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4 Reason Why You Should Keep Your Apps Updated

Without the apps, smartphones would probably be not so integral in our lives. Developers are working day and night to improve the apps so the users can have an amazing experience. In order to get the latest version of the app, you need to update it. But, the question is: why are the updates so […]

Instagram Just Added New Security And Account Verification Features To Help Keep The Platform Safe

Instagram has just started rolling out a number of security measures, making the platform safer for its billions of users. It is giving users access to more info on an account, the ability to apply for verification, and use third-party apps for two-factor authentication. Let’s take a closer look at each of these features: About this Account […]

How To Secure Your Twitter Account (Even If Your Password Is Stolen)

Twitter has just revealed that users should urgently change their passwords to avoid being hacked. The company investigated potential breaches but concluded that there was “no indication of breach or misuse by anyone”. While Twitter’s investigation did not find indicators of abuse, it recommended that all Twitter users change account passwords and implement additional security […]

Instagram Adds New Features To Bolster Security & Send Pics That Disappear After One View

Instagram’s latest update focuses on security with a Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) system now available. Instagram also added a ‘One View’ feature to the Instagram Direct messaging service. In a bid to better protect user’s data Instagram now offers a 2FA option to log into one’s account. As we reported when Whatsapp started offering 2FA, the […]