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Surge Conference and ZOL Startup Challenge

The ZOL Startup Challenge is Zimbabwe’s largest tech startup competition and conference. The Challenge presents local startup entrepreneurs with the rare opportunity to pitch to a panel of experienced mentors and judges for the ultimate prize of $10,000 in seed investment in their startup.

The Challenge has produced some of Zimbabwe’s top internet startups including: SSN, Soccer24 & ZimboKitchen. The 2014 winners were Sociallyzim, a last minutes discounts deal startup.

ZOL Startup Challenge 2014 Winners


Judges and Mentors

David Behr
David Behr
Founder & CEO, ZOL

Bester Zambuko
Bester Zambuko
Founder & CEO, Adrenalin Advertising

Geoff Goss
Geoff Goss
Founder & CEO – Matamba Anonaka

Victor Chaitezvi
Victor Chaitezvi
Biz Dev Manager – Microsoft

Click here for a full list of the judges & mentors


Some photos from the 2014 edition:

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