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“There was no comic book community in Zimbabwe, so we made Comexposed” – Eugene Mapondera

This is a guest post. Views and opinions contained in the content represent the views of the original creators and does not necessarily represent the views of Techzim. In the most recent episode of Story Untold ZW, I sat with Eugene Ramirez Mapondera – the creative director at Kay Media Africa and Co-founder of Comexposed, a […]

Xiaomi Soundbar is also another great soundbar. Better sound, bigger size, and more connectivity options

This one is a little bit bigger, a bit less simple, and a bit more expensive than the Redmi TV soundbar. This should all mean that the Xiaomi TV soundbar is better. Well, it is better but not by much. And it’s going for US$110 at the Mi Store. They are the ones who gave […]

Zimbabwe should jump on floating solar panels, would benefit Kariba

Three Gorges New Energy Floating Solar Farm, China. Image Credit: YSG Solar The British are known to talk about the weather, a lot. Some say it’s just an icebreaker or awkward silence filler topic but the main reason is that the weather is mostly terrible. The same applies to Zimbabwe when it comes to the […]

DStv partners Peacock to take on Netflix, does that even move you?

We just touched on the challenges that Multichoice faces in its home country of South Africa. Tough economic conditions mean more and more users are starting to look at DStv as a luxury. When you couple that with load-shedding which means most hours of the day people cannot even enjoy that luxury, it is no […]

For US$60 the Redmi TV soundbar is a very compelling living room speaker

This is a baby TV soundbar made by Redmi pay close attention to the TV part because that’s where the conversation will be centered on. It’s US$60 which makes it the same price as a Xiaomi 16W bluetooth speaker so it’s an incredible value. And I have been playing around with it for the past […]

Load-shedding and financially struggling users are negatively affecting DStv, even in SA

Running a successful business is no easy task, most companies fail. Running a successful business in Africa requires prayer and fasting. The once-beloved DStv is engaged in so many fights at once, one wonders how it’s still standing. Only a few years ago, DStv lost 230,000 Zimbabwean customers in just 6 months. They said it […]

2 biggest reasons why you NEED a Microsoft account

How many of you are using a Windows computer with an ‘Activate Windows’ watermark at the bottom right corner? How many of you have downloaded or used a cocktail of cracks and hacks to try and remove it with no luck? The risk you are putting yourself and your precious data in installing these tools […]

Voter registration ends 21 March, here’s how you check that all is in order

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) started its final voter registration blitz on the 12th of March and it is set to end on the 21st. After the 21st of March, you will not be able to register. So, that gives you 6 days to do the right thing. We see a lot of complaints in […]

Fully charge your phone in 4 mins 55 secs says Xiaomi with their 300W fast charging

About a month ago we talked about the Realme GT 5 Neo. Okay, we didn’t talk much about the phone itself but about its impressive charging tech. It charges at a mind-bending 240W which can charge its 4600mAh battery in just under 10 minutes. That’s a real phone that’s on sale right there. It was […]

Liquid Home (Zol) service outage in some areas in Harare

Liquid Home users, you now know the deal. Yet another day, yet another service disruption. At this point, we can conclude that that’s what you signed up for. Liquid Home has issued the following notice: Important Notice: Internet Service Disruption Please note that we are currently experiencing a service outage which is affecting GPON customers […]