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WhatsApp Android Users Will Soon Be Able To Hide Photos And Videos From Gallery

WhatsApp has been adding several subtle new features, like the label on forwarded messages and the ability to record longer voice messages without holding the record icon. Now, another feature called “Media Visibility”, is currently being rolled out.  The Media Visibility feature gives a user the option to hide or show media received in the gallery. […]

Whatsapp To Discontinue Support For Older Android And Apple Phones In 2020

Back in 2016 Whatsapp discontinued support for older phones running Android Éclair (2.0-2.1) and Froyo(2.2). Most of the people affected at the time probably had no idea that the reason they could no longer use their handy messaging app was because the hardware was too old. More devices getting the axe Next on Whatsapp’s hit […]

Whatsapp Now Labels Forwarded Messages In Attempt To Combat Spam

Whatsapp is constantly adding new features, some more important than others and they have introduced another feature and depending on how you see things it may be important or useless. If you have an upto date version of Whatsapp you will now be able to see if the message you’re receiving is being forwarded from […]

Whatsapp Admins Can No Longer Add Group Members Soon After They Have Left The Group

Whatsapp has revolutionised the way we communicate but its far from perfect as well. There are still many minor frustrations that have come with the Instant Messenger (IM). Groups… Groups… Groups… Chief among them for me is the fact that a group admin can add you to a group without your consent. To make matters […]

Whatsapp Updates Minimum Age Requirement In Europe

Whatsapp is making changes to some of their user policies in order to meet regulations in Europe. The GDPR (General Data Production Regulation) is being released and it requires many companies operating via the internet to change their approach to collection of user data. Companies that do collect user data are now required to have […]

Whatsapp Adds New Privileges For Group Admins. Group Calls Also On The way…

The most recent Whatsapp update now makes it less awkward to remove someone as a group administrator. In keeping with the messaging application’s update, they will also be adding group calls sometime this year. What’s new? On older versions of Whatsapp, if you wanted to revoke someone’s administrative rights you had to remove them entirely […]

WhatsApp Business Now Available In Zimbabwe

WhatsApp Business is finally in Zimbabwe and we’re still figuring it out, but here’s what we know: Only Available for Android devices, you can download it here You cannot use the same number you use for WhatsApp Messenger to register for WhatsApp Business. If you submit the same number you use for WhatsApp Messenger to register […]

WhatsApp Business Finally Launches

I know we’ve been making a lot of noise about WhatsApp for Business since last year; well, it’s here! Not here-here since it’s not yet available in Zimbabwe but here as in it’s no longer only available for the Beta testers, but for *everyone Let me quickly define *everyone right there, the everyone being referred to […]

WhatsApp To Soon Let You Switch Between Voice and Video Calls

Have you ever been on a WhatsApp voice call and then wanted to show the person on the other end of the line something? The natural thing to do would be to take a picture and send it to them; but what if the ‘something’ is in motion and hence a picture won’t do justice […]

Ghanaian Prof Recommends WhatsApp Be Banned During Working Hours, you agree?

Are you one of those whose new year’s resolutions are “to be more productive by cutting out on social media”? something you’ve been telling yourself you were first introduced to social media. If we were in Ghana, I would be saying no worries right now, but oh well… I’m sure we agree that the most […]

Will WhatsApp for Business be big in Zimbabwe?

We’ve been talking about WhatsApp for business for a while now. We were quite excited about the whole idea but now to be quite frank the hype is dying down (or rather, let me speak for myself, my hype is dying down) and the reason is probably that I don’t have access to it yet ? WhatsApp […]

WhatsApp almost half of all mobile data traffic in Zimbabwe

Last year, Techzim wrote an article titled “WhatsApp IS the internet in Zimbabwe, accounts for 34% of mobile internet traffic“. It was after the local telecoms regulator in the country, POTRAZ, had provided statistics showing the apps dominance. That dominance is only increasing. This week POTRAZ released some new numbers that show that WhatsApp now […]