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Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB External HDD

$327.00 (USD COD/VISA/MasterCard)

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It is a reality that the internet is Zimbabwe is not really cheap. But cloud storage is probably the most reliable backup method right now. However thanks to history the internet might forcibly be unavailable even when you can afford it.

You could store your stuff in an external hard drive but one thing you may not have known is that external hard drives are not designed to be used frequently. If they are used frequently they quickly get corrupted and you may lose 1TB worth of irreplaceable memories.

The Seagate backup plus hub is designed to be used both as a backup device and a storage device you can use now and again. It is made from the same stuff as the hard drive in your PC so it is quite resilient and you can store important files from your phone, tablet, laptop you name it.

And since you can access it whenever you need to you don’t have to worry about an internet blackout denying you access to your stuff. Make what is yours yours.

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  • Delivery in Harare is within 12 hours. Rest of Zimbabwe, within 72 hours.
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