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How to: Ubuntu and the Intex wireless adapter

A few months ago a friend lend me his laptop and I did what I always do; partitioned it and installed the latest Ubuntu operating system. It was a pretty old machine so the built in wireless card was no good. So I decided to do a little shopping and I was captivated by the Intex usb wireless adapter: it is cheap (about $14 in most shops) and portable (no larger than a flash disk). The downside, as I later discovered the hard way, is that this adapter requires a little tweaking to work with Ubuntu.

Global roundup – this week’s top stories

The big news this week is obviously Google Plus, Google’s new social networking service. It generally seems to be liked so far. Using it for a just a few hours, our first impression is that the service is a serious competitor and performs way better than Facebook on many fronts, especially on sharing stuff with just the right group of friends.

Dandemutande finally emerges

In a positive development to Zimbabwe’s ICT sector, one of the 15 licensed IAPs has finally emerged. Dandemutande, a part of Telerix Communications (50%owned by Masawara PLC) published an advertorial to all local media outlining its current accomplishments and intentions. According to the release the company (under its Utande division) has connected to the SEACOM cable on the coast of Mozambique at a cost of $9 million.

Telecel reimburses subscribers for mobile broadband charged without POTRAZ approval

At the beginning of May, we posted an article titled “Telecel started the paid broadband test without POTRAZ approval?”. The issue was that Telecel was charging customers for broadband before POTRAZ had given the green light. In fact they hadn’t even asked for approval. We contacted Telecel about this and they basically said it wasn’t an issue. Here’s what they told us:

Pictures: The Green Fuel Chisumbanje site tour

After setting off on a 500km journey this morning, we arrived in Chisumbanje and Middle Sabi to witness sheer miracles at work. Green Fuel Zimbabwe is hard at work building Africa’s biggest ethanol plant. We’re still touring the place and managed to get a good VSAT connection to upload the following pictures:

VimpelCom Group: Telecel’s new Russian Parent

We’ve just found out that VimpelCom; the Russian based telecom’s giant recently merged with Egypt’s Orascom. What this effectively means is that Telecel Zimbabwe is now part of the world’s sixth largest mobile services group (with over 186 million subscribers worldwide). Orascom has a 60% stake in Telecel Zimbabwe. The local operation falls into the Orasom-VimpelCom group’s African interests along with Leo (Namibia), Telecel (Burundi & Central African Republic), Djeezy (Algeria), and Mobinil (Egypt).

How to: Ubuntu and mobile broadband connectivity

I have said elsewhere in the series that the Ubuntu experience is not complete unless you have internet; good internet I mean. In addition, I provided a guide to choosing your ISP. In this article I will provide you with a guide to connecting to the internet using mobile broadband (the dongles) but before doing so I must expressly say three things:

TrustCo suspends journalists over Econet stories

A Namibian publication reported today that Trustco Holdings has suspended (without pay) two journalists working for a newspaper it owns called Informanté. The suspensions have been handed out to the two following a story carried by the newspaper concerning the fallout between Trustco Mobile and Econet Wireless Zimbabwe.

In depth focus: Zimbabwe needs to embrace cloud computing

Information management has never been as hot a subject as it is today. In such a context cloud computing is revolutionising the way the world operates by reducing costs, risks and exponentially scaling capabilities.

Dotmore: Telone’s branded broadband services unmasked

A big blue dot has ‘graced’ local papers over the past month with nothing more than a coming soon tagline. Yesterday’s Sunday Mail finally unmasked the dot that had aroused a lot of curiosity, it seems that even non techies we spoke to were trying to figure out its identity. Dotmore is TelOne’s branded offering for broadband.