It Looks Like OneFusion Has Been A Failure For NetOne

NetOne, the second largest mobile telecommunications company in Zimbabwe, launched OneFusion, an integrated prepaid package, in June 2016. OneFusion bundles offer some of the best value for money on the market. The comprehensive plans offer users on-net and local and international off-net voice minutes as well as SMSs. Users also get data, some of which […]

Econet Wrongly Bills Its Client $128k, Court Orders It To Pay Back

The tables turned in a case between Econet Wireless Zimbabwe and Antolice Enterprises. High Court judge Justice Davison Moses Foroma ruled that Econet Wireless reimburses Antolice Enterprises $128 200 which it (Econet) had wrongly billed the company. Interestingly it is not Antolice Enterprise that had filed the case against Econet, but rather the other way round… Well, […]

Zimbabwe’s Informal Sector Largest In Africa, Second In The World

A recent study by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has shown that Zimbabwe has the second largest informal sector in the world. Only the south American Bolivia has a larger black market. The working paper titled, ‘Shadow Economies Around the World: What Did We Learn Over the Last 20 Years?’ says more than 60% of […]

ATT: ZB Bank Customers, You Need To Update Your Information ASAP

Came across this notice in the newspaper and thought it would be helpful to someone. However, considering that ZB Bank went paperless last year in October (2017), one would have expected that they would by now have an online system that caters for such needs. Nonetheless, here’s the announcement: To all ZB Bank customers, please […]

7 Tips to Trade the Markets like a Pro

FX, commodities, stocks, and bonds are all traded on the global financial markets every day. The advent of technology has now enabled anyone with a passion for trading the markets the ability to do so, right from the comfort of their home. If the thought of trading the markets excites you, then here are seven […]

Ripple Joins Forces with Major Banks to Provide Cross-Border Payments

Cryptocurrency powerhouse Ripple, is joining forces with major banks to provide cross-border payments. The tech company has had a pretty rocky start to the year after seeing its prices drop, similar to Bitcoin. However, its cross-border payments plans could be just what the company needs to turn things around. Current international payments system classed as […]

[Press Release] From AI To Drones African Tech Steps Up A Gear

KIGALI, Rwanda, January 24th 2018 The African tech ecosystem continues to grow with investment in African start-ups increasing by 51% in 2017, according to the latest Disrupt Africa report. Momentum is set to continue in 2018 with tech leaders, entrepreneurs and investors connecting at Africa Tech Summit Kigali, February 14th and 15th to drive business […]

Govt Removes Tax For Swipe Transactions Below $10

Today we were in attendance as Steward Bank launched Kwenga, an affordable and portable Point Of Sale (POS) machine for the masses. Also in attendance was the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Mr Terrence Mukupe. Steward Bank CEO, Lance Mambondiani was understandably all smiles as he unveiled the Kwenga, or Kwengas to be […]

[Video] Steward Bank Kwenga POS Machine Live Demo

Kwenga is a service from Steward Bank providing POS machines to the masses. There are 2 POS devices, one is around $200 and the other is $35. Steward BankSteward Bank, is a commercial bank registered and trading in Zimbabwe. Founded as TN Bank in 2001, it later re-branded in 2013, after majority shareholding was bought […]
Artificial Intelligence

Using Emotional Intelligent Robots to detect lies.

According to Dr Paul Ekman, clinical psychologist who is an expert lie detector, our facial expressions for emotion are innate, universal and nearly impossible to conceal. When we’re lying about emotion, pretending to be happy when we’re sad, for example-microexpressions can flash across our faces before we can get a hold of them. These involuntary […]
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Steward Bank Launches Kwenga, A Portable POS Machine For The Masses

Steward Bank seems to be getting it. Banking is not banking if it excludes the majority. The battle cry in Zimbabwe has been ‘financial inclusion for everyone.’ If you are to include everyone you have to first understand what everyone is doing and develop products specifically for them. That’s what Kwenga does. Zimbabwe is going […]
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Samsung Announces Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus reveal Dates. Hints Some Camera Updates

Never a dull moment in the tech world is there? Samsung just threw an announcement of their Unboxing Event. The date is 25th of February 2018 and the goodies are the Galaxy S9 under the slogan ‘The Camera Reimagined’. Now interestingly we find the hint being focused at the camera were some rumors were flying […]
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Coaching, Mentorship and Organizational Development Conference 2018: You Need It!

Growth is one very fundamental aspect of life, hence the quote by William S. Burroughs which says “When you stop growing you start dying.” It is any organisation or company’s main objective to grow, whichever way each of these defines its growth, the bottom line is it’s growth. Nonetheless, what we often miss is that an […]
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Flagship, mid-range, premium, high-end smartphone. What does it all mean?

Flagships devices, high-end devices mid range, premium the classes go on and on. Its a mess trying to explain which devices go were and why but I think I might be able to clear the air a little bit. Defining them with respect to their processing power for me seems like a more palatable categorizing […]
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