Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

The need for a self-regulating mobile VAS providers body

There’s a growing appetite for mobile value added services (VAS) in the market. This is true for mobile network operators, developers and the mobile subscribers.

Developers and entrepreneurs are seeing the opportunities that Zimbabwe’s (and that of African countries in the region) rising mobile penetration avails. Subscribers too are starting to use mobile phones in ways they did not before. The gadget has evolved into much more than just a device to make voice calls and send text messages. There’s internet, music, TV, file transfer, games, and most recently money transfer.

Local startup launches, a local pages platform

A few days ago we visited Dariro, a new startup building what we can describe as a ‘local pages’ web platform. The website is still in beta and it’s live on The website also provides a platform for developers to build their own applications. The Dariro founder is Richwell Phinias, an internet marketing entrepreneur.

Social Media: Winky D is the Big Man

Winky D shot to stardom in a manner that left many recovering from his mesmerising impact. From the dusty streets of Kambuzuma he has risen to defy all established conventions by taking over local airwaves, entertainment systems, and many an iPod/mp3 player. Before his emergence, Dancehall was a niche genre for Rastafarians and hardcore fanatics; he has not only transformed this but created a very compelling mainstream brand.

The Old Mutual Entrepreneurs’ guide that you should check out

A Twitter friend pointed us to the resource the other day. This site is called Old Mutual Entrepreneurs guide. It provides a collection of lessons (you can call it wisdom) delivered by seasoned entrepreneurs. They basically share what they have learnt in their journey building successfully companies in Africa.

23rd Century Systems: Lessons on building a Pan African ICT company

At the Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce symposium held last week, Twenty Third Century Systems(TTCS) Group Business Development Manager, Thandi Ngwenya presented on an interesting topic: Building a Pan African ICT Company. In the presentation Ngwenya says she shares some “5 key lessons that we have learnt in our journey to establish TTCS as a global ICT player.”

Matamba Anonaka, Zimbabwe’s tech focused venture capital firm

We’ve been pointed to the existence of a tech focused venture capital firm in Zimbabwe. We’re delighted. This is the kind of development Zim’s tech startups need; the possibility of their ideas and skills getting some financial support. I know a lot of people that have been praying for this.

Zimbos: Stake your claim in the startup goldrush

I believe that Zimbabwe and Kenya are similar in many ways albeit Kenya’s coastal advantage with regards to bandwidth access. As such the future is almost predictable provided the local infrastructure shapes up. We have a much higher literacy rate than Kenya with their only difference being that they have embraced tech in a huge and ubiquitous way. Everyone from the vendor on the street corner to SMEs and right up to policy makers are welcoming the info age with open arms.

Zimbabwe start-up releases first beta of virus protection program

A local start-up, TechTribe, has released the first beta version of a virus protection program it’s calling Viral Suppressor. The software is available for free download on, and TechTribe is encouraging visitors to download and try the software.

Zim university student develops business apps & working on virus removal software

We first heard about Luke Madzedze at the Research and Intellectual Expo at the University of Zimbabwe some 4 weeks ago. At the expo, we saw some desktop and Java mobile applications whose development was attributed to the young man. We arranged to meet Madzedze and finally did last week in Harare.