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Cabinet Ministers And Other Senior Government Officials Now Required To Declare Their Wealth

The Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet of the Republic of Zimbabwe has issued a communique to the effect that Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Directors within ministries are now required to declare their wealth and financial and business interests. CEO’s of parastatals, Chairpersons of commissions and heads of local authorities are among […]

Is The Advertising Model On Websites About To Be Replaced By In-Browser Mining?

You might have heard that some hackers are hijacking computers (smartphones included) and using them to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin secretly. This has been termed cryptojacking and Opera has added ‘cryptocurrency mining protection’ to both its mobile browsers, Opera for Android and Opera Mini. This protection is active by default when a user has the […]

Zimbabwe’s Three-Tier System Affects Business For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents are complaining that the three-tier pricing system in Zimbabwe is affecting the property market as it results in properties being valued at low prices. This means that real estate agents now generate low income. The three-tier pricing system is whereby one is charged different prices for the same commodity, all based on the […]

Why Did Bitcoin Fall By 50% And Is It Proof The Bubble Has Burst?

Since its introduction in 2009 bitcoin has rallied on to defy analysts’ expectations who have been preaching of its demise right from the beginning. Bitcoin actually inspired other cryptocurrencies which also went on to thrive, much to the confusion of financial experts. Bitcoin growth The naysayers were present from the beginning but not many of […]

Dr Dish (Former Partner To Kwese) Partnering A Local Telco, Some Churches ‘And SABC’ To Take On Kwese And Econet

Econet Global has deliberately transformed itself into a Technology Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Business. It is a no brainer that telcos have to radically transform themselves and their business models if they are to survive. Revenue from traditional telecom services like voice has declined, is declining and will continue to decline as over the top […]

Kwese’s Former Partner, Dr Dish Changes Ownership Structure

Zimbabwean lawyer and new majority shareholder of Dr Dish, Gerald Mlotshwa Dr Dish is currently topical particularly here on Techzim because of their breakup with Econet Media. The two had a content distribution agreement that effectively made Dr Dish the carrier of Kwese into Zimbabwe.In fact it was Dr Dish that announced the coming of […]

Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe Inviting Applications For Licenses For Some Stuff We Didn’t Know Needed Licensing

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) has published an invitation for those interested in being licensed for what they called ‘classes that do not require allocation or use of frequencies.’ They went on to define these classes as: Video on Demand Services (VOD) Webcasting services Content Distribution Services In fact, here’s the advert quoted below […]

Kwese Responds To Allegations Of Breaking The Law

Last Friday we published the allegations that Econet Media (Kwese)’s partner is making against the media company regarding their Zimbabwe operation. Said partner, Dr Dish is alleging that Kwese is currently operating without a license which is a criminal offense in Zimbabwe. Of course when Econet Media came into Zimbabwe they did not have a […]

2018 POTRAZ Media Engagement Forum In Pictures

We are at the first ever POTRAZ Media Engagement Forum dubbed #SameSheet. Not only is it the first edition but it is the first forum of its kind. Here present are representatives from different media houses around the country (ICT centred and not), the Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe (BAZ), the Reserve bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) […]
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Is The Government Planning To Lower Taxes Or Is Chinamasa Lying?

There is a lot you can criticize President Mnangagwa’s administration for. Inaction is not one of them. Let us evaluate the administration’s moves as they are presented to us and see whether they indeed can achieve what they are meant to achieve. The president has been saying he wants to make Zimbabwe attractive to investors. […]

WhatsApp Business Finally Launches

I know we’ve been making a lot of noise about WhatsApp for Business since last year; well, it’s here! Not here-here since it’s not yet available in Zimbabwe but here as in it’s no longer only available for the Beta testers, but for *everyone Let me quickly define *everyone right there, the everyone being referred to […]
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Tender Invitation From The Ministry of Education To ICT Equipment Suppliers

Well, we thought you’d be interested in this tender invitation that appeared in the newspaper… INFORMAL TENDER INVITATION MINISTRY OF PRIMARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION EDU/IT/01/2018 Supply and Delivery of e-learning Equipment (Smart Classrooms: Specifications are in the Tender Document) 31 January 2018 Tenders are being invited from reputable suppliers to supply and Deliver ICT Equipment […]
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Mavima warns colleges operating illegally

Now that schools have opened, the government is monitoring how schools are operating, with a special interest in phasing out illegal colleges. Primary and Secondary Education Minister Professor Paul Mavima recently warned all colleges operating illegally saying that the government was against their operations and if they continue these operations, the government would be forced to take the legal route […]
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President Mnangagwa Live On Facebook… Now!

Watch President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Facebook live in the first ever Town Hall meeting with the president in Zimbabwe. The forum, organised  by Global Shapers Harare comprises of a group of young people representing various youth groups across Zimbabwe. The meeting dubbed “A dialogue for youths in shaping Zimbabwe’s economic future” is in preparation for the World […]
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