HMetro website down, again

For the second time this month, the HMetro website is down. The state owned tabloid famous for sensational articles and photography of Harare’s social life has been down for some several days now. The Website is just the online version of a popular print newspaper.

Why Zimbabwe needs more domains

Speaking to the many tech entrepreneurs we meet locally, they all tell you they prefer registering .com domains over It is way easier, cheaper and faster the argument goes. “Why do I need to wait a couple of days just to get a domain registered?” is the question that follows.

Webdev to launch a Facebook for Zimbabwe

Webdev, the internet company behind Zimbabwe’s most successful online classifieds will be launching a social networking website in the coming weeks. So far the website is called simply Social but we’re told there may be a change of name. Visiting the website’s address on loads a ‘launching soon’ banner and some points about what the network will be:

12 banks implementing ZimSwitch Mobile. Platform to be mobile network neutral

We met ZimSwitch business development manager Adam Roscoe this week to discuss the newly unveiled ZimSwitch Mobile platform. Roscoe disclosed in the interview that a total of 12 financial institutions are either live, performing tests, or starting implementation of ZimSwitch Mobile. The platform enables all financial institutions connected to ZimSwitch (currently 19 Institutions) to offer […]

Trustco & Econet to resume Ecolife pending Supreme Court determination

Today, we received communication from Trustco today confirming that they have been allowed to execute judgement as handed down by the High Court in July. The Trustco contact we communicated with says the court order was served to Econet today and all things [Ecolife that is, will be] back to normal shortly.
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Cloud Computing event slated for 1 November

On the 1st of November; Techzim events will be hosting a Breakfast Briefing on Cloud Computing. The event is being held in conjunction with EMC SADC and Utande. It will allow the two partners to inform attendees about their cloud based solutions and also empower IT managers, directors and executives with industry trends and localisation strategies. Along with an increase in mobile connectivity, Cloud computing has become one of the most significant technologies to happen in the last decade and presents significant cost and efficiency advantages.

Press Release: Chips Computing launches Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition

Chips Computing Services, which represents Sage Enterprise Software in Zimbabwe, officially launched the latest version of Sage Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) X3, Standard Edition, at a function held in Harare last Friday (14 October).
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Understanding Telecel Zimbabwe: The past, present and future (Infographic)

The Russian led Vimpelcom Group took over Orascom Telecom not too long ago, thereby resulting in an indirect majority shareholding in Telecel Zimbabwe. We believe the Vimpelcom deal was the best thing that could ever happen to the company. The global telecoms sector is undergoing a period of consolidation in which larger operators are able to pass on economies of scale and cost advantages to consumers. Africa has witnessed its fair share of consolidation resulting in the emergence of pan-African operators we have profiled here in a Techzim series known as Africa’s Telecoms Titans.

Copied work: The Econet Broadband ad campaign

A very striking similarity between Econet Broadband ads and those Allen Solly (a retail chain in India) recently came to our attention. The Econet campaign was created by Young and Rubicam Johannesburg, which since last year has listed Econet Wireless as one of its major accounts.

Google launches classifieds website in Kenya

Today, Google announced that it has launched Google Trader, a classifieds service, in Kenya. Here’s the address: According to a post on the Google Africa blog, thousands of businesses have already posted tens of thousands of classifieds listings on the site and the content is growing.

I’m investing in Zim Agriculture, says African award winning telecoms exec

Last week, we received a press release on the winning of a Global Telecoms Business award by Norman Moyo, an exec at Tanzanian mobile operator called Zantel. We posted the story here. Moyo has worked for Celtel in Zambian and Nigeria, Econet Wireless in Zimbabwe and Zain in Bahrain. He was recognised as one of the top 40 global executives under the age of 40 in the telecoms industry. For the article, we asked Moyo what he is investing in back home. His response was something we found quite interesting. Here's an extract:

Of Facebook penetration, privacy and security

I had always heard/read about the exponential growth of Facebook users over the past couple of years, but it really didn’t quite sink in. The problem was I was seeing the same old faces I knew and a few surprises here and there, so much that it got to a point where I wasn’t really motivated to log on. So I took a break. Now, upon coming back a few months ago, I really experienced that growth.

Digital Forensics: the primer

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are now considered the cornerstone of every economy, transforming the way business is done while significantly impacting governments and communities. ICTs have contributed to the rapid development and reformation of economies while enhancing productivity and remodelling the flow of capital.

BlackBerry services returning to normal says Research in Motion

Research in Motion assured users around the world today that BlackBerry services are returning to normal now. The service has experienced partial outage on 4 continents since Monday afternoon.
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Africa’s Telecoms Titans: Etisalat

Etisalat is a global telecommunications company that was founded in 1976 as a parastatal owned by British investors and the federal government of the United Arab Emirates. The company has grown to become one of the biggest full service telecommunications operators in the world with a footprint across MENA (Middle East & North Africa, West Africa, the Indian Subcontinent and Asia. Its services span internet provision, mobile, content, fixed line and infrastructure solutions.

NetOne to provide lowest priced mobile broadband. Test period ends.

NetOne, the only mobile operator locally that has not been providing mobile broadband services commercially, is now ready to launch. We have received tips from NetOne subscribers that starting Saturday, 8 October, the operator started sending an SMS message notifying subscriber the test was over and they had to start paying for the mobile broadband.

Young Zimbabwean telecoms executive receives global award

Current Zantel Chief Commercial Officer Norman Moyo, has received a Global Telecoms Business (GTB) Forty under Forty award. The awards recognise the telecoms industry’s young leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow. The young leaders are selected from those nominated by worldwide readers of the Global Telecoms Business magazine, a renowned telecoms focused magazine.

Dark week for BlackBerry Internet Services. RIM explains outage.

It’s been a bad week for Research in Motion. And the issues are not even over yet. The company’s BlackBerry platform experienced an outage on Monday that disrupted the service for users in users in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and India. Yesterday, when everyone expected the outage to be fixed, it spread to Latin America.

Matchio boldly attempts to conquer the world’s colleges

We first met Tatenda Furusa on the sidelines of Zimbabwe’s inaugural BarCamp early this year. While he briefly mentioned his startup at the event, it only required taking a look at the product to understand just what he is up to. Matchio the kind of product that just feels right, it was after all built in the land that birthed Silicon Valley and a plethora of the world’s greatest internet platforms.
12 Comments domain registration problems. Who’s to blame? What can be done?

One of the main drivers of local content is local people being able to easily register a domain in the .zw space. Being able to find information on how to do this, being able to easily contact a registrar and get a domain registered without difficulty, and being able to proceed with the task of creating and making information available. This process is not straightforward locally.

eTXT service gets ForgetMeNot Africa an AfricaCom award nomination

ForgetMeNot Africa, the developers of the technology powering Econet’s eTXT service, have been nominated for an AfricaCom award in the Best New Service category. The FMNA's technology is called Message Optimiser and has been deployed by a total of 6 operators across Africa. Message Optimiser also powers the Dasuba service also available locally and across continent.
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