Supa Mandiwanzira In $4m Corruption Scandal, Under Investigation By Anti-Corruption Commission

Supa Mandiwanzira, the Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security is under investigation by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC.) Allegations of criminal abuse of office or corruption were leveled against him by former Netone CEO, Reward Kangai. In a letter which was written to ZACC by Prosecutor General Ray Goba on the 20th of December 2017 […]
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2018 The Year Of The Serious Value Smartphone?

At the beginning of 2017 I threw out an article on how it was going to be the year of the biggest smartphone battle. Boy oh boy did they deliver! Even threw in a couple of new kids into the arena, the Razer Phone and the Essential Phone. It was fought tooth and nail and […]

What Will Work Best For MNOs In 2018, Competition or Collaboration?

“Competition makes us faster; Collaboration makes us better.” Anonymous To compete or to collaborate? To say these are mutually exclusive would be quite inaccurate. However, it’s important to note that most times when we choose one, the other suffers. I chose to look at this dilemma with a special focus on Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) because […]

What The Heck Are Content Bundles For?

You know how every time you come across Option 2 aka “Content Bundle”  whenever you’re trying to check your WhatsApp or Facebook bundle balance? On your Econet line that is… Yea that, what is that? Well, to be honest; I don’t know. I don’t know the proper use of Content bundles but what I do […]

What If There Was Never Any $15 Billion To Start With?

I almost wrote this article five weeks ago but I aborted mission. First, I asked myself what mining had to do with Techzim and then I was a bit scared to antagonise the readership here with nothing but my conjecture. Why have I written the article now? First, it’s about the macro economics not mining […]

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) site hacked

Apparently, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) site has been hacked. We received a tip alerting us to this some minutes ago (two actually, one came as I was already writing this). Nonetheless, we’re not sure how long it’s been like that maybe because our own internal ‘Equities Analyst’ who faithfully checks on it every now […]

Jeff Bezos Now Richest Man In The World Thanks to Amazon’s Stellar Performance

Amazon is and continues to solidify its position as the biggest e-commerce company in the world. They posted third quarter results which exceeded analyst expectations. Revenue grew by about a third year on year to $43.7 billion, which includes the $1.3 billion contribution from new acquisition Whole Foods. Not counting the $1.3 billion, revenue grew by […]
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The Best Tech Of 2017 (Non Smartphone). Highlight: Kariba on Battery Power!

It is sometimes easy to think of tech as smartphones. This is because the pocket computer has totally transformed our lives even as it continues to get better and better. In the non-smartphone tech space strides were made in 2017 and we best be excited for what it means going forward. Some of the solutions […]
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A Netflix Television Show, A Catalyst For Teenage Suicide?

Trigger warning: this article contains language about suicide that some readers may find disturbing. A 15-year old girl died following reports that the teenager committed suicide. The father believes she did this under the influence of Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” and wants the show canceled as soon as possible. John Herndon, the father of the […]
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The Best Smartphone From 2017

While innovation as it pertains to smartphones has slowed down, 2017 has still been an interesting year for the handheld computers. In the past couple of years it has been a case of refinement rather than leaps in technology. We saw Samsung go from being the laughingstock in smartphone design to lead the pack, starting […]
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These Are The Apps I Couldn’t Do Without In 2017

We have Apple to thank for the current app lifestyle we have. That is despite the Android Market coming before Apple’s App Store. The iPhone made it so that everyone was talking about the best app, the coolest new app and so on. Smartphones made it seem like apps only came about with this current […]
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The Trends We Saw In The Smartphones Released In 2017

Looking at the smartphones that came out in 2017 you can clearly see how the manufacturers are inspiring or copying each other. The phones coming are more similar than they are different. You can still tell them apart as manufactures still have their own unique design choices that differentiate their products from the competition’s but […]

Kwese Promises To Add 23 More Channels By March 2018

You read that right, 23 more channels are to be added to the Kwese TV bouquet in the next three months to take the grand total available to 100 channels. Kwese TV launched with about 66 channels and since that time more channels have been added bringing the grand total available in Zimbabwe to 77. […]

Time Bank Rises From The Dead, To Resume Operations Shortly

If you were a bit older during the third Chimurenga period in Zimbabwe then you no doubt remember Time Bank. That bank came out guns blazing before it was shut down by the RBZ in 2004. After that what happened should probably be made into a movie. The story involves the RBZ owing Time Bank […]

USA Tells Zimbabwe To Drop USD And Use Its Own Currency

“Zimbabwe used to be the bread basket of Africa” Boy, am I tired of that statement. I’m tired of us reminiscing on the good old days. At least now thankfully, I won’t have to continuously endure the “lest we forget” statement that always used to be thrown at us each time some kinda propaganda needed […]