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Chakachaya ‘Here’ Ne Ecocash?

By now we are all aware of the messages from EcoCash about points balances especially after sending money through EcoCash. At first everyone was wondering what Chakachaya/Ziyawa KuEcoCash was all about. Now that most of us know that the messages that come after certain EcoCash transactions are detailing our points for the Chakachaya/Ziyawa kuEcoCash promotion, […]

Here’s What You Need To Know About The NetOne Hackathon

NetOne is partnering with Finmark Trust to bring the OneMoney Mobile Financial Services Hackathon. The trust is a South African non profit devoted to promoting financial inclusion and regional intergration of financial services. The hackathon will focus on developing a solution that could change mobile financial services in Zimbabwe and contestants will also receive mentoring […]

Trading Of Shares On The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange Using Mobile Phones Is Almost Here, Are The Listed Companies Ready?

  This morning we were gonna witness the launch of C-Trade, an online and mobile trading platform for Zimbabwe’s capital markets. Unfortunately, the launch has been postponed yet again. I am disappointed because the postponement was because the Guest of Honour is not available. Zimbabweans have a fascination with big launches, I am more for […]

Still Skeptical About Signing Up For A Funeral Policy? Think PostLife

Still Skeptical? Back in 2014, in the rural areas where i used to stay, a funeral policy company came and urged all civil servants to take funeral policies. Everyone in that small community of rural teachers including me a millennial refused to do so because an ancient belief associates signing up for life assurance or funeral […]

11 Most Common On-site SEO Mistakes

On-site SEO plays a significant role in search engine ranking of your site. Without proper on-site SEO strategies, you risk having a low SERP rank and few backlinks to your site. White label rank tracker can let you see how on-site SEO mistakes are hurting your SERP. To help you avoid these adverse effects, below […]

Over A Year Later, A Few Weeks Before The Elections And BVR Myths Are Still Prevalent

This article was sponsored by Go Zim, a civic education campaign aimed at encouraging citizens to get out and vote on elections day. See more at In March of last year, Techzim published an article attempting to dispel the myths surrounding the introduction of Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) in Zimbabwe. The technology, which captures voter’s fingerprints […]

Do You Want To Smile All The Way To Morocco This Summer? DEMO Africa’s Got You!

This upcoming dry season may just see you smiling on a plane to Morocco that is if you have an idea to turn an innovation into a business venture. Ever heard the about the DEMO Africa Innovation Tour? In brief DEMO Africa conducts events in 12 African capital cities every year, these events, code named […]

How Many Women Lead Zimbabwe’s Leading Companies?

This thought leadership article has been sponsored by Big Law Management Consultants, a company that manages investor relations for listed companies especially in the digital sphere. 403 is the total number of directors who sit on the boards of Zimbabwe Stock Exchange listed companies which shared the composition of their boards in their last annual […]

Get This Temperature Humidity Sensor From Cafago For Only $12.60, Uhmm Who Cares About Such?

As winter continues to bite I know some days are colder than others but sometimes you need to put a figure to the adjective. Normally I rely on Weather Underground and Google to tell me this but here is the problem, both services give me the weather for the area which might or might not […]

How To Secure Your Android Device After Root

Rooting brings a lot of advantages to all the Android owners. With root access full customization of a device is possible. But rooting also makes the operational system too vulnerable to malware attacks, data breach, and other threats. How to protect your device after rooting? Read the post and find out. Best Ways To Keep […]

54 000 People Have Won $300 000 Worth Of Prizes In The Ziyawa ku Ecocash So Far, Some Techzim Readers Have Won Too

Remember we promised that Techzim was participating in the Chakachaya ne Ecocash Promotion? Of course this is a sponsored campaign so the prizes we will be giving away here are coming from Ecocash themselves. Now have there been any winners so far in the doubled up Ziyawa promotion? A few weeks back Ecocash held the […]

Buy These I7S Wireless Earphones For Only $19

For those people who enjoy music on the go there is reason to rejoice even as one phone maker after another is killing the headphone jack- you can still make use of wireless headphones. You can get a remarkable pair of wireless earbuds from Cafago for only $19.26 (Ecocash $26 see below for details) including […]

Digital Advertising Convention 4 Africa – DACAfro 2018

I have noticed that as soon as I cross the border between Zimbabwe and South Africa by road, the adverts I start seeing on my phone become relevant. I see specials from Pick n Pay and offers from Woolworths, and when I travel a few metres after seeing those ads I can actually see the […]

In The Diaspora And Want To Send School Fees To Zimbabwe? Steward Bank Is Guaranteeing Cash Pick Up

Living outside Zimbabwe but having family to support back home can be complicated sometimes, well at least I think so. It’s hard enough being away from those you love, to then have problems when sending money to family just adds to your anxiety. Before you even send the money there is the question of which […]

“Chakachaya ne Ecocash.” Question: Why Cows And Goats?

