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Short guide to Zimbabwe’s mobile and Internet connectivity

Some weeks ago, a fellow blogger sent us a blog post suggestion in the form of a list of questions about Zimbabwe’s mobile and internet connectivity.Here is the list of questions and answers. Your Zim connectivity FAQ. We added a few of our own. While this is targeted at Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, it includes some info that local Zimbabweans might find useful.

VoIP: The future of voice communication in Zimbabwe

IP Telephony has been around since as early as 1973 and has over the past decade been enhanced to attain telephone (PSTN) voice quality. Today VoIP services are offered internationally by traditional telecom operators (e.g. BT in the UK) and dedicated IP phone networks like Skype.

Econet freezes the accounts of subscribers who “stole” airtime

At about 4PM on Thursday I got a call from a friend with the news was that he and a couple of his workmates were able to recharge their Econet Buddie lines for free using some leaked recharge codes. He confirmed that he had managed credit his mobile phone with US$ 50 worth of airtime.

Econet takes Zim websites offline after hacking incident

Yesterday evening we reported that the Econet Broadband website had been hacked. The website stayed pretty much the same much for most the night but it was down when we tried it this morning.

Telecel makes move into mobile banking

Telecel customers will soon be able to use their cellphones to buy groceries and airtime, pay bills, deposit and withdraw money, transfer and send money.

Econet to launch email system for broadband subscribers

Econet Wireless has announced it will be launching an email system for its broadband subscribers before Christmas. Referring to email as the next phase of making Zimbabweans the most digitally connected people in Africa, Econet says it will issue broadband subscribers with free email addresses linked to the Econet mobile number.

The Econet broadband website has been hacked

The Econet Wireless broadband website has been hacked. We just discovered this right now while working on a story for the new Econet Email system, which we will post later.
If you visit the site right now, you will see it’s been defaced with the following banner:

Econet engages SA consultants to review broadband prices downwards

We’re getting information that Econet has engaged consultants from neighboring South Africa to work on the mobile broadband prices.

Telco working on a mobile broadband offering for early 2011

In a response to an email we sent them, Telco (Telecontract) revealed that they’re working on a mobile broadband service to be launched in 2011. Telco says “deployment of the first base stations is underway and commissioning of the commercial services is scheduled for early in 2011.”

Econet to switch on fibre as early as next week

On Tuesday this week, Econet announced that it has connected the Seacom optic fibre cable and is ready to switch on once the green light is given by the regulators. Well, we have more news on that today.