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The crazy tech at the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup

Congratulations to Argentina! What a final that was on Sunday where everything literally went down to the wire. What was even more impressive was everything else happening behind the scenes on and off the pitch. The sheer amount of tech there was almost unfathomable complete with a ‘smart ball’ that the players were playing with. […]

FIFA’s offside tech involves cameras that track 29 data points on each player and a ball with a sensor

You know those jokes about nerds/geeks vs jocks. Movies made it seem like there is no place in the sports world for geeky talk. That’s not quite the case. Today we talk about something that I know that you, dear sport hater, will love. There is some pretty cool tech that FIFA will be introducing […]

TECHNIKARI Mike Madoda & Barry Manandi: Football before social media in Zim & the state of the PSL

On this episode of Technikari, I was joined by one of the best sportscasting duos out there, Barry Manandi and Mike Madoda. I am sure all of you have heard their voices over the radio or seen them on TV and I had the pleasure of picking their brains about what football was as a […]

Technology is changing sport as we know it

The festive period is funtimes for me for one simple reason – sport. Us, sport-lovers get a treat as the English Premier League, NBA and other leagues cram games into a tight schedule around Christmas. Just a few weeks ago we watched Lewis Hamilton get robbed in the craziest finale to an F1 season. It’s […]

Messi’s PSG welcome package included crypto

Lionel Messi’s move away from his almost lifelong club Barcelona came with something that is on message these days. According to a report by Reuters, Messi’s signing on package included Paris Saint Germain’s (PSG) crypto fan tokens. If you are surprised that PSG has its own fan token or crypto you are in the majority. […]

The Olympics are here and ShowMax Pro is offering a two for the price-of-one deal

Earlier this week we covered how you can stream the Olympics 2020 events (the event is taking place this year due to the pandemic). One of the easiest (but not cheapest) methods is to stream the events you want to watch using ShowMax Pro. Thankfully it seems someone at Multichoice was listening. ShowMax Pro is […]

How to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games online

The past two years have been very unusual. Not only have we had to contend with lockdown after lockdown and wave after wave of COVID-19, we have also had to contend with several misnomers. Not only were the November 2020 examinations actually written in 2021 the just ended Euro 2020 finals were also played deep […]

Where and how to watch Euro 2020 matches

The delayed European Championships (Euro 2020) started in earnest last night when Italy the hosts crashed hapless Turkey. The final score was 3:0 in favour of Italy. Over the next 30 days, 50 matches will be played all of which will be broadcast live on various platforms. So which one is more suited to you? […]

UEFA To Distribute 1 Million Tickets Via Blockchain This Year

UEFA has announced that tickets for this year’s EURO 2020 tournament will be distributed via a blockchain-based mobile application to improve and enhance the security and efficiency of the match experience for fans attending the games. The reason they are taking such an approach is that they believe they can stomp out duplicate tickets by […]

Which Teams In The Local PSL Have The Best Internet/Social Media Presence?

[Image Source: PSL Facebook] I’m sure we’ve all heard about how football is the most-watched sport in the world and we’ve seen its impact in our societies. Global brands like Manchester United, Real Madrid, Barcelona and any top team use the internet and social media to further cultivate the relationship between club and supporter and […]

Bulawayo Chiefs FC’s App Is Quite Brilliant & Other Teams Should Follow Suit

I don’t follow Zimbabwean football closely, and this is something I’m working on, but when it comes to club football I have two favourites. Highlanders are and have been my main team since childhood (no I’m not Ndebele, neither have I stayed in Bulawayo) and it so happens that my second favourite team is Bulawayo […]

DStv Takes Swipe At Kwese For Lack Of Content; Will The EPL Continue To Fuel DStv’s Supremacy?

With the football season right around the corner, DStv is taking the chance to brag about its more varied content line-up with both hands. The satellite broadcaster has put up ads on the popular English Premier League (EPL) and they also took the opportunity to remind you of the fact that their local competitor, Kwese […]

With Facebook Securing Broadcasting Rights For Popular Soccer Leagues, Should Kwese And DStv Be Worried

Facebook is making a splash in the broadcasting space and they’ve reportedly snapped up the exclusive rights to broadcast La Liga in India. If these reports are true, Facebook will replace the Sony Pictures Networks India media group as the home of La Liga in India after the company was not prepared to match the […]

There’s A Drone Racing Community In Zim!

Drone Racing is emerging as a world-wide sport and I’m not sure exactly when drone racing started but around 2014 it began to gain steam in Australia. You’ll be surprised to learn that there’s a drone racing community in Zimbabwe (at least, I was) and they’ve been operating for several months now. Let’s talk about […]

National Rugby Team Going Digital: To Stream On Facebook And YouTube

The Zimbabwe Rugby Union will be launching a YouTube channel for the national rugby team, AKA, the sables. Sables TV is being launched just in time for supporters to follow the Rugby World Cup qualifying campaign that’s starting in June. What exactly will they be streaming? The channels will be showcasing rugby related things including: […]

Sports, Cryptocurrencies and Smart Watches. There Is A Deep Connection In This Crazy Week

If you’re reading this on Techzim, there is a very good chance you are not really into sports. We can all agree that there is some truth in the stereotype that the technologically inclined (geeks and nerds) do not really get why sports are a thing. If you indeed are one of those indifferent to […]

Tech in sport: Can it stop the alleged favouritism of Manchester United by referees?

Who doesn’t enjoy a game of football on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Nobody, that’s who. A decoder and TV being the minimum requirements to join the action 30km away at Rufaro Stadium, as Bosso perennially lose to DeMbare, or even 12,000km away in Manchester. A lot of nerds hard at work to make sure you […]