Mobile Money

Now You Can Ecocash ZIMRA. Long Overdue If You Ask Me

In September last year I went to Botswana with some colleagues. We went via road. We did not have any cash on us except some hard currency we would use in Botswana if our bank debit cards failed for any reason. Using hard currency in Zimbabwe is never an option. It’s funny that just a […]

Udemy Is Running A Month Long Promotion This February

I still remember the first time I tried to learn programming. I was a University accounting student with a passion for everything ICT and I had finally decided to learn Java. After consulting the classifieds I ended up in some rundown downtown college where they promised me I would be a Java ninja in 3 […]
Gadgets & Apps

Is OPPO Really Offering Value For Money?

Oppo recently introduced a selection of new devices at their local store. This is a good move since local consumers have more devices to choose from, however we have to check if OPPO is really offering potential customers value for money.   OPPO A37 The A37 is the OPPO device for those on a budget […]
Digital Marketing

The Framework Of Effective Digital Marketing

I was sitting in the boardroom of a respectable business recently when the boss said, ‘Trust, I want you to make sense of these digital things you’ll screaming about! Where is the money?’ At that point, the room was silent and everyone zoomed on me! You know that time when sweat is triggered from everywhere […]

Bitcoin Drops To Less Than $6,000 After Highs Of $20,000. Why?

We will remember 2017 as the year of the cryptocurrencies. In that year, especially in the last quarter, Bitcoin and the other virtual currencies saw exponential growth unlike anything that had ever been seen before. In the fourth quarter of 2017 Bitcoin grew by almost 500% internationally, the price of one Bitcoin rising from $4000 […]

Solutionism And Zimbabwe’s New Dispensation

Solutionism is the idea that every possible human and real world problem can be solved by technology. This idea is at the core of most of the innovation in Silicon Valley and is the reason why we have so many apps on the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store. Solutionism is the reason why […]

No EcoCash Transaction Can Complete Without A PIN

In times like these you wonder, ‘what’s the point of social media?’ It is the convenience and cost savings we seek out but the package seems to come tied in with those who delight in causing panic. Like the joker, some people just want to watch the world burn. For most who read the ‘news’ […]

Did Steward Bank Rush The Launch Of Kwenga?

We were in attendance when Steward Bank launched Kwenga, an affordable and portable Point of Sale (POS) machine crafted especially for small businesses. The Kwenga products There actually are two Kwenga machines, one requires the user to have a smartphone and costs a mere $35. The Kwenga device and the smartphone then connect via Bluetooth. […]

ZSE Finds New Revenue Source But Website Issues Persist

The Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) has refreshed its website. They have gone for a more modern design which is easier to navigate. Upon visiting the site, one is welcomed by four large tabs. The tabs are clearly labeled; Corporate Announcements, My ZSE (Analytics,) Daily Price Sheet and FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions.) The information provided once […]

WhatsApp Business Now Available In Zimbabwe

WhatsApp Business is finally in Zimbabwe and we’re still figuring it out, but here’s what we know: Only Available for Android devices, you can download it here You cannot use the same number you use for WhatsApp Messenger to register for WhatsApp Business. If you submit the same number you use for WhatsApp Messenger to register […]
Global News

Samsung Ventures Into The Mass Production Of Cryptocurrency Mining Chips

While some are shunning out cryptos (cryptocurrencies) as we’ve seen Stripe and somewhat Facebook do, some are amassing resources in order to invest in it. However, considering how controversial the technology is, this is quite expected. The South Korean multinational electronics company, Samsung Electronics has revealed that it has ventured into the mass production of cryptocurrency mining chips. The chips […]

ZBC TV Is Stealing Content From YouTube, Stealing From Thieves At That

Over the years ZBC TV has entered into various deals with content owners across the world. Deals which brought sports content, African series and movies and more were signed and the nation was treated to quality content. For those who were old enough to watch the national broadcaster when it still was tolerable we remember […]
Social Media

Facebook Bans Cryptocurrency Adverts

Facebook is really making a lot of changes on its platform, all in the name of “caring for its users as a friend would”. Most recently, Techzim wrote on how Facebook’s News Feed algorithm changes would negatively affect both individuals and businesses alike. Now, Facebook has announced a new policy that “prohibits ads that promote […]

Can Someone Reset Your EcoCash Pin Without Knowing Your Old One?

Issues that have to do with money have always been sensitive. People quickly panic whenever they figure out that their money is at risk, this is why institutions that deal with money (at whatever level) are ever under scrutiny. As such, EcoCash is one of those… This morning I got a call from a friend […]

PRESS RELEASE: Africa Data Centres, Part Of Liquid Group Launches Carrier-Grade Facilities In SA

Africa Data Centres opens newly expanded carrier-grade facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town South Africa Data Centre (SADC) Johannesburg and SADC Cape Town will support rising demand for cloud-based services in Southern Africa Johannesburg, January 30, 2018 Africa Data Centres, part of the leading pan-African telecoms group Liquid Telecom, has today launched newly-expanded data centres […]