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Econet Kills Libertie

Starting tomorrow, the Libertie and Prepaid Business Partna packages will be killed off gradually. Subscribers on the two discontinued plans will be automatically migrated to the new unified Buddie plan re-launched in the morning today.

PowerTel’s International Fibre Connection and the Expectation of Broadband Price Slashes

PowerTel Communications, officially launched its Internet bandwidth provision agreement with Botswana Telecommunications (BTC). The agreement was signed in March this year and is for the provision of 155mbps of Internet bandwidth to PowerTel.

Econet Relaunches Buddie With International Roaming

ECONET Wireless has relaunched its premier prepaid package, Buddie, loaded with a new bouquet of value added services, including the country’s first prepaid roaming service.

The Need For IT Governance

Having had the opportunity to study, review and apply IT Governance, risk, security, audit and controls in my daily work, and observing the socio-economic landscape of my beloved country, Zimbabwe, I smiled and yet professionally broken because of the huge task ahead of us

Econet Starts Rolling Out New Concept Stores

ECONET Wireless has begun a massive rollout of a chain of new format stores, as part of a wider programme to transform the company’s customer service systems.

Information Security Program: The Foundations and Anchors

In the past weeks, we have looked at the importance of information security in Zimbabwean organisations and the basics of InfoSec Governance. With such a background we can now diversify into one of the vital components of information security; building an effective enterprise security program. The information security program is a general framework made up […]

Zimbabwe’s Software Piracy Problem

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) 2009 global software piracy study released this month showed a global piracy rate rise to 43% from 41% in 2008. BSA says this means that “for every $100 worth of legitimate software sold in 2009, an additional $75 worth of unlicensed software also made its way into the market” globally.

5 Steps To Enjoy Cheaper Mobile Calls In Zimbabwe

If like us you are looking for ways to make cheaper calls, this article is for you. Here’s how you can start making immediate savings on calls:

Nhava Sells Stake To Rugare Chidembo, To Push Tens Of Thousands Of Nhavas This Year

We visited the Nhava founders yesterday at their Livingstone offices in the Harare Avenues. We had an interesting discussion with them; from how Nhava was founded, their vision, the range of laptops and expansion plans.

Telecel Extends Mega Juice Promotion Duration, Reduces Bonus Minutes To US $1

Telecel Zimbabwe has decided to continue with its Mega Juice promotion apparently after being inundated with requests for it to extend the promotion. The promotion is due to end on Friday this week.

The Case for Wide Area Network Optimisation Solutions in Zimbabwe: Part 1

This is the first article in a two part series that discusses the challenges faced by Zimbabwean organisations that have branch networks and are constantly seeking redress to their problems.

Why Internet Marketing Is Better

I may leave out the news paper, TV (ZBC in Zimbabwe) or brochures, but I’d never exclude the internet from almost ANY business/ marketing strategy I’m involved in.

Information Security Governance: Missing Link In Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is a term that refers broadly to the rules, processes, or laws by which businesses are operated, regulated, and controlled. By mandate all Zimbabwean companies should practice good cooperate governance whether they are listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) or not.

Google Africa Product Manager Coming Into Zimbabwe Today

We’re getting information that Google’s Sub Saharan Africa Product Manager, Divon Lan, will be in the country today. He’s coming in to meet with Internet service providers, telecom operators and the University of Zimbabwe.

We Live-Tweeted The POTRAZ Consultative Meeting

For the first time at Techzim today, we live tweeted an event. The result: a live update of the proceedings at a POTRAZ consultative meeting with Internet Access Providers and Internet Service Providers in Harare. Our followers were able to follow the event in realtime!

The Zim Ubuntu 10.04 Release Party On This Weekend

Yes, the Zimbabwe Ubuntu LoCo Team finally said something. So all you party animals (and not-so-social geeks, seriously, here is your chance to interact with like minded dudes) make time this Saturday to celebrate freedom.

The release party will take place at 335 Herbert Chitepo Street, Alliance Française in Harare and it starts at 2PM. You can send an email to for directions. And for all the naysayers out there (and Windows fanboys) who don’t believe in freedom, there will be a demo to showcase the special features that distinguish Ubuntu as an Operating System.

NetOne Introduces Per Second Billing

Heeding a directive from the Zimbabwe telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, NetOne has introduced per second billing for all calls within its network. NetOne confirmed today that subscribers will be charged US $0.0033 for each second. Multiply that by 60 seconds and you have your US 20 cents per minute, more or less. This is important.

Important because it works out cheaper for subscribers to make short duration calls.

Why Organisations Should Worry About Security: Part 2

Due to the harsh operating environment in Zimbabwe, businesses tend to focus more on their core business areas and neglect information security. This is viewed as a non value adding activity. In order to address the security loophole, companies then invest in cheap ineffective solutions which are highly vulnerable to security threats. In most of the organisations, information security roles, skills and capabilities are not clearly defined.

ZESA Effectively Using Website To Update Customers

ZESA impressed us today. The national power company is using the internet to provide customers with daily updates on important issues affecting the customers.

