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All set for the Startup Weekend this Friday with $30,000 in prizes up for grabs

The Startup Weekend Harare to be hosted by Hypercube will come alive this Friday at Hypercube in Harare. According to event organiser and Hypercube community manager Irene Chikumbo, pretty much everything is set for the event which starts on Friday 16 May at 5pm and ends on Sunday 18 May at 6pm. Startup Weekend is […]

Assessing Africa’s readiness for multi-million dollar tech startup deals

Successes in startups have always been the stuff of fantasies. Seemingly simple ideas that are meant to solve some basic problems have turned some people into seriously wealthy individuals. This has been the trend at least in more advanced tech ecosystems such as the famed Silicon Valley. The formula has been used by startups from […]

The DNA of Zim’s “Technology” hubs part 3: Emerging Ideas

A few weeks ago we started a review of the local tech hubs as means to assess how they have hit the ground running in their first few months navigating around the Zimbabwean startup ecosystem. Muzinda-Umuzi and Hypercube were the first and second in the review and maybe tied to their formation similarities (all have […]

Hypercube Hub to host DEMO Africa Innovation Tour tomorrow

Local innovation hub, Hypercube Hub will be hosting the DEMO Innovation Africa Tour tomorrow as part of their continued efforts to create networking platforms for local startups, entrepreneurs, innovators and tech bloggers. This is a preliminary event meant to rope in Zimbabweans into what DEMO Africa is all about, how to participate in the continental […]

Rocket Internet enters Zimbabwe with real estate website Lamudi

Famous company builder, Rocket Internet, has found its way into the Zimbabwean web space with the introduction of a local real estate listing website This is essentially a Zimbabwean setup for the Lamudi real estate service which is already offered in more than 20 emerging market countries. Rocket Internet as you may already know is backed now by the giant […]

Africa’s Netflix, iROKOtv, kills ads to focus on subscription VOD exclusively

Jason Njoku, the founder of what is arguably Africa’s largest online movie service, iROKOtv, announced today that his company is going to stop the free ad driven component of their Video on Demand service to focus exclusively on subscriptions. The announcement was made in a long blog post titled Killing iROKOtv posted on Njoku’s personal blog. In the announcement, Njoku describes the […]

The DNA of Zim’s technology hubs Part 2 – Hypercube Hub

Continuing on the first installment examining Zimbabwe’s technology hubs (Starting with Muzinda Umuzi hub), this week we move on to another hub formed under similar circumstances to Muzinda Umuzi hub but one which has been totally different in approach. Like Muzinda Umuzi hub, Hypercube has non-profit roots as it was formed from the collaborative effort […]

African tech startups: obvious problems, clone entrepreneurship and not caring

The internet is such an amazing tool. It allows us to create stuff. And to have that stuff become useful to other people. And if we’re lucky, we can stumble onto entrepreneurship success. But not often does it go according to plan. Ideas are a dime a dozen yes, but in Africa (I really just […]

TheBehaviourReport: eccentric and refreshingly great content

If you have never heard of the TheBehaviourReport, I wish I were you reading this right now. Because then, I’d learn of of it the first time, pause a bit, curiously, and I’d go on to experience their refreshingly eccentric writing and content. And I’d smile and immerse in it for a while. It’s not […]

Kenya’s Savannah Fund takes on 3 new startups for acceleration

You probably know Savannah Fund as one of the few venture capital firms on the continent and some of you may remember them for being part of biNu’s 2012 series A funding, which we wrote about back then. So yes, it’s been a while since we covered them, and there’s quite a bit to say […]

Hypercube to host programming workshop for skills development

Local technology and innovation hub Hypercube Hub will be hosting a training series entitled “Programming for Beginners” starting tomorrow at 5:30pm in Belgravia, Harare. The price has been set at $30 for all three sessions. The three part series will be conducted over three consecutive Tuesday nights (15th, 22nd and 29th of April 2014) with […]

The DNA of Zim’s technology hubs part 1 – Muzinda-Umuzi Hub

  Quite a number of tech hubs emerged during the later stages of 2013. Mostly centered around Zimbabwe’s capital, the so called hubs have been visible in the media and social media platforms but recently, questions have been asked on what exactly they are bring to the ecosystem. Granted, none of the Hubs or incubators […]

Interesting take on Zimbabwe’s Innovation hubs

The last few months in Zimbabwe has seen the launch of two Tech Hubs, namely Hypercube and Muzinda Umuzi. To be pedantic Muzinda Umuzi is not a tech hub per se but maybe more of an entrepreneurship hub as it supports any business idea that shows potential rather than those purely in the tech space. […]

Zimdeveloper: Here’s a cool place to learn and debate everything programming

My short experience writing for Techzim has taught me that Zimbabwe has a lot of developers, pros and some pretenders, with one thing in common. Passion! They’ll love to flaunt their skills, debate and defend anything relating to their craft. Almost anything we post here with the slightest touch of being technical sparks some great […]

Hypercube to host Zimbabwe’s Startup Weekend with tickets going for $80

Local technology hub Hypercube and relief agency Mercy Corps have organised Zimbabwe’s first ever participation in the Startup Weekend. This technology entrepreneurship event, started by will run from the 16th to the 18th of May 2014. Startup Weekend is a non-profit organisation registered in Washington USA. It conducts Startup Weekends which are 54 hour […]

