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Tag: 3D Printer

Zimbabwean Student In The UK Convicted For 3D Printing Firearm

3D printing is pretty nifty. It can be used to print houses, spares, prosthetics but sometimes the technology is a bit too nifty in times as was the case in a recent case involving a Zimbabwean national in the UK. Tendai Muswere, a Zimbo, was found with the components of the weapon after a drug […]

Nashua Zimbabwe Urges Students & Recent Graduates To Apply For 3D Specialist Position

The Zimbabwean job market resembles a desert most of the time but with some determination and luck some pretty cool things might come your way. We stumbled on this “3D Specialist” job ad on Nashua Zimbabwe’s Facebook page and felt it would be a disservice if we didn’t give our audience a heads-up. The job description […]