Obvious you heard it already because these guys make noise whenever they are up to something. Anyway, we will say it again: Chakachaya ne Ecocash is back, it has been running since the 8th of this month actually. Bear with me, I know you didn’t need me to say because you have already seen notifications […]

Take Advantage Of These Select Deals From TomTop’s Flash Sale [Updated]

So you all remember how I have declared a war on my now quickly disappearing pot-belly. The goal is to have it replaced by pure muscle in the next three months and I think I have been hitting the right strides. One way to make sure that you meet your exercise goals and do not […]

You Want Your Kids To Study Abroad But Can’t Afford It All At Once? This Could Be Your Solution

A number of people in Zimbabwe want to send their children abroad for tertiary education. Of course all parents would consider it if it were within their means but it’s not always the case. The peculiar thing in Zimbabwe right now is that even those parents that can afford to send their kids abroad may […]

Zimbabweans In The Diaspora Can Now Access Steward Bank Mortgages (Loans) To Buy Or Build Houses In Zimbabwe

Steward Bank has been opening bank accounts for Zimbabweans in the diaspora for a while now. They have now gone a step ahead to make the accounts more useful for the diaspora folks: holders of this account are now able to apply for loans to buy or build houses back home. If the loan application […]

Take Advantage Of These Exclusive Deals From Tomtop

My phone does not have a fingerprint reader and I don’t really use a pattern. Depending with the week I either activate “swipe to unlock” or use a half-hearted password because I want to avoid forgetting the password. A fingerprint reader would be awesome but back when I bought my phone, devices with a reader […]

Whether You See It As A Threat Or An Opportunity, The Internet Is Here To Stay. You Better Be Part Of How It’s Gonna Look Tomorrow

I once declared here that the internet is probably the biggest and far reaching invention since the discovery of electricity. In fact I said it had far bigger consequence than the discovery of electricity. Of course the audience here fried me for such ‘unholy’ utterances. Of course without electricity, there would be no internet technology […]

The Geotel G1 from TomTop is a perfect phone for the Zimbabwean market

Geotel’s G1 reminds one of the Nokia 1100. It is in essence what an Android Nokia phone ought to have been. At $ 89.99 from Tomtop a Chinese online shop it is  cheap, it comes with a massive battery that would last for days, a main camera that takes decent photos and when you drop […]

The Framework Of Effective Digital Marketing

I was sitting in the boardroom of a respectable business recently when the boss said, ‘Trust, I want you to make sense of these digital things you’ll screaming about! Where is the money?’ At that point, the room was silent and everyone zoomed on me! You know that time when sweat is triggered from everywhere […]

Coaching, Mentorship and Organizational Development Conference 2018: You Need It!

Growth is one very fundamental aspect of life, hence the quote by William S. Burroughs which says “When you stop growing you start dying.” It is any organisation or company’s main objective to grow, whichever way each of these defines its growth, the bottom line is it’s growth. Nonetheless, what we often miss is that an […]

You Want To Freelance For Steward Bank But Need To Know More? Here’s More…

So the first time we wrote about collaborating with Steward Bank we described a bit about the bank. Needed to just give you a better feel of what they are about so you can better decide if that’s what you’re interested in. Last time we discussed who exactly they are looking for. Today, I will try […]

[Video] Steward bank is calling for you software engineers out there to join their freelance team

So maybe you are chilling at home looking for the next hustle. The Internet has married you with a couple of neat skills maybe as an app developer, coder, software engineer. Well here is Steward Bank with a freelance gig for you. Interested? Sign up  here! Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to […]

Who exactly is Steward Bank looking for???

I’m sure by now you know that Steward Bank is looking for freelancers (teams or individuals) to collaborate with on some fintech projects. If not, well then this should help free you from that rock! Anyway, as per promise, we will be helping you understand what the collaboration is all about. We’ll take it one […]

Financial Gazette to stream Superbrand Awards 2017 live on YouTube

Zimbabwe’s leading business, finance and politics weekly newspaper, The Financial Gazette, will today be streaming the Superbrand Awards. The Marketing Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) organised awards event, which will take place in Harare on 8 December, celebrates Zimbabwean brands that “go beyond excellence in service delivery and those that are top in the minds of […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Collaborate With Steward Bank…

As we wrote last week, Steward Bank is looking for skilled developers in the diverse fields of software engineering to collaborate with on some Fintech project – preferably freelancers. If you’ve been considering it (or not), I’m here to help you make that decision faster 😉 So, here are 3 reasons why you should be a […]

You heard how great OneFusion is but you have a mbudzi: kill both birds with OneTech

No kidding these are tough times in Zimbabwe right now. Tough times demand that we all adopt the most cost effective options that give more tangible value. To be honest, this should always be our disposition even  when in good times, even when there are no notes of bondage aka bond notes. So when it […]

Here’s a chance to partner one of the fastest growing banks in Zimbabwe, Steward bank.

Despite whatever banking problems Steward Bank has had in the past, their approach to things has been quite commendable and we acknowledged it right here. Steward Bank came into the picture with a different approach to banking, instead of limiting banking to the ‘elite’ the bank targeted the low end, which happens to be the […]