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DStv in RTGS Dollars



Paying For Your DStv in RTGS Dollars

With the current confusion around currencies in Zimbabwe, it’s not easy to pay for your DStv to Multichoice. If you don’t have USD in your hands in Zimbabwe and you don’t have relatives in South Africa who can make payment for you, you may go without your favourite entertainment. Not anymore. You can now simply pay in RTGS$ right here on Techzim.

If you prefer to pay in USD, click here

How do you pay in RTGS Dollars?

To pay for your DStv in RTGS dollars follow these simple steps:

  • Select the package you want
  • Enter the SmartCard number for your DStv (SmartCard number not account number)
  • Enter the surname of the DStv Account Holder
  • Enter your WhatsApp number so we can notify you when your DStv is now online
  • ZIPIT the amount for your selected bouquet to the Techzim account given
  • Upload a screenshot of the ZIPIT proof of payment
  • Click Buy
  • After verifying your transaction, we will credit your account at the times given below and notify you via WhatsApp.

How much do you pay?

Currently, we are using a USD to RTGS rate of 12. Our transaction fee is RTGS$6 only. Below is a table showing how we calculate what you pay for each package:

BouquetUSD PriceIn RTGSProcessing Fee (RTGS)Total You Pay
Compact +US$40.00$480.00$6.00$486.00
Xtra View (Add on)US$11.00$132.00$6.00$138.00
PVR (Add on)US$11.00$132.00$6.00$138.00

How long does it take till your account is activated?

  • If you pay before 09:30 your account will be credited by 10:00
  • If you pay between 09:30 and 12:30 it will be credited by 13:00
  • If you pay between 12:30 and 3:30 it will be credited by 16:00
  • If you pay after 15:30 it will be credited by 10:00 the next day

All the above are during the work week, Monday to Friday

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