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SA Cybercrime Bill in conflict with Whatsapp Privacy Policy.

A look at the new South African cyber crime bill aimed criminalizing revenge porn and cybercrimes associated with Whatsapp.

Facebook may be forced to sell off WhatsApp and Instagram

The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit yesterday that may force Facebook to sell off WhatsApp and Instagram as independent businesses.

The Woes of E-Learning and how the new Dzidzo Paden|Imfundwe’ndlini App is levelling the playing field

A look at the issues surrounding e-learning in Zimbabwe, their social implications and the new educational app that could just help fix things.

WhatsApp finally makes it easier for users to delete files taking up space

This week, WhatsApp is rolling out a new storage management solution that will be found inside the messaging app. For a while now WhatsApp has had a storage tab within its settings. The problem being solved? The old (still in place for some users) WhatsApp storage management wasn’t exactly intuitive as users were greeted by […]

WhatsApp Web to add voice/video calling feature

Whatsapp Web is a pretty nifty companion application for WhatsApp that allows users to continue accessing the messaging application whilst putting their phones down for once. An upcoming feature unearther by WhatsApp BetaInfo (an infamous leaker) points to WhatsApp making the Web application more useful in work situations by making it possible to receive and […]

Nyaradzo’s chatbot Sahwi is now available on WhatsApp

In late July, Nyaradzo Group launched a Facebook chatbot called Sahwi. The motivation behind this was to enhance customer experience as well as give their customers a digital channel to interact with the business. Nyaradzo has followed up the launch of Sahwi on Facebook by making the chatbot available on WhatsApp. How to start chatting […]

WhatsApp is looking to make it easier for users to report & resolve bugs

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that will make it easier for users to report bugs in the app. At present users can report bugs by sending an email to ““. I think we can all agree that this isn’t the best way to do this, especially for us in Zimbabwe where one might […]

Google Messages upgraded chat features finally rolling out to Zim

Last year, we wrote about how Android users could activate Google Messages chat functions which essentially turn your SMS app into something similar to WhatsApp – using data instead of airtime to text and being able to send more media-heavy messages. The issue with the guide from last year is that it was a bit […]

This WhatsApp cyber attack could lock you out of your WhatsApp

I think it’s fair to say WhatsApp is a pretty integral part of our lives. If you’re anything like me – it’s the primary mode of communication you use to catch up with family, friends and even workmates. This makes the recent cyber attack being perpetrated via WhatsApp a scary thing you will want to […]

WhatsApp disappearing messages feature closer to launch

We first wrote about WhatsApp’s self-destructing messages back in October last year. The feature cycle for WhatsApp is already painfully slow and I’m sure working from home only compounded that. Anyway, the destructing messages are closer to launching. The feature is available in WhatsApp’s latest beta but hasn’t been enabled yet, meaning users can’t use […]

3 features that would make WhatsApp even better

As popular and as widely used as WhatsApp is, there are some features that, I think, could enhance the experience. During the lockdown, there are 3 features that I have needed from WhatsApp that aren’t yet available. Editing sent messages Typos are a common feature on messaging platforms. Beyond typos, there are times when a […]

Beware of scammers posing as NetOne agents on WhatsApp

A few weeks we wrote about NetOne suspending customers who were believed to be using hacks to access mobile data at no cost. Some subscribers were using DroidVPN to create VPNs that allowed them to browse for free. NetOne figured this out and started banning subscribers with usage patterns that were being flagged as suspicious. […]

WhatsApp multiple device login feature reportedly in final stages

WhatsApp has been for a long time now working on a feature that will allow users to login into one account from more than one device. The feature looks to ease the difficulties faced by users when they migrate to different devices or for users that might want to use their account over multiple devices […]

Looking for legal advice? Legal Resources Foundation chatbot Simba can help

The law and legal proceedings can be confusing. This is, in part, due to how complicated laws and legal proceedings are. Legal jargon is also something that makes the whole affair daunting. For anyone who finds themselves needing legal advice or assistance this usually means locating and contacting a lawyer. A possible solution is for […]

Beware of these Whatsapp messages that will crash your app

There have been reports of WhatsApp messages that can crash the application. These messages are said to come in the form of vcards (the way we can send contacts on the platform) as well as just general messages. There was a similar issue a couple of years back when users reported on the “Black-Dot message“. […]

WhatsApp beta reveals work on “vacation mode” has resumed

WhatsApp is no stranger to introducing features to the beta program and those features for whatever reason not coming to the official app. One of those features is Vacation Mode. The earliest that this feature was known of was back in 2018. At present WhatsApp offers users the ability to archive chats. But if you […]

