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The internet in Zimbabwe can still be shut down (probably will), the court ruling that outlawed it last time wasn’t enough

Zimbabwe is or maybe not at the brink of yet another massive demonstration by the citizens against the government. When this demonstration planned for tomorrow the 31st of July was being discussed on Twitter, I dismissed it as something that wasn’t going to happen. Well the government seems to believe the demos are going to […]

Strict Covid-19 restrictions return

The following measures were announced by the President this evening and will take effect from tomorrow: All non-working sections of our population will be required to stay at home; except for purposes of securing food, water and health services. Where travel and social contact becomes essential and inevitable, every Zimbabwean should and must uphold the […]

Econet and Cassava offices searched by police to ‘retrieve evidence of money laundering’

Former Higher Education (before that Information Minister), Jonathan Moyo has just posted a copy of a search and seizure warrant purportedly issued by a Magistrate’s Court to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) against Econet Wireless. The former minster said the police are the Econet and Cassava offices right now (around 9PM on Friday 17 July […]

Byo Chiefs FC launch online merch store. The kings of Zim twitter keep pushing on

Bulawayo Chiefs FC have launched an online merch store. The undisputed Twitter champions of local football tweeted yesterday: This local social media sensation has done what most clubs in the PSL have been unable to do. They have made themselves into social media brand that goes beyond the city of Bulawayo to becoming national treasure. […]

Slides: Digital Patterns During Zimbabwe’s Lockdown

We did an informal unscientific survey to look at how patterns have changed (if they did) during Zimbabwe’s COVID 19 necessitated lockdown. The respondents were mostly regular Techzim visitors. This obviously means the sample is not representative of the wider Zim society at all. However, this is a sample of individuals marketers call ‘early adopters’ […]

President’s Lockdown Could Be Dangerous, Let’s All Make Sure It Works

I definitely believe that a lockdown was needed and could have been effected a little earlier. When signs that Zimbabwe was going to implement it soon started showing I was relieved. The actual announcement disappointed me a great deal though. First, why is a lockdown important? The important assumption regarding COVID 19 that leads to […]

Countries Ban Selling Coronavirus Equipment To Other Countries, Global Village Be Damned

“The world has become a global village.” What a worn out cliche right? The spread of the novel coronavirus that leads to COVID 19 disease proves how true the cliche is. Responses to it though reflect that this might not be as villagy a world as we theorise. A number of countries around the world […]

Whatever Happened To The Guy Who Claimed ‘Econet Stole Sasai Idea From Him’?

It’s been over 2 months since Cassava Fintech released it’s all-in-one app, Sasai. However, you might remember that Cassava’s moment of glory for debuting Sasai was somewhat overshadowed by news of Artwell Makumbe who claimed Econet (once parent company of Cassava) stole the idea of Sasai from him. Journey into a rabbit hole At the […]

Here’s What Public Figures Have Said About Gonyeti’s Abduction

The abduction of online content creator, Gonyeti has gained the attention of many public figures and foreign media public figures. Here’s what some public figures have had to say about our humurous Gonyeti: Beyond human rights violations, violence, inhuman and degrading treatment, this attack on a woman who is using her talent to earn an […]

Watch: Gonyeti Talking About Her Abduction

Also read: Online Content Creator Gonyeti Arrested By CID Detectives Over Video(s) On Social Media Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page will not work. {{error_message}} {{error_message}}

Gonyeti Narrates Her Ordeal

Bustop TV has posted a series of tweets describing how Gonyeti’s abduction happened yesterday according to her. Samantha/Gonyeti says they forced her to drink sewer water and threatened to kill her mother if she reports about her abduction. — #struckbutnotdestroyed (@bustoptv) August 22, 2019 Her sister was beaten and they had guns pointed at her […]

Comedian Gonyeti Abducted, Later Found Beaten And Bruised

Yesterday evening, popular comedian was reportedly abducted from her home by a bunch of masked men who were armed with guns. Gonyeti has been taken by masked and armed men from her house. They beat up her family and broke doors. — #struckbutnotdestroyed (@bustoptv) August 21, 2019 Like Kevin Hart or Trevor Noah, Gonyeti makes […]

Forbes Under 30 Nigerian Entrepreneur Charged In US Over $12m Fraud

Over a month ago we wrote about 7 Zimbabweans who made it on this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 List. Being featured on the List is an achievement for many entrepreneurs as it puts them in a prestigious spotlight. However, the List has been criticized for not taking any due diligence in the form of […]

