, it is noted that there was some information circulating on social media purpoting that the Ministry […]

Something Is Wrong With Yo Mix Right Now – Buy The Bundles At Your Own Risk

Earlier this month, Yo Mix announced that they would be having another promotion that would last until the end of the month and would see users getting 60% discounts on offers within the app. The discounts were in my instance more competitive than the expensive bundles and my first purchase was a success. Subsequent purchases […]

Sasai Now Giving Away Cows To People In Sasai Groups

If spamming doesn’t work, you know what might? Cows! That’s probably what was said prior to the launch of the newest promotion by Sasai which will see 5 cows being given away to 5 groups each week. It’s a pretty interesting concept but one that might work! So how will the Group Admin Challenge work, […]

Crisis Communication Is Not Just For Corporates: The Zimbabwe Gender Commission’s Missed Opportunity

NB: This article was written before yesterday when the ZGC issued a fuller statement about the alleged dress code mooted to curb sexual harassment in tertiary students in Zimbabwean universities, You can read their full report here. A few years ago, I wrote an article bemoaning the public relations response of Econet, Zimbabwe’s largest telecommunications […]

WhatsApp Rolling Out Feature That Allows You To Choose Who Can Add You In Groups Globally

Back in April, WhatsApp started rolling out a much-anticipated feature – the ability to choose who can and cannot add you to groups. Unfortunately for most of us the feature was rolled out to Indian users only. Half a year later, WhatsApp has finally decided that this feature can start rolling out globally and this […]

Lebanese Government Backs Down From WhatsApp Tax After Sparking Protests

On Thursday, the government in Lebanon announced that they would begin charging a tax for calls made on WhatsApp. The tax would charge citizens 20c/day for calls made via WhatsApp, Facetime & Messenger. It’s safe to say government was not expecting this announcement to take a turn for the worst… The following day, Lebanese nationals […]

Safaricom Tried To Launch A Sasai Before Sasai And They Failed

Last year Safaricom attempted to launch a messaging application called Bonga. The premise of Bonga was that it would bank on M-PESA’s (Kenya most popular mobile money platform) reach and integrate messaging along with social features in one place. Sounds familiar? We’d actually like to move beyond M-Pesa by leveraging its power as a social […]

Video: Mark Zuckerberg Discussing Free Speech

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Can Feature Phones Survive Without WhatsApp?

Feature phones or twumbudzi as they are commonly known in Zimbabwe are interesting devices. Whilst most people believe feature phones will be and are currently being obliterated by smartphones, the reality on the ground is actually more interesting than you would think. What’s what? First thing is first, what are feature phones? Basically, these are […]

Trump Joins Game Streaming Service Twitch

The only predictable characteristic of United States President Donald Trump is that he isn’t exactly a predictable fella. His latest move doubles down on that unpredictability. Trump recently joined game streaming site Twitch. To the uninitiated, gamers record and share gameplay with other gamers and fans on the website. Does this mean Trump will now […]