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[Podcast] Capitalk Tech Talk: Fake News On Social Media

It’s not a secret that fake news is now a part of our daily lives as we spend more time online consuming information from different sources. Such sources range from websites run by traditional and reputable media houses to chat applications like WhatsApp. With so many ways to get information, the question “What is true” […]

Ecocash Agents Shocked To See Tax Deductions From Their Commissions, Ecocash Explains

Ecocash agents were shocked to find 10% deducted from their accounts. Some said this was the first time this was happening and accused Ecocash of stealing from them. Below are messages some of the agents received.   We reached out to Ecocash and this is what they had to say. Here’s the position: Agents have […]

Whatsapp Admin In India Spends 5 Months Behind Bars For A Message Forwarded By Someone Else

A 21-year-old student in India has been in prison for the last 5 months because he was the admin in a group that an offensive message had been forwarded. The message was then reported to the authorities. The person who sent the message and the admin were arrested. His family has tried to argue that […]

Google To Add Blockchain Technology To Its Cloud Platform To Lure Developers

Google is now integrating blockchain technology with its cloud services platform by announcing a new partnership that will deliver blockchain technology to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Its latest partnership with Digital Asset Holdings LLC will see the startup’s blockchain platform and developer tools made available on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). In its blog post, Google said […]

Netone Gives $5 Airtime As Compensation To OneMoney Debit Card Users Who Experienced Challenges To ‘Swipe’ Over The Weekend

Surely Netone’s action is something other service providers should copy when they inconvenience their customers. I couldn’t believe it when we discovered that Netone gave its OneMoney customers $5 worth of airtime after the customers experience some challenges in using their OneMoney debit cards over the weekend. Many OneMoney users took to Twitter to vent […]

[Updated] Here’s All There Is To Know About US Dollar Cards That Work Online

A lot of people have been asking us about means with which they can buy online. This article is for you. For all those who would like to make online payments (yes even buy things online) and those who want to travel but do not want to travel with large sums of money you can […]

Universities To Trade Blows At ICT Hackathon Later This Year

Hove Group Investments (HGI) is partnering with the Richard Chemist Hove Foundation and the Graduate Assistance Programme (GAP) to HGI Inter-University ICT Hackathon 2018. As the name implies, the hackathon will pit universities against each other. HGI? If you have never come across Hove Group Investments, the firm is an IT Business Solutions company (despite […]

Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Twitter Partner For A ‘Data Project’ That Will Help You Easily Move Your Data Between Various Platforms

Google has joined hands with tech giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter to launch an ambitious initiative that will make it much easier for users to transfer their data securely between different services, ranging from social media accounts to music streaming service platforms. The initiative called the Data Transfer Project (DTP), will “allow the participating service […]

Egypt Worryingly Follows In Footsteps of Other African Countries Tightening Grip On Social Media

It seems a number of African countries are determined to make sure their poor governance extends to social media platforms. One week ago, Egypt joined Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya among governments who believe social media needs to be regulated. The law passed seven days ago in Egypt dictates that any social media accounts and blogs […]

Netflix Introduces ‘Smart Downloads’ Which Automatically Downloads New Episodes Of Your Prefered Shows

Netflix has revealed an update to its offline downloads feature that enables the app to manage content on its own. The old offline download experience is not going anywhere, but rather Netflix is adding a second downloading option called ‘Smart Downloads’. ‘Smart Download’ ensures a user’s favorite content is always available offline without using up excess […]