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Head to Head, FIFA 11 vs PES 11 – Part 2

Last week we were happy the ICT Africa 2010 Exhibition was upon us; to be honest I wanted to see if any exhibitors would bring some games and gaming consoles with them. After having just gone through a copy of PC Format and seeing how the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010) had left visitors mesmerized.

Ecoweb Quietly Suspends Selling Mobile WiMax

Many people wanting to buy the Ecoweb Mobile WiMax service this week were met with an unpleasant surprise: Ecoweb customer service agents are telling prospective customers that the service is no longer available for new customers.

About Zim Gaming

So what is this hype about games? One might ask. Why the introduction of a gaming category on this blog?

Well, It’s aimed at gamers (both aspiring and established), where we look at the latest games, gaming consoles and PC Gaming regalia. The aim being to create a strong Zimbabwean gaming community, and hopefully one day host our own gaming expos.

Embracing Social Media as a Business Tool: ZOL on Facebook, Twitter

Last week Zimbabwe Online, one of Zimbabwe’s largest internet providers, launched ZOLife an Internet and paper magazine offering information and tips about the Internet. Stuff like how to choose a good internet package, some 101 basics on fibre connectivity, VSAT and so forth.

Your Organisation and Data Security

Generally, data security is the process or procedures put in place to ensure that data is protected from corruption and unauthorised access. The focus behind data security is to ensure privacy while protecting personal or corporate data.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Slashes International Rates

We’ve just been informed through a release by Econet that the largest mobile operator in the country is slashing International call rates by 50%. A huge drop and one effectively making Econet the cheapest network for international calls

Econet South Africa’s Virtual Operation Sells 500,000 Lines

We just received a press release from Econet with information that Econet Wireless South Africa has sold more than 500,000 SIM packs the past 12 months. Econet is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in South Africa where it piggybacks on Cell C infrastructure.

Axis Solutions Wins ICT Africa 2010 Best Exhibition Award

Yesterday evening ended with a cocktail celebration sponsored by Africom to officially close ICT Africa in 2010. As is the tradition, the Thomson Publications best exhibition award is given to the ICT Africa best exhibitor on this night.

Low Turnout at This Year’s ICT Africa Exhibition

Compared to previous editions of the ICT Africa exhibition, this year’s event saw a remarkable decline in attendance. Visitors to the exhibition park in Harare were so few the place looked empty most of the time.

Africom Launches Mobile Broadband, Gives Free Bandwidth for a Month

As promised last week at the launch of the new red Africom, Africom has launched their mobile broadband service this week. The mobile broadband service is available in Harare only at the moment