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Tag: 3D Printing

Nashua Zim Completes Fitting Of 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand

[Image source: Nashua FB] A few months ago we shared the inspiring story about Nashua’s 3D printing efforts. The company is 3D printing and giving away prosthetic hands to individuals who would have not been able to replace their limbs after accidents. Back then the company was still getting to grips with the tech and […]

Zimbabwean Student In The UK Convicted For 3D Printing Firearm

3D printing is pretty nifty. It can be used to print houses, spares, prosthetics but sometimes the technology is a bit too nifty in times as was the case in a recent case involving a Zimbabwean national in the UK. Tendai Muswere, a Zimbo, was found with the components of the weapon after a drug […]

Nashua Zimbabwe’s Trial Run 3D Printing Prosthetic Hands Is Yielding Interesting Results

When Nashua informed us that they were experimenting with 3D printing we couldn’t hide the fact that we were in awe. At the time they had just called for interested parties to apply and be part of their trial run 3D printing prosthetic hands. One month later and Nashua have handed out the first prosthetic […]

Harare And Bulawayo Parents, Get Your Kids Into This Holiday Prog To Prepare Them For Relevant Careers In The Digital Age

So The Maker Club needs no introduction. This is one of my personal favourite organisations. They teach kids to make stuff. Fine and simple. Examples of stuff I have seen these kids build: Robots, yes robots that speak! Model cities Model bridges Hydraulic systems that work Fruit jams… As technology continues to take over jobs […]

Nashua Zimbabwe Urges Students & Recent Graduates To Apply For 3D Specialist Position

The Zimbabwean job market resembles a desert most of the time but with some determination and luck some pretty cool things might come your way. We stumbled on this “3D Specialist” job ad on Nashua Zimbabwe’s Facebook page and felt it would be a disservice if we didn’t give our audience a heads-up. The job description […]

Local Company 3D Printing Prosthetic Hands For Folks With Disability

I had a very good English teacher in High School. His name was Mr Mandaza. When I first met him I didn’t know how he could function ‘normally’ because Mr Mandaza did not have both hands. That question was answered almost immediately when I saw him unbutton his shirt pocket, take out a pen and […]

If You Have An Xbox Here’s How You Can 3D Print A Light-weight Steering Wheel For Your Console

This here article is for people with 3 particular characteristics and those are; you own an Xbox One, you love racing games and lastly, you love experimenting. If you tick all the boxes then this is going to be very exciting for you.   As someone who loves racing games, you would know that driving […]

Here Is What Zimbabwe’s New President, ED Mnangagwa Wants To Do For The ICT Sector

Zimbabwe now has a new president, President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa. The honor comes with the task of delivering the promises he made in his party’s manifesto. He made many promises across different areas but as techies, we are more interested in the promises he made for the Information Communications (ICT) Sector. Here are the promises; Promise#1-Liberalizing the […]

If You Are Interested In 3D Printing You Should Attend This Workshop

A few months ago, we talked about The Maker Club. Maker Club is a dedicated space that offers children between ages 5-17 an opportunity to get to work on projects that they continuously modify. Their goal is to inspire young people (or makers as they like to call them) to move from being consumers to […]

An Ordinary Zim Couple Is Teaching Kids To Build Robots And Cities, Your Child MUST Enroll

As we move into the digital age a lot of uncertainty has begun building up. People are having sleepless nights trying to predict if their current jobs will be relevant in the next 5 years. On Techzim we’ve had a number of articles questioning the value of the education system in Zimbabwe and it seems […]

Zimbabwe needs its own Ministry of the Future, here’s why.

The idea behind a Ministry of the Future is, therefore, a willful attempt by any concerned government to admit it’s made for the past and accept its apparent limitations and begin disentangling itself from the oddity of a traditional government trying to find its way in a rapidly and uncompromisingly changing 21st Century.

Local startup explores 3D printing and its business opportunities in Zimbabwe

By now we’ve all heard of 3D Printing and have seen acres and acres of space dedicated to the praise that has been showered on this new revolution in manufacturing. It all seems pretty foreign and reserved just for geek enthusiasts and the boldest of manufacturing giants only. However, it turns out we actually have […]

The value of 3D printing

Imagine this: the latest smartphone just came out and it is only being sold in the retail outlets of developed countries and meanwhile you are stuck in one of the filthy suburbs of Harare, Zimbabwe. You have a decent internet connection so you visit the Apple website and after paying a certain fee, download the 3D printer file for the latest iPhone and proceed to send it to your 3D printer