HIT dropout builds functional airtime vending machine prototype from scrap

George Chingore, a Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) dropout has built a functional airtime vending machine prototype from scrap computer components he assembled through the help of friends. George Chingore pitched his airtime vending machine prototype at Pitch Night hosted by Emerging Ideas. George was presenting his venture called Protonics which he hopes will replace […]

Dipleague unhappy about fake Dipleagues on Facebook (update)

If there’s one startup that has a problem of being copied locally, it is Dipleague. I don’t know if they should feel flattered, angry, or should maybe see this as a sign that it’s probably time to expand Dipleague beyond a mailing list. And maybe even time to monetise, a move the founder has so […]

Mentorship through social media : the Strive Masiyiwa story

The winning points of social media which have been talked about extensively are easy to identify especially when it is used in creative ways. Besides the communication of ideas it allows you to engage the online community, clarify your position and offer lessons. Thought leaders and investors around the world have since adopted social media […]

Are you grooming your heir(s)?

Black people have a serious problem, according to this wise fellow I recently shared a Kombie with, apparently most of their family businesses cannot survive the second generation. When the passionate owners of the startup dies their businesses tend to wither as soon as the young, entitled, slothful, spoiled and inexperienced brats of these owners […]

Emergency 24/7 app for local roadside emergencies now available for android

Boulder Corporate Communications has finally released their Emergency 24/7 app – we previewed here – for android devices. The original plan for the Emergency 24/7 app was to allow subscribers to send a distress call from their mobile devices to emergency service providers, mainly ambulance services, in the case of a road emergency or any […]

Hire Fast, Fire Fast: it’s about time Zimbabwean startups start firing somebody

Recently I came across this interesting article highlighting tips from 8 Silicone Valley big shots at Y Combinator’s Startup School 2013. The advice has been turned into some artsy infographics you can have a look at here. From the advice given I was immediately drawn to the bits that related to hiring, nurturing and understanding […]

Are we finally kissing goodbye to ridiculously expensive roaming charges?

Roaming tariffs are quite frankly ridiculous! The world over. For example, a story is told of a teenager who came back from an overseas trip to a phone bill of about $6000. Her one crime; doing normal teenage stuff like post to Facebook and share photos. Roaming charges are such a big issue that the […]

Girls continue soldiering on in Technovation App building challenge

“Technology is nothing.  What’s important is that you have a faith in people… and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”  – Steve Jobs It was a hive of activity at Hypercube Tech Hub on Saturday, as girls participating in the Technovation  Challenge were going through their curriculum. Some girls were […]

Shhhhhhhhh… It’s all in the Secrets!

This is a series of guest articles by Brenda Matanga on Intellectual Property and its impact on innovators and entrepreneurs. Benjamin Franklin, one of America’s founding fathers in his book entitled Poor Richard’s Almanack aptly described the essence of secrecy in a famous quote, “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.” The […]

Nqobizitha ‘Enqore’ Mlilo’s Nafuna TV makes top 10 in a Google competition

Google has today announced the finalists of the Africa Connected competition and Zimbabwe’s Nqobizitha “Enqore” Mlilo is part of the finalists in line to receive the $25,000 prize money. Last week we announced Nafuna TV has made it to the top 20 of the Google competition and now is within reach of the $25,000 prize […]

Blurred lines: Ideas versus expressions in Copyright Law for startups

This is a series of guest articles by Brenda Matanga on Intellectual Property and its impact on innovators and entrepreneurs The foundational principle of Copyright Law is that it protects the expression of ideas and not the ideas themselves as such. This is easy enough to say but is often difficult to understand in practice […]

Nafuna TV’s Nqobizitha ‘Enqore’ Mlilo, named top innovator by Google

Nqobizitha Mlilo, founder of Nafuna TV has been been named one of the 20 innovative and entrepreneurial web adopters from across sub-Saharan Africa and becomes a semi-finalists for the Google’s Africa Connected prize. Nqobizitha, through Nafuna TV, has been selected for using YouTube to provide his audience with animation and HD video content. According to […]

Technovation Challenge: Girls build three apps in less than a day

Scores of girls between the ages of 13 – 23 congregated at Hypercube Hub on Saturday in Harare for a convention dubbed “Young Women Build Mobile Apps Workshop Zimbabwe” that was organized by Techwomen Zimbabwe. The girls included those in primary and secondary schools as well as some at university level. The event was also […]

Another internet payments company, FloCash, announces Zimbabwe launch

Last week Friday we wrote that PesaPal, a popular Eastern African internet payment gateway, is expanding to Zimbabwe, and a few hours later, as if not to be outdone, another payments company announced the expansion of eCommerce payments services into Zimbabwe. Despite being based in the UK, the payments company, FloCash, has been described by […]

Muzinda-Umuzi Hack For Health hackathon update

  The Muzinda-Umuzi hosted Hack  ForHealth kicked off early this morning on a low key as only a handful of techies turned out for the event. It is hoped that more will attend as the Hackathon gathers momentum (if you’re a developer, this event is for you so try to make it). Despite the disappointed […]