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Telecel Slashes International SMS Costs, Begins Per Second Promotions

Telecel Zimbabwe on Saturday switched all its customers to per second billing. Promotions only available previously with per minute billing are now available in a revised form as per second billing promotions.

Africom To Pull Plug on Free Internet, Readies ‘Integration’

The free internet browsing some lucky Africom subscribers have been enjoying for a little more than 2 months is coming to an end in a few days from now. Apparently, the techies at Africom have caught up with the runaway broadband.

Get A Website Designed In Zimbabwe – Dark Secret Revealed!

One of the first articles we wrote when we started this blog last year was about the broken state of some websites in the ICT sector. And just a few days ago, we noted that the official website of the second largest mobile phone network operator was taken down some 10 months ago and has been under construction since.
There clearly is a problem here. And what better time to learn how to get the job done effectively.

Some Pictures From The Econet Experience Expo

We’re just from the Econet Experience Expo that’s being held in Harare. It’s an Econet only (well, and Econet partners) exhibition which started yesterday and is due to end tomorrow. I thought we’d just go through the exhibition and come back quickly. I was so wrong.

When PowerTel’s Backbone Breaks, Zimbabwe’s Internet Grounds To A Halt

The PowerTel fibre internet backbone broke this morning. This backbone carries most of Zimbabwe’s traffic so when it goes down, it’s a really big deal. Service Providers are forced to reroute traffic via limited satellite capacity and this create enormous congestion for the country resulting in what may be referred to as tortoise internet.

Thoughts On Loving And Leaving Your Employer

Some time, not too long ago, I had the opportunity to pass on some advice to a young software developer. He sought my opinion on a decision to move from his employer to a new company.

Google Launches Website To Promote Google Technologies in Sub Saharan Africa

For a little more than a year now, Google has been holding a series of events for students, software developers and entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa. It started with the G-Mauritius Day in 2009, then Nigeria a few months later, Senegal, Nigeria again, Ghana in June this year, and most recently in Kenya and Uganda in September.

The Month Of Free Mobile Broadband In Zimbabwe

Some two weeks ago, we posted that Africom is still giving away free internet despite the expiration of the gratis internet promotion. Africom subscribers are still getting fast internet for nothing as we write this, and it’s emerging they’re not the only ones enjoying free stuff this month. Some Econet subscribers are too.

The Telecel Website Construction Job That’s Taken 10 Months

It’s been 10 months since this website went down for reconstruction. When we asked Telecel about it then, we were told:

We are redoing our website in line with a change in our communication and because of these changes to the design it has become necessary to temporarily put the site on hold. Our site will be up as soon as we complete our work.

Some Details On Telco’s Recently Launched VoIP Services

Like most of you in Zimbabwe, we’ve seen the adverts and the articles in the print press about Telco’s launch of the first public VoIP network. We wanted to find out more, for you our dear readers so we contacted Telco and got some details.