Visit to see what we’re talking about. The website loads fast, super fast actually. There’s lots of useful information. Some of it includes: “How to calculate your own bills” to “Taking your own meter reading” and tips on how to reduce your power usage.

Telecel Surpasses A Million Subscribers, To Launch 3G In 2 Months

Telecel Zimbabwe yesterday celebrated its attainment of more than one million subscribers at a function held to coincide with the end of the Harare International Festival of the Arts, at which it was one of the major sponsors.

Telecel took the opportunity to announce that it will launch 3G and GPRS data services on its network within the next two months. Indications that Telecel was going to launch internet services started back in January.

Are Zimbabwean ISPs and Companies Prepared for 5 May’s Possible Internet Blackout

Network managers are being urged to run a series of checks on their routers and firewalls to ensure their users will still be able to connect to the internet in the wake of a major change to the internet’s domain name system this week.

On May 5, the world’s top domain authorities, led by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the US Government and VeriSign, will complete the first phase of the roll-out of Domain Name System Security Extensions(DNSSEC) across the Internet’s 13 root servers.

Why Organisations Should Worry About Security

organisations are still running on old/outdated legacy IT systems which are either not supported anymore by the vendors or the skills to maintain them are no longer available. This also means that security patches for these legacy systems are not available increasing the possibility of these systems being attacked

Econet posts mega profits, declares dividend

This week Econet published their financial results for the year to February 2010. The results presentation, available on SlideShare here has a number of highlights but the outstanding one is the US $113 million Profit after Tax results! Total revenue for the period is US $362 million. Basic earnings per share per share were at a generous US 66c.

How To Make Ultra Cheap Calls In Harare

It’s not much of a secret really. So, no dear tech reader, you didn’t just stumble upon a telecoms hacking article. This is just in case you’ve been in a cave these past few weeks and haven’t been checking the print press.

TelOne has been aggressively advertising the availability of more capacity on their Huawei built CDMA platform this whole month. We’re not sure just how much capacity this is, but the calling rates are very attractive and you should consider it.

The Broken Reserve Bank Website

Today I was going through an article we’ll post shortly on ICT security in Zimbabwe. In the article, reference was made by the writer to the fact that there are no major information security compliance or legislation requirements to govern the implementation of ICT security in Zimbabwe. That the only major requirement around is for banks to comply with the RBZ Bank Certification (Bank Supervision IT requirements).

As is practice here, when we make a claim in an article, we make sure that we reference the source of the information. So I pointed my browser to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe website, to find any information on this RBZ ‘security’ requirement. It opened the neat RBZ site we all came to know during those mad ‘burning’ days.

Ecoweb Launches Mobile WiMax

Last week, we revealed that Ecoweb was going to launch mobile WiMax this week. They just did. But that’s not the news. The news is this: It’s a staggering US$ 290 to get connected. The USB WiMax dongle, US$ 175, and the monthly bandwidth subscription, US$ 115.

We say that because when we discovered that Ecoweb was planning to charge $170 for the USB WiMax dongle and some $100 monthly subscription last week, we complained that this was way too expensive. And to our surprise, at launch the service is US$ 20 more expensive.

Axis Solutions Gets Cisco Select Certified Partnership

Axis Solutions has met the Cisco resource requirements for Small Business Specialization to become a Cisco Select Certified partner. This means Axis Solutions has demonstrated that it is qualified to sell, install and specifically to support Cisco solutions for the Small and Medium Business (SMB) market.

Cisco Systems is a leader is communication solutions and known world over as the backbone of the Internet. Cisco is a common name in ICT network implementation in Zimbabwe and most companies have Cisco devices as part of their enterprise networking infrastructure.

Someone Just Pushed The Wrong Button On The ZOL Site

If you’ve visited the Zimbabwe Online (ZOL) homepage in the last 3 hours or so, you probably noticed something glaringly wrong with it; the website is showing stuff in 2s. There’s a double side menu, double top banner, double adverts, double footer… (UPDATE April 22: fixed)

A bored someone at ZOL must be playing on the site. Or maybe they’re just learning their PHP on a live company site. Hey, maybe it’s just a radical new design!

ZOU Starts Using Open Source eLearning Platform Claroline

On Thursday, the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) officially launched a new Learning Management System website, ZOU Online. The new system uses the open source eLearning and eWorking platform, Claroline, and like typical Learning Management Systems, it allows lecturers to build online courses and manage learning and collaborative activities on the web.

The Zimbabwe Open University has implemented the new system in partnership with a local ICT company. We’re yet to establish which ICT company this is. We will let you know once we find out.

Axis Solutions In New Partnership With The Westcon Group

On Thursday we attended the launch of a new partnership between Zimbabwe ICT infrastructure solutions provider, Axis Solutions, and South African based distributor of converged communications solutions, Westcon. The event was held the Crown Plaza Hotel in Harare.

The event started with a presentation of the Axis’ main current drive and main business focus, which, as explained by Axis support executive Emmanuela Manyowa is information security, ICT service management.