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Network Providers Won’t Dare To Cross The Government And Make Telegram Bundles

This is one of those opinions I sincerely hope are wrong as I write… If you’re a big fan of Telegram you have to be resigned to the fact that the service hasn’t had bundles for a while. If you were hoping that Telegram’s newfound popularity would translate to bundles, I would advise you not […]

WhatsApp Users On iPhone Now Able To Unlock The App Using Face/Touch ID

We’ve known for a while now that WhatsApp was working on some biometric integration and the feature has finally made its debut on the iPhone. iOS users will now be able to lock their WhatsApp chats and use their fingerprint or facial recognition to open the application. This is according to the WhatsApp update notes […]

Why Do You Get The “Waiting for this message. This may take a while”, Message In WhatsApp?

If you’ve been using WhatsApp for a while you’ve probably stumbled into this irritating error. The dreaded “Waiting for this message. This may take a while”, error is sometimes even more irritating because whoever sent you the message can then send you a follow-up text which you see just fine. But the one with the […]

5 Reasons Why Telegram Is Better Than WhatsApp

So the internet shutdowns last month briefly made Telegram the most popular application in Zimbabwe. No, it literally did become the most popular app on the Playstore, and if I’m being absolutely honest I had never used the instant messaging application. Why? Well, because all my contacts are on WhatsApp already, so it felt like […]

[Update] Fayaz King Rocked Techzim’s Gen Z Masterclass Last Night, You Need To Join That Group!

2 weeks ago, we started the Techzim Masterclass and the thinking behind the masterclass was meant to engage with the younger generation whilst also giving them something that would add tangible value. As we are always taking a trial and error approach to things, we felt that WhatsApp would be the best way to meet […]

Zuckerberg Explains Benefits Of Combining WhatsApp, Instagram And Messenger, Also Discloses When They Will Be Combined

Facebook recently revealed that it plans to combine its three messaging platforms, which are Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, and Instagram but the merged entity is unlikely to be available anytime soon, according to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook (which owns all the platforms). The Facebook CEO said that the combined system won’t be released until at […]

WhatsApp Business Is Celebrating Its First Birthday With Three New Features

WhatsApp’s standalone business app, WhatsApp Business, has reached a user base of over five million within a year of its launch. The company in its blog post said that over five million users are using the app to grow their business and connect with communities all over the world. To mark this milestone, it has […]

WhatsApp Now Allows You To Forward Messages Only 5 Times (Rather Than 20) To Fight Fake News

WhatsApp has imposed a new limit on the number of times you can forward messages and content on the platform. You can now forward the message only 5 times. Previously, users could forward any given message up to 20 times on the app. The reason for this change is to limit the abilities that some users […]

Econet Promises To Credit Subscribers Who Had Bought Bundles Prior To The Internet Shutdown

One glaring question many initially had with this internet shutdown was whether or not they would be getting credited for the days of internet access  had lost. Some had bought bundles and they never got round to using them and I suspect people went out and bought bundles again the following day under the encouragement of […]

Join Techzim’s Community Podcast and News Group on Telegram

The government has decided that it will turn the internet off and on whenever they feel like it and it seems during the rare occasions when it’s on you have no access to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Telegram: The saving grace Because this has been our reality as Zimbabweans for a […]

Telegram Is The WhatsApp Alternative That The Government Has Failed To Block

WhatsApp is basically the most popular communication tool in Zimbabwe and now that it –along with social media- has been blocked, the country has basically come to a standstill over the past two days. Time and time again when WhatsApp and Telegram comparisons are made there are always people rooting for Telegram saying that it’s […]

How To Quickly Spot Fake News

Just with the coup that was not a coup, and typical of the era we live in, fake news and the current #ShutdownZim / #ZimShutdown has not been an exception. Yesterday we published a list of Twitter accounts and hashtags you can follow to keep abreast of things. Today we will share with you some […]

Zimbabwean Dev Makes Waves On The Google Play Store With Simple WhatsApp Stickers App

In what has probably become one of the fastest growing applications ever developed locally, the Zimbabwe Stickers by Samanyika app has now gotten close to 60k downloads and a 4.5 star rating to go with it. The application also seems to be extremely popular in a number of different countries with the following breakdown when […]

Annoying WhatsApp Groups Photos Filling Up Your Phone Gallery? Here Is A Fix

Billions of photos are shared daily via WhatsApp, and some of these end up in our galleries. Many people like me (before today) don’t turn off media ‘auto download’ in WhatsApp settings because it becomes tedious to manually download photos every time. In-comes group chats where everyone is free to share media. The problem is […]

The Older You Are The More Likely You Are To Be Sharing Fake News Study Finds

When it comes to technology it seems the younger you are (within reason), the more prepared you are to handle the technology trends. Nothing proves this more than “fake news” & misinformation. We’ve all been bombarded with unmistakable false texts from older friends and relatives and now according to a study conducted in the US […]

[Update] ZeeRate Is A New WhatsApp Chatbot That Helps You Check Black Market Exchange Rates