WhatsApp is refining storage manager feature, updates on advanced search and more

Back in June WhatsApp was reportedly working on a storage manager of sorts. This feature is meant to help users better manage the media received through WhatsApp. In a report by WABetaInfo, it seems like there have been strides made in this respect. The current storage display gives users a readout of the media have […]

ZimPapers testing out WhatsApp news subscription service

ZimPapers is testing out a new WhatsApp-based subscription model as local media continues to battle to diversify their revenue models in the age of the internet. At the time of writing, it doesn’t seem that there’s a pricing model which suggests that the new service is still being trialled with users getting a chance to […]

FBC allowing Civil Servants to convert US$75 allowance via WhatsApp and email

The government some time ago announced that it was going to be giving it’s employees an allowance of US$75 a month. The allowance besides being insufficient was made worse by the news that this money was not going to come to civil servants in hard currency but will be converted to local currency at the […]

Soon you’ll be able to use one WhatsApp account on as many as 4 devices!

Talk about overkill! WhatsApp has been working on multiple-device support for a while now. At the moment it isn’t possible to use WhatsApp on multiple devices (WhatsApp Web doesn’t count because it’s directly connected to your phone). WhatsApp Beta Info a leaker who usually previews what WhatsApp is working on before it is announced recently […]

Byo Chiefs FC at it again as the club unveils WhatsApp store

Zimbabwe’s most forward-thinking football side, the undisputed Zimbabwean football Twitter kings and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say “a national treasure”, has done it again. Bulawayo City Chiefs a couple of months ago opened an online merchandise store. Well, they have made that store even more accessible by opening unveiling a WhatsApp store. Now […]

Beware of fraudsters selling eLearning bundles at discounted prices

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Zimbabweans affinity for black markets – exemplified by the sprouting up of black markets for eLearning bundles. In that article, I also noted that bundles being sold via this channel will inevitably lead to scamming. At the time people were already getting scammed, and it seems many still […]

WhatsApp is rolling out a web search feature for forwarded links

WhatsApp is piloting a new feature to combat misinformation. We are all familiar with the forwarded label that is above any message, media or link that is transferred from one user to another (more than 5 times). Well, this feature ties into that. Links are one of the many ways that we get news and […]

WhatsApp beta update, expiring messages and new privacy policy for users in Brazil

We last took a look at WhatsApp Beta version, which showed that they were testing and refining multiple account logins and advanced search. WhatsApp has added 2 updates to their beta through Google’s Beta Program. The first is expiring messages and the second is a new privacy policy for Brazil. Expiring messages This feature […]

Econet Smart Kambudzi Review – Close but not close enough

A few weeks ago, we bought the Kai OS device Econet is selling and marketing as the Smart Kambudzi. The device is aptly named because despite looking like a basic feature phone, the Vida Atom 3G (its real name) can actually do a number of smart things including accessing your favourite apps but more on […]

WhatsApp beta update, multiple account logins and advanced search

Last month we reported that WhatsApp was working on three new features. Search by date, multiple account login, and way to more clearly monitor storage usage. Well, WABetaInfo has revealed some images from WhatsApp beta Multiple logins So we all know that you can only use your WhatsApp account on one mobile device at […]

WhatsApp Web users facing a number of issues

WhatsApp Web has been working erratically for a number of users today. The desktop extension for the most popular messaging application has been functioning in an erratic manner for most of the day. Users have run into the following problems; Users cannot generate invite links instead getting an error which says, “This invite link doesn’t […]

WhatsApp has ruined the way we communicate

There is no denying that WhatsApp has connected us on a global scale and revolutionised the way we communicate. The instant messaging platform allows us to tap into social events we may have not been able to. During last year’s family Christmas gathering, my brother in law in France had a very long video chat […]

Rubie Trader: The digital market on WhatsApp

Rubie Trader is an innovative digital platform that allows people to sell, buy products and to get tenders using WhatsApp anytime and anywhere. It is a one-stop-digital market for SME, informal market traders and corporates which saves you money, and time. Zimbabwe’s economy requires speed, connections and access to different options given the price fragmentation […]

You have a Whatsapp-based business? Here’s how to share catalogues with potential customers

Embracing WhatsApp as your e-commerce storefront comes with a number of things to learn. WhatsApp Business isn’t like the normal WhatsApp and there are a number of features made with eCommerce in mind. Catalog are one such feature. Business owners can use the feature to create a mobile storefront that shows off the products or […]