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Aquiva Wireless now offering WiMax, Fibre and VSAT connectivity, to launch VoIP

We were at Aquiva Wireless in Harare the other day, talking to the founding team about developments at the Internet Access Provider. There are some interesting developments alright; it’s Mobile WiMax offerings, fibre, VSAT and some VoIP services to launch in a few months.

Econet launches contract mobile phone plans

Today, Econet launched a new contract (post-paid) package for mobile subscribers where, if a customer has a minimum salary of US $250, they can get a free mobile phone on contract. We contacted Econet for details of new mobile plan and got some interesting facts you’ll want consider if you’re thinking of getting yourself a contract ‘free’ mobile phone.

Why we moved Techzim hosting out of Zimbabwe

About 4 weeks ago, we moved Techzim from our local web host to South Africa. The moving process wasn’t painless. It lasted some 4 days and we faced a lot of non-technical hitches that come with moving a domain from Zimbabwe.

POTRAZ to commence telecommunications project in under-served rural Zimbabwe

At the end of last week, Zimbabwe’s telecommunications regulatory authority, POTRAZ, issued an invitation to tender in local the press for the design and installation of Passive Telecommunication (mainly towers) infrastructure in some rural areas of the country.

World Bank’s Apps for Development Challenge voting begins

In October 2010 the World Bank launched a competition for software developers to create tools and applications using the World Banks open data. Developers were challenge to create tools and applications that either raises the awareness of at least one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

More than a month later, hacked Econet site is still down

On the evening of 17 December 2010, hackers defaced the Econet Broadband website ( with some nasty message about Econet not caring about its customers. Econet took the website down some several hours later, along with the main Econet website

NetOne’s free airtime promotion extended to lower denominations

In December 2010 NetOne introduced a promotion where prepaid subscribers buying a US $15 airtime recharge would get 107 free minutes. This was all grand and fine except that it’s really just a few prepaid subscribers who can afford buying a $15 recharge at once.

POTRAZ issues mobile phone line registration reminder

With just a month left to the 28th of February approaches, the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has issued another reminder (a warning really) to mobile subscribers to register their mobile phone lines or risk disconnection when the deadline expires.

The Apple iPad officially launched in South Africa

2010’s game changing tablet, Apple’s iPad, officially launched in South Africa today. As expected, this didn’t generate the usual excitement Apple products attract at launch. It’s really for the simple reason that Apple launched the same gadget in the US almost 10 months ago and is readying the launch of the second iPad generation.

ICT solutions firm launches internet shopping site called Zimazon

Have you ever wanted to buy a new gadget and had to resort to travelling to South Africa for it, because locally it’s either just unavailable or has an obscene price tag?