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Run with Bitcoin: Crypto evangelist stops by Zim on “40 countries in 400 days” world tour

Paco De La India is a Bitcoin enthusiast who has been travelling across the world with his Bitcoin wallet and spreading the gospel of the alternative currency on his Run with Bitcoin initiative. He recently stopped by Zimbabwe on a two-city tour which started in Bulawayo. “I have been traveling around the world over the […]

Zim govt introduces gold coins which could be a game changer, commitment to multicurrency regime commendable too

Zimbabwe is not trending in the right direction. You could argue that the whole world is struggling too but Zimbabwe was already on this track before the pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war. We are now working with an inflation rate of 191% year on year. That means prices have almost tripled from this time last […]

EcoCash makes it easier to ask for money from friends and family, markets it terribly

We have all been there, you are a little short on money and need someone to bail you out. It’s a little awkward when you have to ask someone for a handout but what can you do when the need arises? So, you shoot your benefactor a text message or a quick call. Or if […]

Local startup to provide housing finance to the informally employed. Yes, mortgages for those without pay slips

If you’re an urban dwelling millennial like most of our readers are, chances are you don’t own a house. This is a global phenomenon, millennials are poorer than the generation before them.  The Zimbabwean economy has especially been rough and official stats say about half of urban dwellers are renting. Personal experience says the actual […]

AI needs to chill – out here designing enzymes that eat plastic in days

A team at the University of Texas at Austin used artificial intelligence (AI) to create an enzyme that eats plastic much much faster than it would degrade naturally.  To say AI may be vague. Let me explain.  We use a lot of plastic, like a lot. Around the world we produce around 400 million tons […]

Has artificial intelligence (AI) come alive like in sci-fi movies? This Google engineer thinks so

If you have ever interacted with a chatbot you know we’re still years away from those things convincing you that you are chatting with a real human. That’s no surprise as many chatbots do not actually use machine learning to converse more naturally. Instead only completing scripted actions based on keywords. A good chatbot that […]

TECNO enters America with a bang, the pessimist in me worries about them dumping Africa in the future

Our beloved TECNO held its first ever global product launch in the US, where they unveiled the new Camon 19 to the world. They were high up on the 65th floor of the Rockefeller when they pulled the curtain on the latest TECNO smartphone which opens a new chapter for the company. The Camon 19 […]

You are $1,200 in debt right now because Zim owes former farmers US$3.5bn, Paris Club US$3.8bn

The way a republic works is that we select a few people to run the country on our behalf. We give them terms and in Zimbabwe we evaluate their performance every five years. If we are not happy with their performance, in theory at least, we choose other stewards.  Evaluation time is almost upon us […]

Econet data outage caused by core network “incident”. MNO says service is back up

This afternoon (towards the early evening), social media and WhatsApp were awash with reports of an Econet data outage. Customers were reporting that mobile internet services went dark for most of the late afternoon, while others were saying service was intermittent. We reached out to Econet when we reported the mobile data outage and they […]

What’s going on with Econet’s mobile internet services

We have been seeing reports that Econet mobile internet services went completely off sometime this afternoon. It’s unclear at the moment if this is a nationwide blackout because there are some people who responded to our call on Twitter saying that Econet mobile data was working on their end. Whatsapp groups are also alight with […]