POTRAZ Boss Now A Free Man, State Withdraws Charges

After months and months of court appearances, finally POTRAZ’s head, Dr Gift Machengete is now a free man after the state embarrassingly withdrew charges (again) it leveled against him. When the it all started Dr Machengete was charged with criminal abuse of office but after failing to come up with a compelling case, the state […]

Here’s A Full List Of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s Post-Election Cabinet Ministers

President Emmerson Mnangagwa today announced a new 20-member Cabinet. He also appointed deputy ministers and 10 provincial affairs ministers. The appointments were made in terms of Section 104 (1) of the Constitution. Here is a list of the appointments: Ministers Ministry of Finance -Thuli ncube Ministry of Defence & War Veterans- Hon Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri Ministry of Mines […]

Zimbabwe Has A New Same President, Our Job: Hold Him Accountable To His Campaign Promises And More

Finally the election results announcement has come. President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has been declared duly elected President of the Republic of Zimbabwe. He won the poll with a 50.8% of the total votes cast which secures him the State House. President Mnangagwa was of course the incumbent having taken over the presidency after the resignation […]

Presidential Election Results: Check Out Who’s Leading In Real Time Online As ZEC Announces

ZEC promised to start announcing the results of the presidential election at 10pm tonight. Well it’s past that and we knew ZEC doesn’t really keep time do they? Anyway, when they do announce you will want to check out the Pindula News Election Resource page to get a sense of who’s leading at any given […]

Over A Year Later, A Few Weeks Before The Elections And BVR Myths Are Still Prevalent

This article was sponsored by Go Zim, a civic education campaign aimed at encouraging citizens to get out and vote on elections day. See more at In March of last year, Techzim published an article attempting to dispel the myths surrounding the introduction of Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) in Zimbabwe. The technology, which captures voter’s fingerprints […]

Africa Needs To Change Attitude Towards Intellectual Property And It’s Role In Society

Sometimes the timing of certain events is just perfect and things seem to come together as if this was intended by a higher power. Yesterday was one of those days as two things were happening and they aligned in a seamless and interesting manner. Firstly, yesterday was the World Intellectual Property Day and the theme […]

[Updated] With Elections On The Horizon Watch Out For The Fake News Storm That Is Coming

As we edge closer and closer to the elections this coming Monday, it seems one of the major concerns that people will have is how they can get a reliable stream of information. It’s certain there will be an increase in politically inclined fake news meant to influence people’s vote and even just to cause unrest. […]

Cabinet Ministers And Other Senior Government Officials Now Required To Declare Their Wealth

The Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet of the Republic of Zimbabwe has issued a communique to the effect that Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Directors within ministries are now required to declare their wealth and financial and business interests. CEO’s of parastatals, Chairpersons of commissions and heads of local authorities are among […]

MetBank And Ozias Bvute At The Centre Of SupaGate, The Mandiwanzira Scandal

You might be aware by now that Minister Supa Mandiwanzira is under investigation by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission. This is because of the report made by former NetOne CEO Reward Kangai alleging corruption and abuse of office on the minister’s part. In his report, Kangai raises a lot of questions and points attention to some […]

Here’s Full Letter Submitted To Mnangagwa By Former NetOne CEO. Supa, POTRAZ Chairman And Others Said To Be A Mafia Type Cartel

So the gloves are off between Supa and former NetOne chief, Reward Kangai. Gloves have been off for a long time now but we have reached a crescendo. Here is the letter Kangai sent to the president: 28 December 2017 His Excellency Cde. E.D.Mnangagwa, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe The Birth and Growth of […]

This is Not Tech or Business but MUGABE RESIGNS

Who can resist to write such a headline? Definitely not Techzim. After 30 years as Head of State and Government and 37 years as Head of Government, Robert Mugabe has resigned. We do not have words for it here in the office and I guess non of you have either. This has been the most […]

How to Follow Online Updates of March to Statehouse #SolidarityMarch #FreshStart #MugabeMustGo

Every other Zimbabwean (at least those in Harare) seems to be going to join the march to statehouse or the Zimbabwe Grounds anti Mugabe Rally. We are clearly surprised by some of the people who are participating, you know those people you can’t ever convince to register to vote. let alone to actually vote! Now we […]