With Zimbabwe seemingly in a transition to dollarize, a growing number of companies are now demanding payments in US dollars. Those who still accept bond notes will still be quoting their prices in US dollars but you can make a payment in bond notes or RTGS/mobile money (EcoCash predominantly) using the current exchange rate of […]

WhatsApp Gold Is Back And Once Again, It Is A Scam

The WhatsApp Gold message is back again, promising to give hidden premium features to the one who downloads it. Except, it’s obviously a hoax, and downloads malware onto your phone. The hoax, which went viral in 2016, is doing the rounds again. The fake app which millions of users downloaded last year is back again. […]

Mukuru Integrates With WhatsApp Making It More Convenient To Send Money

Mukuru has now integrated the WhatsApp Business’s API with its system. That means its now possible to ‘create orders’ for sending money (and many other things) via WhatsApp for Mukuru account holders in South Africa. First off: let me explain what’s called ‘creating an order’ based on Mukuru’s dictionary. ‘Creating an order’ is when a […]

End Of An Era As WhatsApp Support Is Discontinued For Nokia S40 Phones

Going… Going… Gone. If you still had a Nokia phone that was part of the Symbian S40 series of devices then you probably had a rude awakening after the WhatsApp on that device stopped working on the first day of 2019. Support for devices running this legacy OS expired on the 31st of December and […]

WhatsApp Web Now Supports Picture In Picture Mode & Other Features From The Mobile App

WhatsApp web seems to be finally getting some much-needed attention. We are pretty familiar with new features constantly rolling out on the mobile version of WhatsApp but this wasn’t the case with the desktop version. One of the bigger changes is the addition of a Picture in Picture (PiP) mode. This allows users of the […]

Facebook Working On Cryptocurrency To Make Payments On WhatsApp

I think it’s safe to say that Facebook’s u-turn on cryptos is now complete. Earlier this year when the crypto craze was in full effect Facebook actually banned Crypto advertising on their platform. Months later it turns out Facebook themselves will be making their own crypto. What? Yuhp, Facebook is making their own crypto that […]

WhatsApp Incoming Update To Bring Redesigned Emojis And Fixes ‘Issues With Stickers’

According to Webatinfo, WhatsApp will soon roll out a new beta update which will introduce redesigned emojis and also fixes an issue which prevented some users from selecting and sending a sticker. The update will bring design changes to 357 emojis which range from color minor adjustments to the addition of tiny new details. As for […]

Econet Needs To Make WhatsApp Bundles Great Again Because Right Now They Don’t Work

If you’ve ever invested time in any literature you’ll know that for any story to be great; there needs to be conflict. If you’ve bought WhatsApp bundles from Econet recently and you looked at the headline, you’ll probably understand the conflict in this story. WhatsApp bundles from Econet used to just work but it seems […]

Have A Hard Time Putting Your Phone Down? This App Might Just Be The Answer

Just from general discussions, I get the idea that most people have a love-hate relationship with their smartphones. They love the abundance of things they can get to do nowadays because of these pocket rockets. Unfortunately -on the flip side of things- most of us seem to hate the fact that simply putting our phones […]

WhatsApp Now Supports Android Tablets

WhatsApp is one of (if not) the most popular instant messaging services but the application was never designed to suit tablets. In fact, if you were using a tablet you couldn’t find the app on the Google Play Store. It was basically sideloading or nothing. In the latest beta version of WhatsApp tablet support is […]

Here Are Two Trivial Features That You Will be Using On WhatsApp Soon

WhatsApp added multiple new features to its platform this year. For instance, the social media company launched the group calling, Swipe to reply, Stickers and more features in 2018. But that does not stop the app from coming with more ideas. The Facebook-owned chat app has two new features up its sleeves according to WaBetaInfo, […]

Turn Your Selfies & Images Into WhatsApp Stickers Using This App

WhatsApp stickers have been driving me crazy ever since they were released a month ago and judging by the number of apps that have been popping in the iOS and Play Stores it’s clear a lot of people are loving the stickers features just as much as I am. If you want to take your […]

WhatsApp Will Soon Let You Make Group Calls Directly From A Group Chat

Group calling was a much-requested feature on WhatsApp, and the app finally got it earlier this year. However, making a group call can turn out to be quite a chore for some as it requires you to start a one-on-one call first, and then add participants. But, according to a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is testing a feature […]

WhatsApp Will Soon Start Ranking Your Contacts Based On How Often You Speak

WhatsApp is trying to get smarter and the newest feature they are adding in this pursuit is a ranking feature. This will automatically rank all your contacts, in order to detect which contacts you interact with more than others. The algorithm behind this will look at various aspects such as; How much you chat with […]

Apple Might Remove All WhatsApp Sticker Apps From Their Store; What Gives?

It seems all those cool WhatsApp Sticker Apps available on iOS might be getting the boot as they violate a number of App Store rules. What’s wrong? Well, according to WA Betainfo (a very reliable source when it comes to things happening with WhatsApp) there are 3 specific issues with the sticker apps on the […]