Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

The Story that /Malware/ Tells

The early versions of internet based Malware popped up around the late 80s with the most common one being the Morris Worm. It caught many IT professional off guard back then.

Telecel Currently Testing 3G, to Launch by September

After a couple of questions here on the blog about when Telecel will introduce 3G, we decided to reach out to Telecel last week to get an update straight from the horse’s mouth.

Econet Posts Network Upgrade YouTube Video

You’ve probably been wondering what Econet’s been up to lately. Or maybe you heard but wished you could get an inside look into the “90 Base Stations in 90 Days” work. Or maybe like me, you’re just curious to know the kind of work that goes into building a base station.

Econet Uses Prizes to Entice Subscribers to Register Lines

Econet has started a new promotion to persuade subscribers to register their mobile lines. There have been concerns that mobile operators will not meet the POTRAZ August deadline and already Telecel has asked for a push of the deadline.

VACANCY: Information Security Professionals Wanted In Zim (101 Career Advice) – Part 2

Last week I listed a few examples of certifications (there are thousands of them out there). Over the years I learnt one thing that once you get one cert you keep accumulating more.

POTRAZ Tells Mobile Phone Users to Register Lines or Risk Disconnection

The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has issued a notice to all mobile phone users to register their mobile lines by 31 August 2010.

Baby Juice Card, The New 50c Airtime From Telecel

Telecel Zimbabwe, the country second largest mobile operator, just launched a new airtime card dubbed Baby Juice Card. The card costs US 50 cents and includes 50 cents bonus airtime on top of that for calling other Telecel numbers.

TelOne Has 15km of Fibre to Mutare And Is “Progressing Well”

This week, the Herald carried an interesting article on the national fibre backbone project. Carefully titled “Laying of fibre optic cable progresses well” the article disclosed that TelOne, the country’s only fixed telecom operator is digging a fibre cable trench to Mutare.

Telecel Submits Indigenisation Proposals

Yesterday we received an interesting press release from Telecel. Normally we just go over the press releases and fish out the newsworthy stuff and give you our take on the issue. Yesterday’s press release is different.

Telecel introduces call-me-back facility, missed call alert, and adds more countries to cheap call destinations

The country’s second largest mobile operator, Telecel Zimbabwe, has introduced the call-me-back facility. The ‘CallMeBack’ allows a subscriber to send a free text message to another subscriber requesting them to call back. To date, only Econet had the facility enabled on its network.